Regina Wallace




Cast (Feature Film)

My Foolish Heart (1950)
Mrs. Crandall
Adventure in Baltimore (1949)
Miss Ingram
Night Has a Thousand Eyes (1948)
Let's Live a Little (1948)
Mrs. Lansworth
B. F.'s Daughter (1948)
Mrs. Sedley
Rachel and the Stranger (1948)
Mrs. Green
I Surrender Dear (1948)
Mrs. Nelson
Triple Threat (1948)
Mrs. Nolan
The Miracle of the Bells (1948)
Welcome Stranger (1947)
Elderly woman
The Shocking Miss Pilgrim (1947)
The Fabulous Texan (1947)
Two Blondes and a Redhead (1947)
Mrs. Abbott
Swing the Western Way (1947)
Cornelia Kathridge
High Conquest (1947)
Miss Spencer
The Sea of Grass (1947)
Night and Day (1946)
Tina's mother
The Dark Corner (1946)
Mrs. Bryson
The Bamboo Blonde (1946)
Mrs. Patrick Ransom
Because of Him (1946)
Head nurse
Personality Kid (1946)
Mrs. Patridge
Avalanche (1946)
Mrs. Carlton Morris [Eva]
Cloak and Dagger (1946)
Pillow to Post (1945)
Mrs. Mallory
Blonde from Brooklyn (1945)
Mrs. Frazier
Life with Blondie (1945)
Mrs. Adams
Mr. Skeffington (1944)
Mrs. Conderly
Dancing in Manhattan (1944)
Standing Room Only (1944)
General's wife
The Impatient Years (1944)
Behind Prison Walls (1943)
Mrs. Cantwell
The Crystal Ball (1943)
Mrs. Smythe
Sherlock Holmes in Washington (1943)
Mrs. Bryce Partridge
All Through the Night (1942)
This Time for Keeps (1942)
Mrs. Lornow
The Male Animal (1942)
Mrs. Myrtle Keller
The Adventures of Martin Eden (1942)
Mrs. Morley
Scattergood Rides High (1942)
Mrs. [Minerva] Van Pelt

Cast (Short)

Du Barry Did All Right (1937)
Sympathy (1929)

Life Events