John Mcintire

John Mcintire


Also Known As
John Herrick Mcintire
Birth Place
Spokane, Washington, USA
June 27, 1907
January 30, 1991
Cause of Death
Emphysema And Cancer


Weathered, veteran character player who began his career on radio and appeared in more than 100 films, usually playing law officers, politicians and other figures of authority. Best known as the no-nonsense police chief in "The Asphalt Jungle" (1950), the timid sharecropper in "A Lion Is in the Streets" (1953) and the shocked sheriff in "Psycho" (1960), McIntire also played villains in t...

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Herbie Rides Again - Pressbook
Herbie Rides Again - Movie Poster

Family & Companions

Jeanette Nolan
Actor. Married 1935.


Weathered, veteran character player who began his career on radio and appeared in more than 100 films, usually playing law officers, politicians and other figures of authority. Best known as the no-nonsense police chief in "The Asphalt Jungle" (1950), the timid sharecropper in "A Lion Is in the Streets" (1953) and the shocked sheriff in "Psycho" (1960), McIntire also played villains in three Anthony Mann Westerns: "Winchester .73" (1950), "The Far Country" (1955) and "The Tin Star" (1957).

From the late 1950s he became a familiar face on TV, starring as a veteran cop on "Naked City" (1958-59), replacing first the late Ward Bond as the wagonmaster on the popular "Wagon Train" (1961-65) then Lee J. Cobb as the ranch owner on "The Virginian" (1967-68) and playing the neighborly boat-builder on the comedy "Shirley" (1979-80). He married actress Jeanette Nolan in 1935. Their son was the late actor Tim McIntire ("American Hot Wax").



Cast (Feature Film)

Dream Breakers (1989)
Turner & Hooch (1989)
As Summers Die (1986)
Cloak and Dagger (1984)
The Cowboy and the Ballerina (1984)
Honkytonk Man (1982)
American Dream (1981)
The Fox and the Hound (1981)
Mrs. R's Daughter (1979)
Attorney Paul Underwood
The Jordan Chance (1978)
Jasper Colton
Crisis in Sun Valley (1978)
The Rescuers (1977)
The New Daughters of Joshua Cabe (1976)
Sheriff Joshua Cabe
Challenge To Be Free (1976)
Rooster Cogburn (1975)
The Healers (1974)
Dr Ernest Wilson
Herbie Rides Again (1974)
Linda (1973)
The Mad Trapper (1972)
Powderkeg (1971)
Longstreet (1971)
Dr Dan Stockton
Rough Night in Jericho (1967)
Ben Hickman
Two Rode Together (1961)
Major Frazer
Summer and Smoke (1961)
Dr. Buchanan
Flaming Star (1960)
Sam Burton
Seven Ways from Sundown (1960)
Sergeant Hennessey
Who Was That Lady? (1960)
Bob Doyle
Elmer Gantry (1960)
Rev. John Pengilly
Psycho (1960)
Deputy Sheriff Al Chambers
The Gunfight at Dodge City (1959)
Dr. Sam Tremain
Sing, Boy, Sing (1958)
Rev. Walker
The Light in the Forest (1958)
John Elder
The Mark of the Hawk (1958)
[Bruce] Craig
The Tin Star (1957)
Dr. Joe McCord
The Spoilers (1956)
World in My Corner (1956)
Dave Bernstein
I've Lived Before (1956)
Dr. Thomas Bryant
Backlash (1956)
Jim Bonniwell [also known as William Slater]
Away All Boats (1956)
Old man
The Far Country (1955)
The Scarlet Coat (1955)
General Robert Howe
The Phenix City Story (1955)
Albert [L. "Pat"] Patterson
Stranger on Horseback (1955)
Josiah Bannerman
The Kentuckian (1955)
Zack Wakefield
The Yellow Mountain (1954)
Four Guns to the Border (1954)
Apache (1954)
Al Sieber
A Lion Is in the Streets (1953)
Jeb Brown
The Mississippi Gambler (1953)
Kansas John Polly
The Lawless Breed (1953)
J. G. Hardin/John Clements
The President's Lady (1953)
John Overton
War Arrow (1953)
Col. Jackson Meade
Sally and Saint Anne (1952)
"Gold Tooth" McCarthy
Horizons West (1952)
Ira Hammond
Westward the Women (1952)
Roy [E.] Whitman
The World in His Arms (1952)
Deacon Greathouse
Glory Alley (1952)
Gabe Jordan
Under the Gun (1951)
[Bill] Langley
The Raging Tide (1951)
Corky Mullins
That's My Boy (1951)
[Dr.] Benjamin Green
You're in the Navy Now (1951)
Commander Tom Reynolds
Ambush (1950)
Frank Holly
Walk Softly, Stranger (1950)
The Asphalt Jungle (1950)
Police Commissioner Hardy
Winchester '73 (1950)
Joe Lamont
Shadow on the Wall (1950)
Pike Ludwell
Saddle Tramp (1950)
Jess Higgins
Francis (1950)
General Stevens
No Sad Songs for Me (1950)
Dr. Ralph Frene
Top O' the Morning (1949)
Inspector Fallon
Scene of the Crime (1949)
Fred Piper
Down to the Sea in Ships (1949)
Command Decision (1949)
Major Belding David
Johnny Stool Pigeon (1949)
[Nick] Avery
Red Canyon (1949)
Floyd Cordt
Call Northside 777 (1948)
Sam Faxon
The Street with No Name (1948)
Cy Gordon
Black Bart (1948)
River Lady (1948)
Mr. [H. L.] Morrison
An Act of Murder (1948)
Judge Ogden
The Hucksters (1947)
Radio announcer

