Johnny Mack Brown

Johnny Mack Brown


Also Known As
John Mack Brown
Birth Place
Dothan, Alabama, USA
September 01, 1904
November 14, 1974

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Belle of the Nineties - Publicity Stills
Belle of the Nineties - Scene Stills
Billy the Kid (1930) - Movie Poster




Cast (Feature Film)

Apache Uprising (1966)
Sheriff Ben Hall
The Bounty Killer (1965)
Sheriff Green
Requiem for a Gunfighter (1965)
The Marshal's Daughter (1953)
Canyon Ambush (1952)
Johnny Mack Brown
Dead Man's Trail (1952)
Johnny Mack Brown
Texas City (1952)
Marshal Johnny Mack Brown
Man from the Black Hills (1952)
Johnny Mack Brown
Blazing Bullets (1951)
Johnny Mack Brown
Man from Sonora (1951)
Johnny Mack Brown
Whistling Hills (1951)
Johnny Mack Brown
Texas Lawmen (1951)
Johnny Mack Brown
Montana Desperado (1951)
Dave Borden
Colorado Ambush (1951)
Johnny Mack Brown
Oklahoma Justice (1951)
Johnny Mack Brown
Law of the Panhandle (1950)
Johnny Mack Brown
Over the Border (1950)
Johnny Mack Brown
Outlaw Gold (1950)
Johnny Mack Brown
Six Gun Mesa (1950)
Johnny Mack Brown
West of Wyoming (1950)
Johnny Mack Brown
Short Grass (1950)
West of El Dorado (1949)
Johnny Mack
Western Renegades (1949)
Johnny Mack Brown
Law of the West (1949)
Johnny Mack
Stampede (1949)
Aaron Ball
Range Justice (1949)
Johnny Mack Brown
Trails End (1949)
Johnny Mack
Hidden Danger (1948)
Johnny Mack
Crossed Trails (1948)
Johnny Mack
Gunning for Justice (1948)
Johnny Mack
Back Trail (1948)
Johnny Mack
Overland Trails (1948)
Johnny Murdock
Triggerman (1948)
Johnny Mack Brown
The Fighting Ranger (1948)
Johnny Brown
Frontier Agent (1948)
Johnny Mack Brown
The Sheriff of Medicine Bow (1948)
Johnny Mack Brown
The Law Comes to Gunsight (1947)
Johnny Macke
Raiders of the South (1947)
Capt. Brownell, also known as Johnny Langdon
Flashing Guns (1947)
Johnny Mack
Trailing Danger (1947)
Prairie Express (1947)
Johnny Hudson
Gun Talk (1947)
Johnny McVey
Land of the Lawless (1947)
Code of the Saddle (1947)
Johnny Macklin
Valley of Fear (1947)
Johnny Williams
Under Arizona Skies (1946)
Dusty Smith
Border Bandits (1946)
Nevada McKenzie
Drifting Along (1946)
Steve Garner
Shadows on the Range (1946)
Steve Mason, also known as Steve Saunders, also know as John Mason
Silver Range (1946)
Johnny Bronton
The Gentleman from Texas (1946)
Johnny Macklin
The Haunted Mine (1946)
Jack McKenzie, also known as "Nevada"
Trigger Fingers (1946)
Sam Benton, "The Texas Hurricane"
Frontier Feud (1945)
Jack McKenzie, also known as "Nevada"
The Navajo Trail (1945)
Nevada [McKenzie, also known as Rocky Saunders]
Stranger from Santa Fe (1945)
Nevada McKenzie, also known as Roy Ferris
The Lost Trail (1945)
Jack McKenzie, also known as "Nevada"
Flame of the West (1945)
Dr. John Poore
Gun Smoke (1945)
Jack McKenzie, also known as "Nevada"
Forever Yours (1945)
Law Men (1944)
Nevada McKenzie
Partners of the Trail (1944)
Jack McKenzie, also known as "Nevada"
Raiders of the Border (1944)
Nevada McKenzie
Land of the Outlaws (1944)
Jack McKenzie, also known as "Nevada"
West of the Rio Grande (1944)
Nevada McKenzie
Range Law (1944)
Nevada McKenzie
Law of the Valley (1944)
Nevada McKenzie
Ghost Guns (1944)
Nevada McKenzie
Cheyenne Roundup (1943)
Gils Brandon/Buck Brandon
Six Gun Gospel (1943)
Jack McKenzie, also known as Nevada
Raiders of San Joaquin (1943)
Rocky Morgan
The Ghost Rider (1943)
Jack McKenzie, also known as "Nevada" and "The Ghost Rider"
Tenting Tonight on the Old Camp Ground (1943)
Wade Benson
The Stranger from Pecos (1943)
Jack McKenzie, also known as Nevada
The Lone Star Trail (1943)
Blaze Barker
