Cecil Cunningham

Cecil Cunningham




Cast (Feature Film)

Carib Gold (1956)
The Bride Goes Wild (1948)
Helen Oldfield
My Reputation (1946)
Mrs. Thompson
The Horn Blows at Midnight (1945)
Judge Cavendish
Wonder Man (1945)
In Old Oklahoma (1943)
Mrs. Ames
Above Suspicion (1943)
Countess [von Aschenhausen]
Du Barry Was a Lady (1943)
Twin Beds (1942)
Miss MacMahon
My Heart Belongs to Daddy (1942)
Mrs. Whitman
The Hidden Hand (1942)
Lorinda Channing
The Affairs of Martha (1942)
Mrs. Llewellyn Castle
Cairo (1942)
Mme. Laruga
The Wife Takes a Flyer (1942)
Countess Oldenburg
Cowboy Serenade (1942)
Priscilla Smythe
Are Husbands Necessary? (1942)
Miss Jenkins
I Married an Angel (1942)
Mrs. Fairmind
Tall, Dark and Handsome (1941)
Back Street (1941)
Mrs. Miller
Repent at Leisure (1941)
Mrs. Morgan
Hurry, Charlie, Hurry (1941)
Mrs. Boone
Blossoms in the Dust (1941)
Mrs. Gilworth
Play Girl (1941)
Kitty Foyle (1940)
The Captain Is a Lady (1940)
Mrs. Homans
New Moon (1940)
Governor's wife
The Great Profile (1940)
Miss Perkins
Lillian Russell (1940)
Mrs. Hobbs
Winter Carnival (1939)
Miss Ainsley
Lady of the Tropics (1939)
Coutess Berichi
The Family Next Door (1939)
Cora Stewart
Laugh It Off (1939)
Tess Gibson
It's a Wonderful World (1939)
Madame Chambers
College Swing (1938)
Dean Sleet
Girls' School (1938)
Miss Brewster ["The Duchess"]
You and Me (1938)
Mrs. Morris
Kentucky Moonshine (1938)
Scandal Street (1938)
Maybelle Murphy
Wives Under Suspicion (1938)
Blond Cheat (1938)
Genevieve Trent
Daughter of Shanghai (1938)
Mrs. Mary Hunt
Four Men and a Prayer (1938)
Marie Antoinette (1938)
Mme. De Lerchenfeld
King of Gamblers (1937)
Big Edna
Artists and Models (1937)
Swing High, Swing Low (1937)
This Way Please (1937)
Miss Eberhardt
Night Club Scandal (1937)
Mrs. Alvin
The Awful Truth (1937)
Aunt Patsy
Souls at Sea (1937)
Lady Tarrington
Come and Get It (1936)
People Will Talk (1935)
Nellie Simpson
Bottoms Up (1934)
The Life of Vergie Winters (1934)
Pearl Turner
Manhattan Love Song (1934)
Pancake Annie Jones
We Live Again (1934)
Return of the Terror (1934)
Miss Doolittle
From Hell to Heaven (1933)
Mrs. Chadman
Ladies They Talk About (1933)
Mrs. Arlington
Those We Love (1932)
Mrs. Henry Abbott
The Impatient Maiden (1932)
Mrs. Rosy
Love Is a Racket (1932)
If I Had a Million (1932)
Agnes Dupont
Love Me Tonight (1932)
The Wet Parade (1932)
Woman in hotel
Blonde Venus (1932)
Cabaret owner
Safe in Hell (1931)
Susan Lenox (Her Fall and Rise) (1931)
Madame Panoramia
The Age for Love (1931)
Mata Hari (1931)
Anybody's Woman (1930)
Playboy of Paris (1930)
Paramount on Parade (1930)
Their Own Desire (1929)
Aunt Caroline