Cast (Special)

Lone Star (1983)
All the Way Home (1981)
John Henry
When the West Was Fun: A Western Reunion (1979)
Lassie: The New Beginning (1978)
The Jimmy Durante Show (1964)
Mr Duveen
The Adam MacKenzie Story (1963)
Chris Hale (Guest)
Getaway Car (1958)

Cast (TV Mini-Series)

Goliath Awaits (1981)
Aspen (1977)

Life Events


Film debut, "Call Northside 777"


TV debut, "General Electric Theater"

Photo Collections

Herbie Rides Again - Pressbook
Here is the original campaign book (pressbook) for Disney's Herbie Rides Again (1974). Pressbooks were sent to exhibitors and theater owners to aid them in publicizing the film's run in their theater.
Herbie Rides Again - Movie Poster
Here is the American one-sheet movie poster for Disney's Herbie Rides Aagain (1974). One-sheets measured 27x41 inches, and were the poster style most commonly used in theaters.


Movie Clip

Scene Of The Crime (1949) -- (Movie Clip) Only Fools Bet Horses Three L-A cops (Van Johnson as Mike Conovan, with John McIntire and Tom Drake) investigating a colleague’s murder have followed the car that just picked up a suspect they were watching, to learn that he’s been grabbed by syndicate crook “Umpire” (Tom Powers), looking to set up a larger operation, in Scene Of The Crime, 1949.
Scene Of The Crime (1949) -- (Movie Clip) Never Pick Up A Pigeon Alone Driving around L-A beginning their investigation of a the murder of a fellow plainclothes cop, Van Johnson as Conovan, John McIntire as his mentor-partner Piper, and Tom Drake as young “C.C.,” talk shop and notice lurking “Sleeper” (Norman Lloyd), early in Scene Of The Crime, 1949, from MGM and director Roy Rowland.
Asphalt Jungle, The (1950) -- (Movie Clip) You'll Have Plenty Of Trips Critical scene as the Commissioner (John McIntire) confronts lawyer Emmerich (Louis Calhern) and girlfriend Angela (Marilyn Monroe) cracks under questioning in John Huston's The Asphalt Jungle, 1950.
Two Rode Together (1961) -- (Movie Clip) He'll Smell It Out John McIntire does well in the thankless role of Major Frazier, negotiating with John Ford's two mythic characters, ex-U.S. Marshal McCabe (James Stewart) and Lt. Gary (Richard Widmark), about an approach to the Comanche war chief Quanah Parker, early in Two Rode Together, 1961.
Winchester '73 -- (Movie Clip) Meant To Kill A White Woman Mean scenes for supporting players, Dutch Henry (Stephen McNally) with sidekicks (Steve Brodie, James Millican) and stolen rifle meets storekeeper Riker (John Alexander) and savvy Indian trader Lamont (John McIntire), in Anthony Mann's Winchester '73, starring James Stewart.
Street With No Name, The (1948) -- (Movie Clip) He Wants To Surrender Lloyd Nolan as agent Briggs is looking for a man for a specific job, so he visits Quantico, where we meet Mark Stevens as field agent Cordell, back for a refresher training course, doing well, recommended by superior John McIntire, in 20th Century-Fox’s The Street With No Name, 1948.
Far Country, The (1955) -- (Movie Clip) The Dignity Of The Occasion Just docked in Skagway, Alaska with his cattle from Wyoming, James Stewart as Jeff Webster, fleeing a trumped-up murder charge, encounters the local law (John McIntire as “Judge” Gannon), rescued by his partners (Walter Brennan, Jay C. Flippen), Ruth Roman with ironic observations, early in Anthony Mann’s The Far Country, 1955.
Winchester '73 (1950) -- (Movie Clip) You Know About Custer? Director Anthony Mann's Western veers toward the Horror genre, as Indian trader Lamont (John McIntire), who has just snatched the titular rifle for himself, meets with his customer Young Bull (Rock Hudson), in Winchester '73, 1950, starring James Stewart.
