Joseph Girard




Cast (Feature Film)

Heavenly Days (1944)
The Navy Comes Through (1942)
Naval captain
Sergeant York (1941)
General Pershing
The Spider Returns (1941)
The Green Archer (1941)
Ride 'Em Cowgirl (1939)
'Ruf' Rickson
Crashing Thru (1939)
Zenobia (1939)
Navy Secrets (1939)
Tough Kid (1938)
Dr. Churchill
Clipped Wings (1938)
Colonel Clayton
Held for Ransom (1938)
Police chief Howell
Frontier Scout (1938)
Whirlwind Horseman (1938)
Jim Radford
The Mystery of the Hooded Horsemen (1937)
Dan Farley
Parole Racket (1937)
Aces and Eights (1936)
Don Juillo Hernandez
Lightnin' Bill Carson (1936)
John Mount
A Tenderfoot Goes West (1936)
The Amazing Exploits of the Clutching Hand (1936)
The Oregon Trail (1936)
Colonel Delmont
The Drag-Net (1936)
Thomas Harrison
Outlaw Rule (1935)
Lance Peyton
Social Error (1935)
The Silent Code (1935)
Inspector Manning
Frontier Justice (1935)
Samuel Halston
His Fighting Blood (1935)
The Tonto Kid (1935)
Rance Cartwright
Let 'Em Have It (1935)
Tumbling Tumbleweeds (1935)
Diamond Jim (1935)
Men of Action (1935)
The Outlaw Deputy (1935)
Annapolis Farewell (1935)
Officer on Congress
Blazing Guns (1934)
Sheriff Crabtree
Murder in the Museum (1934)
The Fighting Trooper (1934)
Inspector O'Keefe
Racetrack (1933)
Silent Men (1933)
"Two Block" Burnett
The Woman Who Dared (1933)
Via Pony Express (1933)
Curtain at Eight (1933)
The Fiddlin' Buckaroo (1933)
Man of Action (1933)
Pres. Frank Caldwell
The Whirlwind (1933)
Pa Reynolds
The World Gone Mad (1933)
The Fiddlin' Buckeroo (1933)
The Big Stampede (1932)
Major Parker
The Crusader (1932)
Officer 13 (1932)
Chief of police
Trapped in Tia Juana (1932)
The Texas Bad Man (1932)
Captain [Charley] Carter
Radio Patrol (1932)
Police captain
Renegades of the West (1932)
James Dowling
Hurricane Express (1932)
Is There Justice? (1931)
Chief of police
The Sky Spider (1931)
Colonel Hawton
Defenders of the Law (1931)
The Gang Buster (1931)
Scareheads (1931)
Strictly Dishonorable (1931)
Mystery Train (1931)
Just Imagine (1930)
Troopers Three (1930)
Captain Harris
Sons of the Saddle (1930)
Martin Stavnow
The Girl of the Golden West (1930)
The Leatherneck (1929)
The Girl From Havana (1929)
Courtin' Wildcats (1929)
Mr. Butts
From Headquarters (1929)
Back From Shanghai (1929)
King of the Rodeo (1929)
Redskin (1929)
The One Woman Idea (1929)
Captain of steamship
The Shield of Honor (1928)
Chief of police
The Fleet's In (1928)
Hello Cheyenne (1928)
Fremont Cody
Broken Barriers (1928)
Stanley Moore
The Bullet Mark (1928)
Stop That Man (1928)
Captain Ryan
Partners in Crime (1928)
Chief of police
The Terror (1928)
Superintendent Hallick
Marlie the Killer (1928)
John Cleveland
The Ladybird (1927)
Jacob Gale
When Seconds Count (1927)
James Mathewson
Whispering Sage (1927)
Hugh Acklin
In the First Degree (1927)
James Hurd
Fireman, Save My Child (1927)
Chief Dumston
The Silent Hero (1927)
John Stoddard
The Final Extra (1927)
Editor Williams
The High Flyer (1926)
The Warning Signal (1926)
Modern Youth (1926)
Forlorn River (1926)
Hart Blaine
Lightning Reporter (1926)
Driftin' Thru (1926)
Tentacles of the North (1926)
Doubling With Danger (1926)
Elwood Haver
The Dangerous Dub (1926)
W. J. Cooper
Flying High (1926)
Col. Rockliffe Owens
Ladies of Leisure (1926)
