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Ex-Lady (1933) -- (Movie Clip) That's What He Said Now at a chic Manhattan show hosted by painter Nick (Monroe Owsley), Bette Davis, as in-demand magazine illustrator Helen, parries his advances, with provocative chat about his nudes, until they’re joined by her less-prominent but loyal beau Don (Gene Raymond), who reaffirms their plan to not marry, in the edgy pre-Code Warner Bros.’ sex comedy Ex-Lady, 1933.
Employees' Entrance (1933) -- (Movie Clip) All I Want Is You Good clean fun in Warner Bros.’ (First National's) otherwise plenty provocative pre-Code Employees’ Entrance, 1933, as department store middle-manager Wallace Ford, in his first scene, can’t help noticing the knockout new model (Loretta Young), with clever popular song references.
Employees' Entrance (1933) -- (Movie Clip) I Didn't Know You With All Your Clothes On Tough-guy department store exec Anderson (Warren William) has summoned dress-model Polly (Alice White), who touch on their shared history as he dispatches her to entrap his unwitting older rival Ross (Albert Gran), in Employees’ Entrance, 1933.
Employees' Entrance (1933) -- (Movie Clip) Smash Or Be Smashed After a prologue establishing a roughly 50-year history of department store profits, and mentions of a cut-throat executive named Anderson, we meet Warren William, intimidating his chairman (Hale Hamilton), Ross (Albert Gran) et al, in Warner Bros.’ Employees’ Entrance, 1933.
Employees' Entrance (1933) -- (Movie Clip) How Would You Like A Wax Banana? Threatening to fire most everybody (excepting Ruth Donnelly, his assistant), hard-headed department store executive Anderson (Warren William) has a random meet-cute with wannabe employee Madeline (Loretta Young), even if it plays like they might be lovers already, in the steamy pre-Code Employees’ Entrance, 1933.
Ex-Lady (1933) -- (Movie Clip) I'm Not That Kind Of A Girl Opening with blonde Bette Davis in her first top-billed role, as chic New York illustrator Helen, Frank McHugh asleep, Clare Dodd his wife, Monroe Owsley as amorous Nick, and Gene Raymond the boyfriend Don who bounces back after the party, in the Darryl Zanuck production, from an original David Boehm screenplay, Robert Florey directing, Warner Bros.’ Ex-Lady, 1933.
Ex-Lady (1933) -- (Movie Clip) Dash Dash Asterisk Just after intrusion from her upright immigrant parents, who busted her over his habit of staying overnight, New York single career gal Helen (Bette Davis) and boyfriend Don (Gene Raymond) joust happily over the idea of marriage, with unusual score under the dialogue, in Warner Bros.’ Ex-Lady, 1933.