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Subject Was Roses, The (1968) -- (Movie Clip) Open, Who Knows Where The Time Goes? Judy Collins’ vocal on Sandy Denny’s then-unreleased composition, first heard as the B-side of Collins’ hit 1968 recording of Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now,” later recorded by Denny and Fairport Convention, nearly overshadows director Ulu Grosbard’s opening, with Patricia Neal, briefly Martin Sheen, and Jack Albertson, in his Academy Award-winning performance, from The Subject Was Roses. 1968.
Subject Was Roses, The (1968) -- (Movie Clip) This Is Where I Came In Jack Albertson as Bronxite John was just trying on the uniform coat brought home by his still-snoozing son, just returned from WWII, when he notices his wife Nettie (Patricia Neal) coming back from morning shopping, character sketching in their first scene together, adapted by Frank Gilroy from his Pulitzer Prize-winning play, in The Subject Was Roses. 1968.
Subject Was Roses, The (1968) -- (Movie Clip) Crazy About Waffles Dad (Jack Albertson) just departing the family Bronx apartment on business as his son (Martin Sheen as Timmy), the morning after his welcome-home from WWII party, converses with his mom (Patricia Neal as Nettie), raising her ire when he deploys one of the old man’s verbal devices, early in The Subject Was Roses. 1968, from the Frank D. Gilroy play.
He Knows You're Alone (1980) -- (Movie Clip) I Can't Take This Anymore Slasher movie basics in the prologue, the credited actors are Debbie Novak and Russell Todd, Robin Tighman and Robin Lamont appearing later as the gimmick is revealed, in the first feature by the prolific movie and TV director and producer Armand Mastroianni, from He Knows You’re Alone, 1980.
He Knows You're Alone (1980) -- (Movie Clip) I Hate Jogging Stalked bride Amy (Caitlin O’Hearney), out for a run with unattached buddy Nancy (Elizabeth Kemp), inducing the moment for which the movie is best known, the appearance of Tom Hanks, in his first feature film, as Elliott, shot on location at High Rock Park, Staten Island, in He Knows You’re Alone, 1980.
He Knows You're Alone (1980) -- (Movie Clip) It's Like Blood Director Armand Mastroianni and crew on location on Staten Island, bride-to-be Amy (Caitlin O’Hearney) has just parted from girlfriends and we see she actually is being stalked (by Tom Rolfing), but her ex-boyfriend Marvin (Don Scardino) remains in the picture too, in He Knows You’re Alone, 1980.
He Knows You're Alone (1980) -- (Movie Clip) A Bride Was Killed Grumbling cop Frank Daley (Paul Gleason) drops news on equally frustrated colleague Len Gamble (Lewis Arlt) who, it turns out, is eager to act on this new lead on the bride killer, his reasons explained for the first time to a third officer, in He Knows You’re Alone, 1980.
Godspell -- (Movie Clip) Save The People Starting in the fountain with David Haskell ("The Baptist"), Victor Garber (as "Victor" and "Jesus") leads the cast in an upbeat hippie number in the film version of the Stephen Schwartz/John-Michael Tebelak musical Godspell, 1973.


Angela Lansbury
Bruce Lansbury
Katherine Rose Lansbury
Horticulturist. Married marketing director Jonathan F I Greenwald on October 30, 1999.
David Lansbury
Actor. Born on February 25, 1961; married to Ally Sheedy.


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