Dorothy Sebastian

Dorothy Sebastian


Birth Place
Birmingham, Alabama, USA
April 26, 1903
April 08, 1957

Family & Companions

William Boyd
Actor, producer. Married 1930, divorced 1936.




Cast (Feature Film)

The Miracle of the Bells (1948)
George White's Scandals (1945)
True to the Army (1942)
Reap the Wild Wind (1942)
Woman in ballroom
Among the Living (1941)
Woman in café
Kansas Cyclone (1941)
Helen King
The Women (1939)
Rough Riders Round-Up (1939)
The Arizona Kid (1939)
Bess Warren
The Mysterious Pilot (1938)
The Life of Vergie Winters (1934)
The Ship of Wanted Men (1933)
Irene Reynolds
They Never Come Back (1932)
Adele Landon
The Lightning Flyer (1931)
Rose Rogers
The Deceiver (1931)
Ina Fontaine
Ships of Hate (1931)
Grace Walsh
The Big Gamble (1931)
Beverly [Ames Beckwith]
Free and Easy (1930)
The Utah Kid (1930)
Brothers (1930)
Ladies Must Play (1930)
Hell's Island (1930)
Officer O'Brien (1930)
Ruth Dale
Montana Moon (1930)
Our Blushing Brides (1930)
Spite Marriage (1929)
Trilby Drew
His First Command (1929)
Judy Gaylord
Morgan's Last Raid (1929)
Judith Rogers
The Rainbow (1929)
The Spirit of Youth (1929)
Betty Grant
The Devil's Apple Tree (1929)
Dorothy Ryan
The Unholy Night (1929)
Lady Efra
The Single Standard (1929)
A Woman of Affairs (1928)
Their Hour (1928)
Wyoming (1928)
Samantha Jerusha Farrell
The Adventurer (1928)
Dolores de Silva
The House of Scandal (1928)
Ann Rourke
Our Dancing Daughters (1928)
Show People (1928)
The Demi-Bride (1927)
Twelve Miles Out (1927)
Tea for Three (1927)
Isle of Forgotten Women (1927)
The Arizona Wildcat (1927)
Regina Schyler
California (1927)
Carlotta del Rey
The Haunted Ship (1927)
Goldie Kane
On ze Boulevard (1927)
Gaby de Sylva
You'd Be Surprised (1926)
Ruth Whitman
Bluebeard's Seven Wives (1926)
Gilda La Bray
Winds of Chance (1925)
Sackcloth and Scarlet (1925)
Polly Freeman

Cast (Short)

The Rounder (1930)

Life Events


Film debut, "Sackcloth and Scarlet"


Movie Clip

Our Blushing Brides (1930) -- (Movie Clip) Good For The Hips Loads of activity in the opening scene, beginning the work day, introducing Jerry (Joan Crawford), Connie (Anita Page) and Franky (Dorothy Sebastian) at the department store, in MGM's Our Blushing Brides, 1930.
Montana Moon (1930) -- (Movie Clip) You Naughty Girl! Headed west and home on the train her father (Lloyd Ingraham) owns, popular college gal Joan (Crawford) fends off Jeff (Ricardo Cortez) whom her sister Elizabeth (Dorothy Sebastian) has urged her not to steal away, trouble ensuing, early in MGM’s racy Montana Moon, 1930.
Montana Moon (1930) -- (Movie Clip) Notions Of Decency At a party celebrating their recent wedding, socialite Joan (Crawford) is tipsy and growing annoyed that her working-class cowboy husband Larry (John Mack Brown) is acting provincial, so she tangos with her disreputable one-time suitor Jeff (Ricardo Cortez), in Montana Moon, 1930.
Single Standard, The (1929) -- (Movie Clip) Men Have Done As They Pleased The fairly smashing introduction of brunette, flapper-ish Greta Garbo (in her 2nd-to-last silent film) as "Arden," Mahlon Hamilton a wandering husband seeking her confidence, Dorothy Sebastian as Mercedes at the party, and Johnny Mack Brown as admirer Tommy, opening The Single Standard, 1929.
Woman Of Affairs, A (1928) -- (Movie Clip) Constant Companions A nameless newsman and editor act on the "affairs" of now-notorious Mrs. Furness (Greta Garbo), who herself rushes to true-love Neville (John Gilbert), hosted by Dr. Trevelyan (Lewis Stone), as his snarky fiancee` (Dorothy Sebastian) is introduced, in A Woman Of Affairs, 1928.
Our Blushing Brides -- (Movie Clip) Laughing Up My Sleeve The kooky and charming roommates at home, Jerry (Joan Crawford) in charge, Connie (Anita Page) looking for a hammer and Franky (Dorothy Sebastian) daydreaming about her date, in MGM's Our Blushing Brides, 1930.
Spite Marriage (1929) -- (Movie Clip) Who Is That Man? Opening scenes, actor Lionel (Edward Earle) introducing co-star and girlfriend Trilby (Dorothy Sebastian), who is then pursued by what today would be called a stalker, Elmer (Buster Keaton), a pants-presser, in MGM's Spite Marriage, 1929.
Spite Marriage (1929) -- (Movie Clip) Get Rid Of That Epidemic! Hastily recruited for a walk-on part in a Civil War play starring his beloved Trilby (Dorothy Sebastian), Elmer (Buster Keaton) lacks stagecraft as a Union soldier, in Spite Marriage, 1929.
Spite Marriage (1929) -- (Movie Clip) Trilby Famous scene in which Elmer (Buster Keaton), whom actress Trilby (Dorothy Sebastian) has married to get even with her ex, attempts to put her to bed after a few too many on their wedding night, in Spite Marriage, 1929.
Free And Easy (1930) -- (Movie Clip) Don't Act! Small-town talent agent Elmer (Buster Keaton) loose on the movie lot, fouling a stunt scene with Karl Dane and Dorothy Sebastian, then a bedroom clash with John Miljan and Gwen Lee, "directed" by Lionel Barrymore, in Free And Easy, 1930.
Arizona Kid, The -- (Movie Clip) Shootout Roy Rogers visits Bess Warren (Dorothy Sebastian) at her saloon but finds his enemy Val McBride (Stuart Hamblen) lurking in this scene from "The Arizona Kid" 1939.


William Boyd
Actor, producer. Married 1930, divorced 1936.