Philip Ahn



Also Known As
Pil Lip Ahn, Phil Ahn, Phillip Ahn
Birth Place
Highland Park, California, USA
March 29, 1905
February 28, 1978
Cause of Death
Complications Following Surgery


Slender Korean-American character player of medium height and dignified manner. Ahn appeared in over 70 films from "The General Died at Dawn" (1936) through "The World's Greatest Athlete" (1972). He is also remembered for his role as Master Kan on the popular TV action series, "Kung Fu" (1972-75)....


Slender Korean-American character player of medium height and dignified manner. Ahn appeared in over 70 films from "The General Died at Dawn" (1936) through "The World's Greatest Athlete" (1972). He is also remembered for his role as Master Kan on the popular TV action series, "Kung Fu" (1972-75).



Cast (Feature Film)

Portrait of a Hitman (1977)
The Killer Who Wouldn't Die (1976)
The World's Greatest Athlete (1973)
Jonathan Livingston Seagull (1973)
Kung Fu (1972)
Master Kan
Thoroughly Modern Millie (1967)
The Karate Killers (1967)
Paradise--Hawaiian Style (1966)
Diamond Head (1963)
Shock Corridor (1963)
Dr. Fong
A Girl Named Tamiko (1962)
Confessions of an Opium Eater (1962)
Ching Foon
One-Eyed Jacks (1961)
The Great Impostor (1961)
Hun Kim
Yesterday's Enemy (1959)
Maj. Yamazaki
Never So Few (1959)
Hong Kong Confidential (1958)
The Way to the Gold (1957)
Mr. Ding
Battle Hymn (1957)
Old man [Lu Ahn]
Around the World in 80 Days (1956)
Jump into Hell (1955)
Chinese lieutenant
Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing (1955)
Third Uncle
The Left Hand of God (1955)
Jan Teng
Hell's Half Acre (1954)
Roger Kong
The Shanghai Story (1954)
Maj. Ling Wu
His Majesty O'Keefe (1954)
Sien Tang
Fair Wind to Java (1953)
Target Hong Kong (1953)
Sin How
China Venture (1953)
Admiral Amara
Battle Circus (1953)
Korean prisoner
Macao (1952)
Battle Zone (1952)
Korean assistant
Japanese War Bride (1952)
Eitaro Shimizu
Red Snow (1952)
Secrets of Monte Carlo (1951)
Halls of Montezuma (1951)
Nomura [alias of Maj. Kenji Matsuoda]
China Corsair (1951)
Wong San
I Was an American Spy (1951)
Capt. Arito
The Glass Menagerie (1950)
The Big Hangover (1950)
Dr. Lee
Impact (1949)
Ah Sing
Boston Blackie's Chinese Venture (1949)
State Department File 649 (1949)
Colonel Aram
The Sickle or the Cross (1949)
Chinese official
Saigon (1948)
Boss merchant
Rogues' Regiment (1948)
Tran Duy Gian
The Creeper (1948)
Ah Wong
The Cobra Strikes (1948)
The Miracle of the Bells (1948)
Ming Gow
Women in the Night (1948)
Professor Kunioshi
The Chinese Ring (1947)
Captain Kong
Singapore (1947)
Intrigue (1947)
Lui Chen
China Sky (1945)
Dr. Kim
China's Little Devils (1945)
Back to Bataan (1945)
Colonel Kuroki
Betrayal from the East (1945)
The Keys of the Kingdom (1945)
Mr. Pao
Blood on the Sun (1945)
God Is My Co-Pilot (1945)
Japanese announcer at Hong Kong
They Were Expendable (1945)
Army orderly
The Purple Heart (1944)
Saburo Goto
The Story of Dr. Wassell (1944)
Around the World (1944)
Dragon Seed (1944)
Leader of city people
China Girl (1943)
Dr. Kai Young
They Got Me Covered (1943)
China (1943)
Lin Cho, First Brother
Behind the Rising Sun (1943)
Japanese officer
The Amazing Mrs. Holliday (1943)
Major Ching
The Man from Down Under (1943)
Japanese commander
Don Winslow of the Coast Guard (1943)
The Adventures of Smilin' Jack (1943)
Ship Ahoy (1942)
Koro Sumo
The Tuttles of Tahiti (1942)
Emily's servant
Across the Pacific (1942)
Man in theater
Submarine Raider (1942)
First Officer Kawakami
A Yank on the Burma Road (1942)
Dr. Franklin
Let's Get Tough! (1942)
Joe Matsui
They Met in Bombay (1941)
Japanese officer
Passage from HongKong (1941)
Barricade (1939)
Col. Wai Kang
Charlie Chan in Honolulu (1939)
Wing Foo
King of Chinatown (1939)
Robert "Bob" Li
North of Shanghai (1939)
Chinese doctor
Disputed Passage (1939)
Dr. Fung
Island of Lost Men (1939)
Sam Ring
Buck Rogers (1939)
Daughter of Shanghai (1938)
Kim Lee
Hawaii Calls (1938)
China Passage (1937)
Dr. Feng Tu
Tex Rides with the Boy Scouts (1937)
Sing Fung
Thank You, Mr. Moto (1937)
Prince Chung
Roaring Timber (1937)
[Ah Sing, also known as] Crooner
Something to Sing About (1937)
I Promise to Pay (1937)
Anything Goes (1936)
Chinese boy
Klondike Annie (1936)
Counterfeit Lady (1936)
The General Died at Dawn (1936)
Stowaway (1936)
Sun Lo
Scream in the Night (1935)