Life Events


Movie Clip

Daughter Of Shanghai (1937) -- (Movie Clip) If We Must Be Prosaic In San Francisco’s Chinatown we meet Cecil Cunningham as Mrs. Hunt, patron of merchant Quan Lin (Ching Wah Lee) and daughter Lan Ying (top-billed Anna May Wong), J . Carrol Naish and Buster Crabbe the intruding slave-racketeers, and Ernest Whitman the muscle Sam, in Daughter Of Shanghai, 1937.
College Swing (1938) -- (Movie Clip) When You Get To Be A Professor Gracie Allen is Gracie “Alden,” in the 200-year old original structure of the college her family stands to inherit if she, on this last chance, can pass a graduation exam, cheating miraculously from a laundry list, George Burns her interrogator representing the administration, Cecil Cunningham on the board, in College Swing, 1938.
Ladies They Talk About (1933) -- (Movie Clip) She Likes To Wrestle Cheesy process shot but new inmate Nan (Barbara Stanwyck) and veteran Linda (Lillian Roth) on fire, visiting Mrs. Arlington (Cecil Cunningham), Blondie (Helen Mann), Aunt Maggie (Maude Eburne) and a husky matron (Helen Dickson), in Ladies They Talk About, 1933.
Marie Antoinette (1938) -- (Movie Clip) I Shall Be Queen By a mile the largest thing W.S. ("One-Take Woody) Van Dyke II ever directed, Norma Shearer in the title role nothing but charming, Cecil Cunningham her aide "Feldy," Alma Kruger her mother the Austrian empress, ambassador Henry Stephenson making a bow, opening MGM's lavish Marie Antoinette, 1938, co-starring Tyrone Power.
Awful Truth, The (1937) -- (Movie Clip) He Has A Continental Mind Cabin-fevered Lucy (Irene Dunne) and Aunt Patsy (Cecil Cunningham) have actually just met neighbor and Oklahoma oil man Leeson (Ralph Bellamy) when her ebullient ex Jerry (Cary Grant) shows up to visit the dog, in Leo McCarey's The Awful Truth, 1937.
Awful Truth, The (1937) -- (Movie Clip) The Road To Reno Jerry (Cary Grant), who has not really been in Florida for two weeks, entertains friends (Bess Flowers, Wyn Cahoon, Scott Colton, Robert Allan) until Lucy (Irene Dunne, her first scene) shows up with her aunt (Cecil Cunningham) and a companion (Alexander D'Arcy), early in Leo McCarey's The Awful Truth, 1937.
Susan Lenox (Her Fall And Rise) -- (Movie Clip) Who's Your Boyfriend? Robert Z. Leonard directs, as "Madame Panoramia" (Cecil Cunningham) helps hunky Rodney (Clark Gable) re-connect with girlfriend "Susie," previously "Helga," (Greta Garbo), who has trouble explaining her circus act, and her ugly boss (John Miljan), in Susan Lenox (Her Fall And Rise), 1931.
Susan Lenox (Her Fall And Rise) -- (Movie Clip) I Ran Away Once Greta Garbo (as Helga, later Susan) channeling Ben-Hur, fleeing her violent Michigan country household, jumping the train where she meets "Madame Panoramia" (Cecil Cunningham) and sly circus boss Burlingham (John Miljan) in Susan Lenox (Her Fall And Rise), 1931.
Wives Under Suspicion (1938) -- (Movie Clip) Counting Scalps Director James Whale opening with an absorbing, if gaudy, depiction of an execution, followed by prosecutor Jim (Warren William) and secretary "Sharpie" (Cecil Cunningham) in a fairly casual discussion of capital punishment, from Wives Under Suspicion, 1932.
Wives Under Suspicion (1938) -- (Movie Clip) It Must Be Sensational Oft-forgotten spouse Lucy (Gail Patrick) with friends Phil (William Lundigan) and Elizabeth (Constance Moore) plotting the vacation, while prosecutor husband Jim (Warren William) conspires with secretary "Sharpie" (Cecil Cunningham) to get away, in James Whale's Wives Under Suspicion, 1932.
Artists and Models (1937) -- (Movie Clip) Brewster Agency Grumbling Ad-man Mac Brewster (Jack Benny) drops by his office where he encounters unimpressed assistant Stella (Cecil Cunningham) in an early scene from Artists and Models, 1937.