Speed Crazed (1926)
Maclyn Harfer
Out of the Storm (1926)
The warden
The Flying Mail (1926)
Martin Hardwick
The Night Owl (1926)
William Armitage
We're in the Navy Now (1926)
U. S. Admiral
The Pride of the Force (1925)
Police captain
Vic Dyson Pays (1925)
Dayton Keever, Vic's enemy
The Fugitive (1925)
Satan Saunders
Youth and Adventure (1925)
Clint Taggart
Ten Days (1925)
Ezra Van Buren
Speed Madness (1925)
The Gambling Fool (1925)
George Hartford
Romance and Rustlers (1925)
John Larrabee
Three Keys (1925)
Sam Millington
Jack o' Clubs (1924)
Captain Dennis Malloy
Reckless Speed (1924)
Dad Creswell
The Night Hawk (1924)
Sheriff Milton
After a Million (1924)
Laughing at Danger (1924)
Cyrus Remington
Leave It to Gerry (1924)
Colonel Pettijohn
The Night Message (1924)
Governor Pringle
Gambling Wives (1924)
Duke Baldwin
In Hollywood With Potash and Perlmutter (1924)
Film buyers
Stolen Secrets (1924)
Police chief
The Western Wallop (1924)
Prison warden
Legally Dead (1923)
District Attorney
Where Is This West? (1923)
Lawyer Browns
Soft Boiled (1923)
The Ranch Owner
The Devil's Dooryard (1923)
Snag Thorn
The Sting of the Scorpion (1923)
The Law Rustlers (1923)
Sol Vane
Lovebound (1923)
David Belwyn
Three Jumps Ahead (1923)
Annie's father
Three Jumps Ahead (1923)
John Darrell
The Wild Party (1923)
Mr. Furth
The Price of Youth (1922)
Dr. Holt
Chain Lightning (1922)
Col. George Bradley
One Wonderful Night (1922)
Chief of detectives
The Man Who Married His Own Wife (1922)
John Marsden
Step On It (1922)
Lafe Brownell
Nan of the North (1922)
Perils of the Yukon (1922)
Her Social Value (1921)
Joe Harmon
Dead or Alive (1921)
Sheriff Lamar
A Yankee Go-Getter (1921)
Nicholas Lanza
The Sheriff of Hope Eternal (1921)
"Silk" Lowry
Dangerous Paths (1921)
Silas Newton
Red Courage (1921)
Joe Reedly
The Blue Fox (1921)
The Figurehead (1920)
James Durfee
The Branded Four (1920)
The Fatal Sign (1920)
The Screaming Shadow (1920)
The Heart of Humanity (1919)
Canadian colonel
Paid in Advance (1919)
John Gray
The Sealed Envelope (1919)
John Biggs
Loot (1919)
Pete Fielding
What Am I Bid? (1919)
John McGibbon
The Midnight Man (1919)
The Risky Road (1918)
Van Belt
The Kaiser, the Beast of Berlin (1918)
Ambassador James W. Gerard
The Two-Soul Woman (1918)
Dr. Copin
Danger -Xxx Go Slow (1918)
Judge Cotton
Her Body in Bond (1918)
Benjamin Sleeth
The Bride's Awakening (1918)
Frederick Bronson
The Marriage Lie (1918)
Jim Orton
The Brass Bullet (1918)
A Soul for Sale (1917)
Garet Pendleton
Hell Morgan's Girl (1917)
Oliver Curwell
'49-'17 (1917)
Judge Brand
The Double Standard (1917)
Bishop Ferguson
The Lair of the Wolf (1917)
Oliver Cathcart
Society's Driftwood (1917)
Judge Grant
Treason (1917)
Gergus Natarre
Fear Not (1917)
Mortimer Gildane
Beloved Jim (1917)
The derelict
The Voice on the Wire (1917)
The Narrow Path (1916)
John Martin
Love's Pilgrimage to America (1916)
Captain Sparks
The Lords of High Decision (1916)
Colonel Craighill
A Huntress of Men (1916)
Fleming Harcourt
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1916)
Major Cameron
Thrown to the Lions (1916)
Harry Sullivan
Conscience (1915)
The warden

Writer (Feature Film)

Dangerous Paths (1921)
Dangerous Paths (1921)
Beloved Jim (1917)

Life Events