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Bride Walks Out, The (1936) - I Married Them Quick scene setter opening, Barbara Stanwyck, Gene Raymond as girl and boyfriend with differing financial circumstances, Hattie McDaniel wisecracking, Leigh Jason directing, in the modest RKO rom-com The Bride Walks Out, 1936.
Bride Walks Out, The (1936) - Unfair To Chorus Girls Part-time model Carolyn (Barbara Stanwyck) has just caved and married striving Michael (Gene Raymond), pal Ned Sparks their witness, when he slugs a cop (Edgar Deering), resulting in their meeting bon vivant Hugh (Robert Young) in court, in RKO's The Bride Walks Out, 1936.
Bride Walks Out, The (1936) - Just Enough Model Carolyn (Barbara Stanwyck) is not pleased when suitor Michael (Gene Raymond), scamming the management, visits her at work to propose again, Ned Sparks his sidekick, in The Bride Walks Out, 1936. kick, in The Bride Walks Out, 1936.
New Faces Of 1937 - I'm Not Inflammable Thrown out of a producer’s office, would be entertainers Seymore and Parky (top billed comics Joe Penner and Harry “Parkyakarkus” Einstein, in the bowler, best known today as the father of brothers Albert Brooks and Bob “Super Dave Osborne” Einstein), in RKO’s New Faces Of 1937, 1937.
New Faces Of 1937 - Our New Dancing Discovery, Ann Miller! Introduced by then-radio star Milton Berle, and getting the best notices by far in this failed inaugural RKO new-talent launch vehicle, Ann Miller, age 14, in her first film under studio contract, in New Faces Of 1937, 1937.
Carolina Blues (1944) - Pucker Up Opening schtick, band leader Kay Kyser as himself, sax-player sidekick Sully Mason, Jeff Donnell as publicist "Charlotte," comic Ish Kabibble, Victor Moore as industrialist "Carver," and singer Georgia Carroll, who had just become Mrs. Kyser, in Columbia's Carolina Blues, 1944.
Carolina Blues (1944) - Mr. Beebe Band leader Kay Kyser's intro, surprised to see Ann Miller replacing his usual vocalist, song by Jule Styne and Sammy Cahn, named for the columnist and bon vivant Lucius Beebe, dancer Harold Nicholas stealing it, with singing Layson Brothers and hoofing Four Steps, in Carolina Blues, 1944.
Mad Miss Manton, The - Park Avenue Pranksters Editor Peter (Henry Fonda), with assistant (George Chandler), has just published a piece mocking the criminal antics of society gal Melsa Manton (Barbara Stanwyck) who introduces herself with a lawsuit, in The Mad Miss Manton, 1938.
Mad Miss Manton, The - Justice For Dogs Opening scene, surely aimed at male Barbara Stanwyck fans, she (as "Melsa Manton") arrives at her Manhattan apartment at 4 a-m to walk her dogs, encountering trouble and eventually cop Brent (Sam Levene), in director Leigh Jason's The Mad Miss Manton, 1938.
Mad Miss Manton, The - Social Parasites Busted for a murder they didn't commit, Melsa (Barbara Stanwyck) and her socialite pals (Linda Perry, Frances Mercer, Whitney Bourne et al) get grilled by cop Brent (Sam Levene) and more sympathetic newsman Peter (Henry Fonda), who does them a good turn, in The Mad Miss Manton, 1938.