Phenix City Story, The (1955) -- (Movie Clip) Open, That Industry Was Vice Richard Kiley narrates in the voice of his not-yet-introduced character, framing the story with factual content in director Phil Karlson's The Phenix City Story 1955.
Phenix City Story, The (1955) -- (Movie Clip) It's Gotta Happen Tonight Hostess and informant Ellie (Kathryn Grant), still working for crime boss Tanner (Edward Andrews) calls lawyer Paterson (John McIntire), newly nominated as Alabama Attorney General, with his son (Richard Kiley), observed by casino runner Cassie (Jean Carson), trouble brewing, in The Phenix City Story, 1955.
Phenix City Story, The (1955) -- (Movie Clip) Thou Shalt Not Kill Big spoiler here, as Paterson (Richard Kiley) and Zeke (James Edwards) who both had family members murdered, have failed to stop the thugs killing their informant Ellie, and clash over how to deal with the now-exposed local vice boss Tanner (Edward Andrews), in Phil Karlson’s fact-based The Phenix City Story, 1955.
Scarlet Coat, The (1955) -- (Movie Clip) A Very Highly Placed Person Continental Army espionage officer Bolton (Cornel Wilde) and his chief General Howe (John McIntire) meet with the popular new General Benedict Arnold (Robert Douglas) at West Point, with no notion yet that he’s “Gustavus,” the highly effective spy they’re hunting, in The Scarlet Coat, 1955.


Winchester '73 - (Re-issue Trailer) A man (James Stewart) combs the West in search of his stolen rifle. Co-starring Shelley Winters. Directed by Anthony Mann.
Walk Softly, Stranger - (Original Trailer) A small-time crook (Joseph Cotten) on the run is reformed by the love of a crippled woman (Alida Valli).
Ambush - (Original Trailer) A Westerner (Robert Taylor) searches for a white woman held by the Apaches. The last movie from director Sam Wood (Good-bye Mr. Chips).
Far Country, The -- (Original Trailer) Two cowboys on the road to Alaska help a wagon train in trouble in Anthony Mann's The Far Country (1955) starring James Stewart.
Tin Star, The - (Original Trailer) An experienced bounty hunter (Henry Fonda) helps a young sheriff (Anthony Perkins) learn the meaning of his badge in Anthony Mann's The Tin Star (1957).
Gunfight at Dodge City, The - (Original Trailer) Joel McCrea plays Bat Masterson as a tougher kind of maverick in The Gunfight at Dodge City (1959).
Scene of the Crime - (Original Trailer) A detective (Van Johnson) tries to solve a policeman's murder at the Scene of the Crime (1949).
Command Decision - (Original Trailer) A senior officer faces the horror of sending his men on suicide missions over Germany during the last days of WW II in Command Decision (1948).
Scarlet Coat, The - (Original Trailer) An American officer (Cornel Wilde) goes undercover to unmask a Revolutionary War traitor in the adventure movie The Scarlet Coat (1955).
Shadow On The Wall - (Original Trailer) Ann Sothern, typically a light-hearted comic actress, does a 180 here as a murderess whose crime is witnessed by her victim's daughter.
Call Northside 777 - (Re-issue Trailer) A Chicago reporter (James Stewart) re-opens a ten year old murder case in Call Northside 777 (1948).
Apache - (Textless Trailer) Burt Lancaster is one of Geronimo's chiefs who leads a one-man assault on the U.S. Cavalry in Robert Aldrich's Apache (1954).


Tim McIntire
Actor. Born c. 1943; died April 15, 1986 of heart attack.
Holly Wright
Fine-arts photographer.


Jeanette Nolan
Actor. Married 1935.