Josef Swickard

Josef Swickard




Cast (Feature Film)

$1,000 a Touchdown (1939)
Hamilton McGlen, Sr.
The Pal from Texas (1939)
Texas Malden
You Can't Take It with You (1938)
Say It in French (1938)
Old man
The Girl Said No (1937)
Sandflow (1937)
Mr. Porter
The Sheik Steps Out (1937)
Mohammedan priest
The Lash of the Penitentes (1937)
Reverend Taylor
Custer's Last Stand (1936)
Major [Henry] Trent
Caryl of the Mountains (1936)
Jean Foray
The Boss Rider of Gun Creek (1936)
Lafe Turner
Millionaire Kid (1936)
The tutor
The Black Coin (1936)
The Lost City (1935)
The Night Is Young (1935)
Love Me Forever (1935)
The Irish Gringo (1935)
A Notorious Gentleman (1935)
The Crusades (1935)
A Dog of Flanders (1935)
Monsieur de LaTour
The Return of Chandu (1934)
Tyba, the White Magician
Chandu on the Magic Isle (1934)
Tyba, the White Magician
Cross Streets (1934)
Dean Todd
The Lone Defender (1934)
Juan Valdez
All Men Are Enemies (1934)
Katha's father
The Man Who Reclaimed His Head (1934)
Beloved (1934)
Revolutionist leader
The Narrow Corner (1933)
Dutch constable
Mamba (1930)
Count von Linden
Dark Skies (1930)
Señor Moreno
Song of the Caballero (1930)
Phantom of the Desert (1930)
Colonel Van Horn
The Eternal Woman (1929)
The Phantom of the North (1929)
Colonel Rayburn
Frozen River (1929)
Devil's Chaplain (1929)
The King
The Veiled Woman (1929)
Colonel De Selincourt
Times Square (1929)
Professor Carrillo
Sharp Shooters (1928)
Turn Back the Hours (1928)
Colonel Torreon
Comrades (1928)
John Burton
The Eagle of the Night (1928)
One Increasing Purpose (1927)
Old Gand
Compassion (1927)
Judge Henning
Get Your Man (1927)
Duc de Bellecontre
Old San Francisco (1927)
Don Hernández Vásquez
Time To Love (1927)
Elvire's father
Señorita (1927)
Don Francisco Hernández
Don Juan (1927)
Duke Della Varnese
The Golden Stallion (1927)
John Forsythe
False Morals (1927)
The King of Kings (1927)
The High Flyer (1926)
Desert Gold (1926)
Sebastián Castanada
The Night Patrol (1926)
John Pendleton
Kentucky Handicap (1926)
Three Pals (1926)
Colonel Girard
Devil's Dice (1926)
Judge Casper Paine
The Border Whirlwind (1926)
Señor José Córdova
Whispering Canyon (1926)
Eben Beauregard
Señor Daredevil (1926)
Juan Estrada
Officer Jim (1926)
Stop, Look, and Listen (1926)
Old actor
The Unknown Cavalier (1926)
Playing With Souls (1925)
Monsieur Jomier
She Wolves (1925)
De Goncourt
The Wizard of Oz (1925)
The Prime Minister
The Sign of the Cactus (1925)
Old Man Hayes
The Keeper of the Bees (1925)
Michael Worthington, The Bee Master
Fifth Avenue Models (1925)
Joseph Ludant
The Northern Code (1925)
"Père" Le Blanc
Easy Money (1925)
The Verdict (1925)
Pierre Ronsard
The Mysterious Stranger (1925)
Raoul Lesage
Off the Highway (1925)
A Boy of Flanders (1924)
Jan Van Dullan
Poisoned Paradise: The Forbidden Story of Monte Carlo (1924)
Professor Durand
Untamed Youth (1924)
Dante's Inferno (1924)
Eugene Craig
Pal o' Mine (1924)
Untamed Youth (1924)
Defying the Law (1924)
Michelo Brescia
North of Nevada (1924)
Mark Ridgeway
Men (1924)
Cleo's father
The Shadow of the East (1924)
John Locke
Poisoned Paradise (1924)
The Eternal Struggle (1923)
Pierre Grange
Maytime (1923)
Colonel Van Zandt
Daughters of the Rich (1923)
Maud's father
Mothers-in-Law (1923)
Newton Wingate
Bavu (1923)
Prince Markoff
The Cricket on the Hearth (1923)
Caleb Plummer
My American Wife (1923)
Don Fernando De Contas
Forgive and Forget (1923)
John Standing
Mr. Billings Spends His Dime (1923)
Estaban Juárez
The Age of Desire (1923)
A Prince of a King (1923)
The Young Rajah (1922)
Across the Dead-Line (1922)
Another Man's Shoes (1922)
The Storm (1922)
Jacques Fachard
Pawned (1922)
Paul Veniza
The Golden Gift (1922)
Adventures of Robinson Crusoe (1922)
Cheated Hearts (1921)
Col. Fairfax Gordon
Sowing the Wind (1921)
Serenade (1921)
Domingo Maticas
Who Am I? (1921)
Jacques Marbot
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1921)
Marcelo Desnoyers
No Woman Knows (1921)
The Great Schabelitz
Opened Shutters (1921)
Sam Lacey
Beach of Dreams (1921)
Monsieur de Brie
Moon Madness (1920)
The Third Generation (1920)
Col. Alden Van Dusen
Trumpet Island (1920)
Jacques de Merincourt
Blind Youth (1920)
Pierre Monnier
The Beggar Prince (1920)
A Girl in Bohemia (1919)
Professor Bryce
The Lady of Red Butte (1919)
Delicate Hanson
Pretty Smooth (1919)
The Last of His People (1919)
Baron Bonart
Snares of Paris (1919)
De Brionne
A Woman of Pleasure (1919)
Rev. Mr. Goddard
Keys of the Righteous (1918)
Paul Manning
Treasure of the Sea (1918)
Thomas Elkins
The Light of Western Stars (1918)
Padre Marcos
When a Woman Sins (1918)
Mortimer West
The White Man's Law (1918)
Suliman Ghengis
American Methods (1917)
Baron de Prefont
A Tale of Two Cities (1917)
Dr. Alexandre Manette
Because of a Woman (1917)
Colonel Gwynne
The Soul of Satan (1917)
"Chicago" Stone
The Book Agent (1917)
Dr. Newdope
To Honor and Obey (1917)
James Hollis
His Mother's Boy (1917)
Tom Glenny
Mabel and Fatty's Married Life (1915)
Fatty and Mabel's Simple Life (1915)

