Mary Brian

Mary Brian


Also Known As
Louise Byrdie Dantzler
Birth Place
Corsicana, Texas, USA
February 17, 1908
December 31, 2002
Cause of Death
Heart Failure

Family & Companions

George Tomasini




Cast (Feature Film)

Dragnet (1947)
Anne Hogan
Danger! Women at Work (1943)
Calaboose (1943)
Doris Lane
I Escaped From the Gestapo (1943)
The Captain of Koepenick (1941)
Mrs. Obermueller, Mayor's wife
Affairs of Cappy Ricks (1937)
Francis "Frankie" Ricks
Navy Blues (1937)
Doris Kimbell
Romance and Riches (1937)
Killer at Large (1936)
Linda Allen
Spendthrift (1936)
Sally Barnaby
Three Married Men (1936)
Jennie Mullins
Two's Company (1936)
The Man on the Flying Trapeze (1935)
Hope Wolfinger
Charlie Chan in Paris (1935)
Yvette Lamartine
College Rhythm (1934)
Gloria Van Dayham
Ever Since Eve (1934)
Elizabeth Vandegrift
Monte Carlo Nights (1934)
Mary Vernon
Private Scandal (1934)
Fran Somers
Fog (1933)
Mary Fulton
Hard to Handle (1933)
Ruth Waters
Moonlight and Pretzels (1933)
Sally Upton
One Year Later (1933)
Molly Collins
Shadows of Sing Sing (1933)
Muriel Ross, also known as Muriel Rossi
Song of the Eagle (1933)
Elsa Kranzmeyer
The World Gone Mad (1933)
Diane Cromwell
Girl Missing (1933)
June Dale
Blessed Event (1932)
Gladys Price
It's Tough to Be Famous (1932)
Janet Porter McClenahan
Manhattan Tower (1932)
Mary Harper
The Unwritten Law (1932)
Ruth Evans
The Homicide Squad (1931)
Millie O'Dowd
Gun Smoke (1931)
Sue Vancey
Captain Applejack (1931)
The Runaround (1931)
The Front Page (1931)
Peggy Grant
The Royal Family of Broadway (1931)
Gwen Cavendish
Paramount on Parade (1930)
Burning Up (1930)
Ruth Morgan
The Light of Western Stars (1930)
Ruth Hammond
Only the Brave (1930)
Barbara Calhoun
The Social Lion (1930)
Cynthia Brown
Galas de la Paramount (1930)
The Kibitzer (1930)
Josie Lazarus
Only Saps Work (1930)
Barbara Tanner
River of Romance (1929)
Lucy Jeffers
The Marriage Playground (1929)
Judith Wheater
The Man I Love (1929)
Celia Fields
The Virginian (1929)
Molly Wood
Someone To Love (1928)
Joan Kendricks
Varsity (1928)
Forgotten Faces (1928)
Alice Deane
Harold Teen (1928)
Lillums Lovewell
Under the Tonto Rim (1928)
Lucy Watson
The Big Killing (1928)
Beagle's daughter
Partners in Crime (1928)
Marie Burke, The Cigarette Girl
Running Wild (1927)
Shanghai Bound (1927)
Man Power (1927)
Alice Stoddard
High Hat (1927)
Knockout Reilly (1927)
Mary Malone
Her Father Said No (1927)
Charlotte Hamilton
Two Flaming Youths (1927)
Mary Gilfoil
Beau Geste (1926)
Stepping Along (1926)
Molly Taylor
Brown of Harvard (1926)
Mary Abbott
The Prince of Tempters (1926)
Behind the Front (1926)
Betty Bartlett-Cooper
Paris at Midnight (1926)
Victorine Tallefer
The Enchanted Hill (1926)
Hallie Purdy
More Pay - Less Work (1926)
The Street of Forgotten Men (1925)
Fancy Vanhern
A Regular Fellow (1925)
The Little French Girl (1925)
Alix Vervier
The Air Mail (1925)
Minnie Wade
Peter Pan (1924)

Cast (Short)

Star Night at the Cocoanut Grove (1934)

Life Events


Film acting debut


Movie Clip

Blessed Event (1932) -- (Movie Clip) Do You Ever Read My Stuff? Off to a flying start in the definitive Lee Tracy pre-Code picture, his first starring role, as novice newsman Alvin, from the advertising department, filling in for a vacationing columnist, having discovered the trick of fabricating news of prominent pregnancies, Ruth Donnelly as Miss Stevens, Mary Brian as society writer Gladys, in Blessed Event, 1932, from a play by Manuel Seff and Forrest Wilson.
Hard To Handle (1933) -- (Movie Clip) It Ain't Humanely Possible Joining director Mervyn LeRoy’s breakneck opening, Allen Jenkins the MC at an outrageous Hollywood dance marathon, the last two couples standing are (second-billed) Mary Brian with Matt McHugh and Sterling Holloway with Mary Doran, before we meet the promoter, above-the-title billed James Cagney as Lefty, in Warner Bros.’ Hard To Handle, 1933.
Hard To Handle (1933) -- (Movie Clip) Your Mother Doesn't Own A Gun, Does She? Hollywood widow landlady Ruth Donnelly is looking to scam a furniture buyer (William H. Strauss) while her daughter Ruth (Mary Brian) is still soaking her feet, after winning a dance marathon, with some help from her promoter boyfriend Lefty (James Cagney), who was himself robbed of the prize she was supposed to get, in Hard To Handle, 1933.
Front Page, The (1931) -- (Movie Clip) Did You Ever Come Up Out Of A Sewer? Reporter Hildy (Pat O'Brien) and fiance` Mary (Peggy Grant) are introduced, planning their escape, unaware of editor Walter Burns' (Adolphe Menjou) close puruit, in director Lewis Milestone's The Front Page, 1931.


George Tomasini