Outlaws of Stampede Pass (1943)
Nevada [also known as Jack McKenzie]
The Texas Kid (1943)
Jack McKenzie, also known as Nevada
Crazy House (1943)
Boss of Hangtown Mesa (1942)
Steve Collins
Deep in the Heart of Texas (1942)
Jim Mallory
The Silver Bullet (1942)
"Silver Jim" Donovan
Stagecoach Buckaroo (1942)
The Old Chisholm Trail (1942)
Dusty Gardner
Fighting Bill Fargo (1942)
Bill [Fargo]
Little Joe, the Wrangler (1942)
Neal Wallace
Ride 'Em Cowboy (1942)
Alabama [Brewster]
Boss of Bullion City (1941)
Tom [Bryant]
Arizona Cyclone (1941)
Tom [Baxter]
Law of the Range (1941)
Steve [Howard]
Man from Montana (1941)
Bob Dawson
Rawhide Rangers (1941)
Brand [Calhoun]
Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie (1941)
Joe [Henderson]
The Masked Rider (1941)
Larry [Prescott]
Law and Order (1940)
Bill Ralston
Riders of Pasco Basin (1940)
Lee Jameson
Bad Man from Red Butte (1940)
Gils Brady/Buck Halliday
Pony Post (1940)
Cal [Sheridan]
Ragtime Cowboy Joe (1940)
Steve [Logan]
West of Carson City (1940)
Jim Bannister
Son of Roaring Dan (1940)
Jim Reardon
Oklahoma Frontier (1939)
Jeff McLeod
Desperate Trails (1939)
Steven Hayden
Chip of the Flying U (1939)
Chip Bennett
Flaming Frontiers (1938)
Trail of Vengeance (1937)
Dude Ramsey [later known as Kenneth Early]
Bar-Z Bad Men (1937)
Jim Waters
Boothill Brigade (1937)
Lon Cardigan
A Lawman Is Born (1937)
Tom Mitchell
The Gambling Terror (1937)
Jeff Hayes
Guns in the Dark (1937)
Johnny Darrel
Born to the West (1937)
Tom Fillmore
Wells Fargo (1937)
Talbot Carter
Everyman's Law (1936)
Dog-Town Kid [also known as Johnny]
Rogue of the Range (1936)
Dan Doran
Under Cover Man (1936)
Steve McLain
Desert Phantom (1936)
Billy Donovan
Lawless Land (1936)
Jeff Hayden
Valley of the Lawless (1936)
Bruce Reynolds [also known as "Tiger"]
The Crooked Trail (1936)
Jim Blake
Courageous Avenger (1935)
Kirk Baxter
Branded a Coward (1935)
Johnny Hume
Between Men (1935)
Johnny Wellington
Three Women (1935)
Cross Streets (1934)
Adam Blythe
3 on a Honeymoon (1934)
Chuck Wells
Belle of the Nineties (1934)
Brooks Claybourne
St. Louis Woman (1934)
Jim Warren
Marrying Widows (1934)
Against the Law (1934)
Steve Wayne
Son of a Sailor (1933)
Malay Nights (1933)
Jim Wilson
Female (1933)
[George C.] Cooper
Saturday's Millions (1933)
Fighting With Kit Carson (1933)
Flames (1932)
The Vanishing Frontier (1932)
Kirby Tornell
70,000 Witnesses (1932)
Walter Clark
The Secret Six (1931)
Hank [Rogers]
The Great Meadow (1931)
Berk Jarvis
The Last Flight (1931)
Bill Talbot
Lasca of the Rio Grande (1931)
Miles Kincaid
Hurricane (1930)
Undertow (1930)
Paul Whalen
Billy the Kid (1930)
Billy the Kid
Montana Moon (1930)
Jazz Heaven (1929)
Barry Holmes
The Single Standard (1929)
Tommy Hewlett
Coquette (1929)
Michael Jeffrey
The Valiant (1929)
Robert Wardrobe
The Play Girl (1928)
Bradley Lane
Our Dancing Daughters (1928)
Ben Blaine
A Woman of Affairs (1928)
Annapolis (1928)
A Lady of Chance (1928)
Steve Crandall
Square Crooks (1928)
Larry Scott
Soft Living (1928)
Stockney Webb
The Divine Woman (1928)
Jean Lery
The Fair Co-ed (1927)
Bob Dixon

Cast (Short)

Starlit Days at the Lido (1935)
Star Night at the Cocoanut Grove (1934)

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Belle of the Nineties - Publicity Stills
Belle of the Nineties - Publicity Stills
Belle of the Nineties - Scene Stills
Belle of the Nineties - Scene Stills
Billy the Kid (1930) - Movie Poster
Here is the American One-Sheet Movie Poster for Billy the Kid (1930). One-sheets measured 27x41 inches, and were the poster style most commonly used in theaters.


