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Kiss Before Dying, A (1956) - You've Concealed It Wonderfully Gobbling up more Tucson scenery, Virginia Leith as Ellen, wealthy sister of Dorothy (Joanne Woodward), whose murder has been officially ruled a suicide, receives a memento, then a phone call (from Bud, Robert Wagner, who committed the murder, and who is apparently now dating her!), then clashes with her cruel father (George MacReady), in A Kiss Before Dying, 1956.
Kiss Before Dying, A (1956) - Your Diabolic Spell Shooting on location near the Guadalupe Peak Trail outside Tucson, Virginia Leith as heiress Ellen is now totally ensnared by Robert Wagner as Bud, who now has not only sold his murder of her sister as a suicide, but also now killed the guy he set up for having driven her to it, in the byzantine A Kiss Before Dying, 1956, from an Ira Levin novel.
Kiss Before Dying, A (1956) - He Knew I Was Lying Following the credits and almost all in one take (by career A-D Gerd Oswald in his first outing as a director) college man Bud (Robert Wagner) has a slippery attitude already in place as well-to-do townie girlfriend Dorothy (Joanne Woodward) tells him she's pregnant, in A Kiss Before Dying, 1956.
Kiss Before Dying, A (1956) - Always The Girls' Fault Shiftless B-M-O-C Bud (Robert Wagner) meets pregnant girlfriend, whom he calls "Doree" (Joanne Woodward), who wants to set a wedding date, still playing it cagey, and maybe taking a stab at accidentally killing her (?), early in A Kiss Before Dying, 1956, from the Ira Levin novel.
Man On A Tightrope (1953) - There'll Be Plenty Of Charges Notable in that director Elia Kazan had recently surrendered names of Communist Party members to congress, and actor Adolphe Menjou was one of Hollywood’s leading anti-Communists, here playing a Czechoslovak propaganda officer, collared by a superior (Philip Kenneally) for going soft on a wayward circus troupe, in Man On A Tightrope, 1953.
Man On A Tightrope (1953) - Czechoslovakia, 1952 Opening with noise and some scale, shooting on location in Bavaria, Germany, director Elia Kazan introduces leading man Fredric March as circus boss Cernik, Gloria Grahame his wife, Paul Hartman his aide, Terry Moore his daughter, Cameron Mitchell her friend, in the feature Kazan made after Viva Zapata! but before On The Waterfront, Man On A Tightrope, 1953.
Man On A Tightrope (1953) - Show Your Teeth! Ever-interesting work by director Elia Kazan, Gloria Grahame as the maybe-straying circus manager’s wife Zama, determined to flirt with the worried lion tamer (Alex D’Arcy), then another relationship emphasizing idyllic Bavarian locations, with the manager’s daughter Terry Moore and boyfriend Cameron Mitchell, in Man On A Tightrope, 1953.
Man On A Tightrope (1953) - This Is Considered Amusing? Summoned by officials of the communist Czechoslovak government, circus manager Cernik (Fredric March) explains to interrogator John Dehner about his staff, and his difficulty in presenting politically skewed skits, with propagandist Adolphe Menjou listening, in Elia Kazan’s Man On A Tightrope, 1953.
Desert Rats, The (1953) - The Pick Of Hitler's Troops Michael Rennie reads for the bang-up opening of Robert Wise's The Desert Rats, 1953, 20th Century Fox's follow up to The Desert Fox, 1951, which some found overly sympathetic to the German cause.
Desert Rats, The (1953) - That Fantastic Idiot! Big action sequence, as MacRoberts (Richard Burton) and Smith (Chips Rafferty) curse Carstairs (Charles Tingwell) for rescuing Currie (Michael Pate), leading to heroism and trouble in North Africa, 1941, in Robert Wise's The Desert Rats, 1953.
Desert Rats, The (1953) - Tight As A Tick Veteran British infantry captain MacRoberts (Richard Burton, his first scene) is awakened and placed in command of a disheveled Australian unit, meeting an old friend (Robert Newton), North Africa, 1941, in The Desert Rats, 1953.
Desert Rats, The (1953) - Grave Mistake, Sir One of two scenes for James Mason as Field Marshal Rommel (Reprising his role from The Desert Fox, 1951), happening upon captured British infantry officer MacRoberts (Richard Burton) in the medical tent, in Robert Wise's The Desert Rats, 1953.