Frank Currier

Frank Currier




Cast (Feature Film)

Across to Singapore (1928)
Jeremiah Shore, father
Telling the World (1928)
Don's father
Easy Come, Easy Go (1928)
Mr. Quayle
The Enemy (1928)
Professor Arndt
Riders of the Dark (1928)
Old Man Redding
California (1927)
Don Carlos del Rey
Foreign Devils (1927)
U. S. Minister Conger
Rookies (1927)
The judge
The Callahans and the Murphys (1927)
Grandpa Callahan
Tell It to the Marines (1927)
General Wilcox
Winners of the Wilderness (1927)
Governor de Vaudreuil
Annie Laurie (1927)
Cameron of Lochiel
The First Year (1926)
Dr. Livingston
The Exquisite Sinner (1926)
Men of Steel (1926)
Cinder Pitt
La Bohème (1926)
Theater manager
The White Desert (1925)
Saul MacFarlane
Too Many Kisses (1925)
Richard Gaylord, Sr.
The Great Love (1925)
Mr. Bunker
Lights of Old Broadway (1925)
Lambert De Rhondo, his father
Graustark (1925)
Ben-Hur (1925)
[Quintus] Arrius
The Red Lily (1924)
Hugo Leonnec
The Family Secret (1924)
Sim Selfridge
The Trouble Shooter (1924)
Benjamin Brewster
The Rose of Paris (1924)
George Der Vroo
Being Respectable (1924)
Darius Carpenter
Revelation (1924)
The Heart Buster (1924)
John Hillyer
The Sea Hawk (1924)
Asad-el-Din, Basha of Algiers
The Story Without a Name (1924)
Admiral Walsworth
The Tents of Allah (1923)
Abou Ben-Ek/American Consul
The Victor (1923)
Lord Waring
Stephen Steps Out (1923)
Dr. Lyman Black
The Darling of New York (1923)
Grandfather Van Dyne
Children of Jazz (1923)
Adam Forestall
The Go-Getter (1923)
Hugh McNair
The Fog (1923)
Caleb Gridley
Desire (1923)
Mrs. Elkins
Why Announce Your Marriage? (1922)
David Mayfair
The Snitching Hour (1922)
Mr. Dickerson
The Woman Who Fooled Herself (1922)
Don Fernando Casablanca
My Old Kentucky Home (1922)
Colonel Sanders
The Lights of New York (1922)
Daniel Reid
The Lotus Eater (1922)
The Dean
Reckless Youth (1922)
Cumberland Whipple
The Man Who (1921)
St. John Jessop
Clay Dollars (1921)
Sam Willetts
The Rookie's Return (1921)
Without Limit (1921)
The Reverend Marlowe
A Message From Mars (1921)
Sir Edwards
The Misleading Lady (1920)
Rookie's Return (1920)
The Cheater (1920)
Peg Meany
Pleasure Seekers (1920)
John Winchell
Clothes (1920)
Horace Watling
The Right of Way (1920)
Polly with a Past (1920)
The Fatal Hour (1920)
The abbot
The Brat (1919)
The bishop
The Great Romance (1919)
King Rudolph
The Red Lantern (1919)
Sir Philip Sackville
Satan Junior (1919)
Nathaniel Ardway
Peggy Does Her Darndest (1919)
Edward Ensloe
It Pays to Advertise (1919)
Cyrus Martin
Her Kingdom of Dreams (1919)
James Warren
Almost Married (1919)
Michael O'Connell
Easy to Make Money (1919)
James Frederick Slocum, Sr.
Should a Woman Tell? (1919)
Mr. Maxon
Blind Man's Eyes (1919)
Basil Santoine
The Great Victory, Wilson or the Kaiser? the Fall of the Hohenzollerns (1919)
William Gordon, her father
The Brass Check (1918)
Silas Trevor
The Winning of Beatrice (1918)
James Buckley
A Successful Adventure (1918)
Lionel Houston
Revelation (1918)
The prior
With Neatness and Dispatch (1918)
Roger Burgess
Opportunity (1918)
Henry Clay Willard
Sylvia on a Spree (1918)
Edwin Booth D'Aubrey
His Bonded Wife (1918)
Digby Morse
Social Hypocrites (1918)
Col. Francis Fielding
Toys of Fate (1918)
To Hell with the Kaiser (1918)
Professor Monroe
The Trail of the Shadow (1917)
Mr. Mason
The Greatest Power (1917)
Randolph Monroe
The End of the Tour (1917)
Col. Jessup
Outwitted (1917)
John Lawson
Sowers and Reapers (1917)
Major James Courtney
The Duchess of Doubt (1917)
Pierre Dubois
Grafters (1917)
Mark Towne
Her Father's Keeper (1917)
William Masters
His Father's Son (1917)
John Arden
Cassidy (1917)
Dist. Attorney Grant
Panthea (1917)
Dr. Von Reichstadt
The Barricade (1917)
Amos Merrill
God's Law and Man's (1917)
Maj.-Gen. Dennison
The Ninety and Nine (1916)
Abner Blake
His Wife's Good Name (1916)
His father
The Hunted Woman (1916)
Old Donald McDonald
Green Stockings (1916)
Henry Faraday
The Wager (1916)
A. E. Thorpe
The Conflict (1916)
John Turner
Fifty-Fifty (1916)
The judge
Mother's Roses (1915)
John Morrison
The Juggernaut (1915)
James Hardin

Art Director (Feature Film)

Don't Ever Marry (1920)
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Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer 1925 Studio Tour (1925)

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