Mathilde Brundage




Cast (Feature Film)

That's My Daddy (1928)
Mrs. Van Tassel
Love Me and the World Is Mine (1928)
Mrs. Van Denbosch
The Denver Dude (1927)
Mrs. Phipps
Silver Comes Through (1927)
Mrs. Bryce-Collins
Tongues of Scandal (1927)
Mrs. Rhodes, their mother
Dangerous Friends (1926)
Mrs. Barker
Coming an' Going (1926)
Mrs. Brown
Cupid's Knockout (1926)
Mrs. Hibbard
Seven Sinners (1925)
Mamie McDowell
Anything Once (1925)
Mrs. Nixon
Westbound (1924)
Aunt Abigail
Refuge (1923)
Madame De Rannier
The Midnight Guest (1923)
Aunt Sally
Strangers of the Night (1923)
Mrs. Whatacombe
Blinky (1923)
Mrs. Islip
Fashion Row (1923)
Mrs. Van Corland
A Front Page Story (1922)
Mrs. Gorham
Shirley of the Circus (1922)
Mrs. Van Der Pyle
Conquering the Woman (1922)
Aunt Sophia
A Self-Made Man (1922)
Aunt Lydia
My Boy (1922)
Mrs. Blair
Don't Doubt Your Wife (1922)
Mrs. Evanston
Hail the Woman (1921)
Mrs. Stuart
The Unknown Wife (1921)
Mrs. Stanwood Kent
The Rage of Paris (1921)
Madame Courtigny
The Good-Bad Wife (1921)
Mrs. Carter
No Defense (1921)
Mrs. Austin
Lovetime (1921)
Marchioness de Sivry
The Lady From Longacre (1921)
Lady Jocelyn
Too Much Married (1921)
Mrs. De Courcey
The Silent Barrier (1920)
Lady Lavasour
The Man Who Lost Himself (1920)
Rochester's mother
The Good-Bad Wife (1920)
Mrs. Carter
Thoughtless Women (1920)
The Mother
Cynthia-of-the-Minute (1920)
Madame Savarin
Dangerous Business (1920)
Mrs. Flavell
Three Green Eyes (1919)
Mrs. Vale
A Woman of Impulse (1918)
Mrs. Stuart
Neighbors (1918)
Mrs. William Harding
The Silent Woman (1918)
Mrs. Elton
Wives of Men (1918)
Mrs. James Randolph Emerson, Sr.
Suspicion (1918)
Mrs. Pennington
The Light Within (1918)
The Life Mask (1918)
Mrs. Helen Courtland
Tempered Steel (1918)
Mrs. Sheldon
The Liar (1918)
Mrs. Elliott
Enlighten Thy Daughter (1917)
Mrs. Winthrop
The Slacker (1917)
Mrs. McAllister
Bridges Burned (1917)
Wife Number Two (1917)
His mother
The Waiting Soul (1917)
Mrs. Brinsley
Thou Shalt Not Steal (1917)
Mrs. Bruce
The Soul of a Magdalen (1917)
Mrs. Vail
Half a Rogue (1916)
Mrs. Bennington
The City of Illusion (1916)
Ethel, his mother
Her Debt of Honor (1916)
Mr. Varcoe
A Royal Family (1915)

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