Charles Wellesley




Cast (Feature Film)

Skinner's Big Idea (1928)
The Stolen Bride (1927)
The Regiment Pater
Sinews of Steel (1927)
Douglas Graham
College Days (1926)
The Unholy Three (1925)
John Arlington
The Lost World (1925)
Major Hibbard
The Half-Way Girl (1925)
The Wolf Man (1924)
Sam Gordon
Cytherea (1924)
William Grove
The Perfect Flapper (1924)
Joshua Pember
Traffic in Hearts (1924)
John Hamilton
The Wolf Man (1924)
Legally Dead (1923)
The governor
Don't Marry for Money (1923)
Alec Connor
Enemies of Children (1923)
Alias the Night Wind (1923)
Police commissioner
Does It Pay? (1923)
Senator Delafield
The Acquittal (1923)
Andrew Prentice
Outcast (1922)
John Moreland
The Silver Lining (1921)
Burton Hardy
Nobody (1921)
Clyde Durand
Stardust (1921)
Bruce Visigoth
His Greatest Sacrifice (1921)
John Reed
It Isn't Being Done This Season (1921)
George Hunt
The Song of Songs (1918)
Mr. Atwell
By Right of Purchase (1918)
Donald Nugent
The Heart of a Girl (1918)
Francis Oakland
The Richest Girl (1918)
Mr. Downey
The Purple Lily (1918)
Sir Philip Bradley
Madame Jealousy (1918)
Richard the Brazen (1917)
Lord Croyland
Wrath (1917)
John Burnham
Her Better Self (1917)
Mr. Tyler
The Poor Little Rich Girl (1917)
Her Father
Green Stockings (1916)
Colonel Rockingham
The Enemy (1916)
B. B. Bennings
The Hunted Woman (1916)
Fitzhugh, Sr.
The Daring of Diana (1916)
Jason Briscoe
The Hero of Submarine D-2 (1916)
Captain McMasters
Just a Song at Twilight (1916)
Stephen Winter
The Island of Surprise (1916)
Edwin Arden
The Writing on the Wall (1916)
Hearts and the Highway (1915)
General Ramesey
The Man Behind the Door (1915)
Charles B. Livingston
The Tangle (1914)
Major Prescott
My Official Wife (1914)
Constantine Weletsky

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