Cast (Short)

Lover's Lost Control (1915)
Dirty Work in a Laundry (1915)
The Noise of Bombs (1914)
Shot in the Excitement (1914)

Life Events


Movie Clip

Wizard Of Oz, The (1925) -- (Movie Clip) Open, Townsfolk Of Oz Opening and scarcely resembling the 1939 approach or the novel, director and star Larry Semon comments, then appears un-credited as the toymaker, introducing the story device with grand-daughter Jean Johnston, and in Oz, Josef Swickard, Virginia Pearson and Otto Lederer, all unfamiliar characters, in The Wizard Of Oz, 1925.
Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse, The (1921) -- (Movie Clip) Will Of Don Julio Brooding now, after his opening tango scene, Rudolph Valentino is Argentine Julio, left out of his grandfather's will, Alan Hale his German uncle, Josef Swickard his French father, Bridgetta Clark his mom, Virginia Warwick his sister, in Rex Ingram's Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse, 1921.
Don Juan (1926) -- (Movie Clip) It's Death To Defy The Borgia Spanish Adriana (Mary Astor) and father (Josef Swickard) are introduced, intimidated, at the court of the Borgia, (Estelle Taylor, Warner Oland, Montagu Love as Donati) plotting while the title character (John Barrymore) arrives, distracted by a maid (Helene Costello), observed by Maria (Myrna Loy), in Don Juan, 1926.
Don Juan (1926) -- (Movie Clip) We Have No Clever Enemies New acquaintance John Barrymore (title character) insinuating himself with Roman power player Lucrezia Borgia (Estelle Taylor), having intercepted a chalice she poisoned for his fellow Spaniard, the father of Adriana (Mary Astor), herself falling under his spell, in Don Juan, 1926.
Old San Francisco -- (Movie Clip) Dolores The star (Dolores Costello as "Dolores Vasquez) is introduced along with other key characters as the story leaps forward to 1906 in Warner Bros. Vitaphone Sound disaster movie Old San Francisco, 1927.