Movie Clip

Secret Six, The (1931) -- (Movie Clip) She's A Good Worker Rising gang moll Anne (Jean Harlow) sweet talking reporters Hank (John Mack Brown) and Carl (Clark Gable), on behalf of mobster Louis "Slaughterhouse" Scorpio (Wallace Beery), who's in the process of getting cleared of bumping off a rival, in MGM's The Secret Six, 1931.
Secret Six, The (1931) -- (Movie Clip) You Seem All Broken Up Mob lawyer Newton (Lewis Stone) turns in a stooge, reporters Carl and Hank (Clark Gable, John Mack Brown) arrive, Louis (Wallace Beery) fakes grief, victim's girlfriend (Marjorie Rambeau) throws a fit and shopgirl Anne (Jean Harlow) speaks up, in MGM's gangster mash-up The Secret Six, 1931.
Montana Moon (1930) -- (Movie Clip) Velvet And Cactus Having just spent a maybe-innocent night under the stars with cowboy Larry (John Mack Brown), who works for her land-baron father, sophisticated collegian Joan (Crawford) is surprised to find herself infatuated, with much innuendo, in MGM’s Montana Moon, 1930.
Montana Moon (1930) -- (Movie Clip) Notions Of Decency At a party celebrating their recent wedding, socialite Joan (Crawford) is tipsy and growing annoyed that her working-class cowboy husband Larry (John Mack Brown) is acting provincial, so she tangos with her disreputable one-time suitor Jeff (Ricardo Cortez), in Montana Moon, 1930.
Montana Moon (1930) -- (Movie Clip) I'll Be Hornswoggled Headed west and home on the train her father (Lloyd Ingraham) owns, popular college gal Joan (Crawford) fends off Jeff (Ricardo Cortez) whom her sister Elizabeth (Dorothy Sebastian) has urged her not to steal away, trouble ensuing, early in MGM’s racy Montana Moon, 1930.
Billy The Kid (1930) -- (Movie Clip) Killin' Rats Comes Natural Righteous landowner Tunston (Wyndham Standing) is having it out with scofflaw sheriff Donovan (James A. Marcus) in 1880’s Lincoln County, NM, when star John Mack Brown (title character) make his entrance, Chris-Pin Martin his sidekick, in Billy The Kid, 1930, from MGM and director King Vidor.
Billy The Kid (1930) -- (Movie Clip) Throw Away That Tin Star The arrival of Claire (Kay Johnson), fiancée of benevolent rancher Tunston (Wyndham Standing), gets the attention of gunslinger Grant (Frank Hagney), the title character (John Mack Brown) intervening and Wallace Beery making his first appearance as lawman Pat Garrett, in Billy The Kid, 1930.
Single Standard, The (1929) -- (Movie Clip) Men Have Done As They Pleased The fairly smashing introduction of brunette, flapper-ish Greta Garbo (in her 2nd-to-last silent film) as "Arden," Mahlon Hamilton a wandering husband seeking her confidence, Dorothy Sebastian as Mercedes at the party, and Johnny Mack Brown as admirer Tommy, opening The Single Standard, 1929.
Coquette (1929) -- (Movie Clip) I Never Told Any Other Man Having been left alone to wheedle her hunky but lower-caste and presumed-temporary boyfriend (Johnny Mack Brown) by her very accommodating usual suitor (Matt Moore), Southern belle Mary Pickford, playing the title role to the hilt, still early in her first talking picture, Coquette, 1929.
Woman Of Affairs, A (1928) -- (Movie Clip) I'm His Only Sister Awaiting the arrival of free spirit Diana (Greta Garbo) are her angry, boozy brother Jeffry (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) and his idol, whom he believes has earned her affection, David (Johnny Mack Brown), early in A Woman Of Affairs, 1928, directed by Clarence Brown, also starring John Gilbert.
Woman Of Affairs, A (1928) -- (Movie Clip) I Want To Make You Happy Lovelorn Diana (Greta Garbo) with her rebound husband David (Johnny Mack Brown), caught unawares as he is confronted with evidence of financial misdeeds, taut scene by director Clarence Brown, in A Woman Of Affairs, 1928.
Female (1933) -- (Movie Clip) Naturally Enthusiastic CEO Allison (Ruth Chatterton) is receiving a massage, college friend Harriet (Lois Wilson) and handsome young employee Cooper (Johnny Mack Brown), in Female, 1933, directed by Michael Curitz.