His Nibs



At the Slippery Elm Picture Palace, an old-fashioned movie house, various humorous rural types are seen--the girl at the piano, the local editor, the tenor singer, et al. "His Nibs," the owner and operator, is at his projection machine and informs the audience that he has cut the titles from the film to be shown but will explain the action as it unfolds in the story "He Fooled 'Em All." The Boy leaves a small town to get rich in the city, but he is swindled out of his money, his clothes are stolen, and he is forced to become a dishwasher to pay his rent. The city chap persuades The Girl and The Girl's Father to visit the city, hoping to swindle them, but they stay at the hotel where The Boy is working, and he tracks the swindlers and obstructs the plot. Having eliminated the customary happy ending, "His Nibs" tells the audience that The Boy and The Girl get married just the same.

Film Details

Release Date
Oct 1921
Premiere Information
not available
Production Company
Exceptional Pictures
Distribution Company
"His Nibs" Syndicate
United States




In October 1921, during the film's first-run engagements, all United States rights were purchased from Exceptional Pictures by "His Nibs" Syndicate.