Life Events


Acting debut in "A Scream in the Night"


Acted in "Anything Goes"


Had featured role in "The General Died at Dawn"


Made uncredited appearance in "The Good Earth"


Had supporting role in "The Shadow"


Had featured role in "The Keys to the Kingdom"


Played the Hong Kong announcer in "God Is My Co-Pilot"


Was in "Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing"


Acted in the TV series, "Mr. Garlund" (CBS)


Co-starred in "Diamond Head"


Had supporting role in "Thoroughly Modern Millie"


Provided a character voice for "Jonathan Livington Seagull"


Final film, "Potrait of a Hitman"


Movie Clip

The Story Of Dr. Wassell (1944) — (Movie Clip) Are You Interested In Snails? At a Dutch WWII jungle hospital in Java under Japanese attack, Philip Ahn tells fellow patients under the care of the title character (Gary Cooper) about his adventures as a medical researcher and missionary, lured into service by a photo of a volunteer nurse (Laraine Day) he meets at the dock, in C.B. DeMille’s The Story Of Dr. Wassell, 1944.
Daughter Of Shanghai (1937) -- (Movie Clip) Say A Prayer For Me On the evening of the murder of her merchant father by human-smugglers in San Francisco, Anna May Wong as Lan Ying (title character) is supported by Chinese-American G-Man Lee (Philip Ahn), discussing the family friend who introduced them, and consoling a servant, in Daughter Of Shanghai, 1937.
China Sky (1945) -- (Movie Clip) Butcher Of Women And Children In WWII China, excitement as Anthony Quinn, as popular local warlord Chen Ta arrives at the American hospital, demanding that Dr. Durand (Ruth Warrick) treat the Japanese colonel he’s wounded, sparking friction, especially between local nurse Siu Mei (Carol Thurston) and Dr. Kim (Philip Ahn), in China Sky, 1945.
Stowaway (1936) -- (Movie Clip) Greetings Ching Ching Having learned already that she's the orphan daughter of missionaries in China, and that a local warlord is rampaging, we meet "Ching Ching" (Shirley Temple) whom Sun Lo (Philip Ahn) has sworn to protect, in 20th Century-Fox's Stowaway, 1936, co-starring Robert Young and Alice Faye.
Shock Corridor (1963) -- (Movie Clip) Riding The Crazy Horse Opening scene from writer-director Sam Fuller, Johnny (Peter Breck) interrogated by Dr. Fong (Philip Ahn), with Swanee (William Zuckert) and Cathy (Constance Towers), plotting high-risk investigative reporting, in Shock Corridor, 1963.
Yank on the Burma Road, A - (Original Trailer) The Pearl Harbor attack inspires a truck driver (Barry Nelson) to join the war effort in A Yank on the Burma Road (1942).


Thoroughly Modern Millie - (Wide release trailer) When she comes to New York, Julie Andrews becomes Thoroughly Modern Millie (1967), a musical set in the Roaring Twenties.
Macao -- (Original Trailer) The original theatrical trailer for Macao, 1952, in which Josef von Sternberg, the director of The Blue Angel (1930), tried his hand at a film noir mystery, with Robert Mitchum and Jane Russell.
One-Eyed Jacks - (Original Trailer) An outlaw seeks revenge on the former friend who betrayed him to the law in One Eyed Jacks (1961), directed by and starring Marlon Brando.
Battle Circus - (Original Trailer) See how Hollywood portrayed a M*A*S*H unit during the Korean War in Battle Circus (1953) starring Humphrey Bogart.
God Is My Co-Pilot - (Original Trailer) God Is My Co-Pilot (1945), based on the true story of World War II fighter pilot Col. Robert Lee Scott, Jr.
China Sky - (Re-issue Trailer) A dedicated doctor (Randolph Scott) joins the Chinese in their fight against Japanese invaders in China Sky.
Yesterday's Enemy - (Original Trailer) A British captain will stop at nothing to capture a Burmese village from the Japanese in Yesterday's Enemy (1959).
His Majesty O'Keefe - (Original Trailer) A Yankee sea captain (Burt Lancaster) tries to make his fortune in the South Seas in His Majesty O'Keefe (1954).
Karate Killers, The - (Original Trailer) The men from U.N.C.L.E. fight off The Karate Killers (1967) to track down a secret formula that can turn sea water into gold.
They Were Expendable - (Original Trailer) A Navy commander (John Wayne) fights to prove the effectiveness of the PT boat at the start of WW II in They Were Expendable (1945).
Never So Few - (Black-and-white Trailer) A U.S. military troop takes command of a band of Burmese guerillas during World War II in Never So Few (1959).
Back to Bataan - (Original Trailer) A Marine colonel (John Wayne) leads a guerrilla campaign against the Japanese in the Philippines in Back to Bataan (1945).


Dosan Ahn Chang Ho
Diplomat, artist. Korean.
Helen Lee
Reportedly the second Korean to emigrate to the USA in 1902.
Philson Ahn
Actor. Younger.
Ralph Ahn
Actor. Younger.