Arthur Donaldson




Director (Feature Film)

The Salamander (1916)

Cast (Feature Film)

The Broadway Drifter (1927)
Frank Harmon
The Winning Oar (1927)
Robert Brooks
Love 'Em and Leave 'Em (1926)
Mr. McGonigle
Down Upon the Suwannee River (1925)
Dais Norwood
School for Wives (1925)
Jordan B. Lynch
The Swan (1925)
Franz, the court chamberlain
Fifty-Fifty (1925)
Grand Duke Popovitch
Down Upon the Swanee River (1925)
Yolanda (1924)
Lord Bishop
America (1924)
King George III
For Woman's Favor (1924)
The Brother
The Bandolero (1924)
When Knighthood Was in Flower (1923)
Sir Henry Brandon
Find the Woman (1922)
Morris [Maurice?] Beiner
The Silver Lining (1921)
Friend of the Baxters
Wise Husbands (1921)
The Passionate Pilgrim (1921)
Is Life Worth Living? (1921)
The Rider of the King Log (1921)
Stephen Marthorn
Gilded Lies (1921)
Major Burns
The Hidden Light (1920)
Detective Hayden
A Modern Salome (1920)
Walter Greene
Greater Than Fame (1920)
Mothers of Men (1920)
General De La Motte
The Captain's Captain (1919)
Cap'n Abe/Am'zon
Coax Me (1919)
Colonel Lovejoy
Fighting Destiny (1919)
Remsden Cotton
Miss Dulcie from Dixie (1919)
Uncle John
Me and Captain Kidd (1919)
Randolph Hamilton
The A.B.C. of Love (1919)
Prof. George Collins
The Undercurrent (1919)
Atonement (1919)
Daring Hearts (1919)
Mind the Paint Girl (1919)
Vincent Bland
The Green God (1918)
Major Temple
Over the Top (1918)
Friederich von Emden
The Golden Goal (1918)
Mr. Walton
Find the Woman (1918)
Monsieur Morin
Babbling Tongues (1917)
Joseph Moreau
His Own People (1917)
Shamus Reilly
For France (1917)
Rudolph Von Glahm
Who Goes There! (1917)
Gen. Von Reiter
The Danger Trail (1917)
Pierre Thoreau
Enlighten Thy Daughter (1917)
Richard Stevens
I Will Repay (1917)
A Woman's Honor (1916)
Should a Baby Die? (1916)
Jacob Cohen
The Faded Flower (1916)
Wilbur Mason
Her American Prince (1916)
Baron Von Blumberg, The revolutionary leader
Hearts of Men (1915)
Fritz Wagner
The Moth and the Flame (1915)
Mr. Walton
The Land of the Lost (1914)
Baron de Coverly
Over Niagara Falls (1914)
The Day of Days (1914)
Brian Shaynon
Three Weeks (1914)
Dimitri, queen's bodyguard
Wolfe; or, the Conquest of Quebec (1914)
Marquis de Montcalm

Cast (Short)

The Song of Fame (1934)

Life Events