December 11, 2023
Noir Alley

Join us on TCM each Saturday at midnight with an encore on Sunday mornings at 10AM ET.

When a cloud of smoke wafts through an obliquely lit room; when the camera tightly frames a gun-wielding hand; when an urban landscape is the backdrop for a tension-filled tale of crime; these are the signs that you are watching a film noir. Though the stories may change, the mood is always the same in a film noir, and each week host Eddie Muller will guide you through the lingo and tropes of this definitive genre. Whether you're a hardboiled noir addict or newly seasoned to the genre, Noir Alley is the place for all things noir. Because you need noir, now more than ever.


12/16 - Beware, My Lovely (1952) 

1/6 - Pickup. (1951) 

1/13 - I Died a Thousand Times (1955) 

1/20 - Stage Fright (1950) 

1/27 - Woman in Hiding (1950) 

3/16 - Le Samourai (1967) 

3/23 - Where Danger Lives(1950) 

3/30 - Pushover (1954) 

4/6 - Violence (1947) 


Eddie Muller is a contemporary renaissance man. He writes novels, biographies, movie histories, plays, short stories and films. He also programs festivals, curates museums, designs books, and provides commentary for television, radio and DVDs. He produces and hosts NOIR CITY: The San Francisco Film Noir Festival, the largest noir retrospective in the world, which now has satellite festivals in eight other U.S. cities.

He is also the Founder and President of the Film Noir Foundation. You can learn more about film noir, the FNF's mission and films they have restored and preserved here.