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To Trap A Spy (1964) -- (Movie Clip) You Might Have Taken That Man Alive Joining a complex caper in which nameless espionage goons have penetrated a disguised Manhattan entrance to some modern agency, we see them nearly get past William Marshall (later known as “Blacula”) at the elevators, before they encounter Ilya (David McCallum), Napoleon Solo (Robert Vaughn) and their boss Allison (Will Kuluva), early in the sort-of TV pilot, then the delayed first feature film in the The Man From U.N.C.L.E. franchise, To Trap A Spy, 1966.
Naked Spur, The -- (Movie Clip) Share And Share Alike The whole cast appearing, Kemp (James Stewart) has his motives found out by prospector Jesse (Millard Mitchell) and deserter Roy (Ralph Meeker), now that Ben (Robert Ryan) and Lina (Janet Leigh) are in custody, in Anthony Mann's The Naked Spur, 1953.
Naked Spur, The -- (Movie Clip) -- Right There Behind You Wayward soldier Roy (Ralph Meeker) gives a hand as bounty hunter Kemp (James Stewart) and pal Tate (Millard Mitchell) close in on holed-up outlaw Ben (Robert Ryan), high tension in Anthony Mann's The Naked Spur, 1953.
McConnell Story, The (1955) -- (Movie Clip) A Soldier Flying A Plane Air Force Gen. Otto Weyland in his prologue makes no reference to his own credentials, letting Alan Ladd introduce himself, aided by a mechanic (Frank Ferguson) and flight instructor (Dabbs Greer), in The McConnell Story, 1955, as Korean War flying ace Joseph C. McConnell, who died in 1954.
McConnell Story, The (1955) -- (Movie Clip) He'll Be Right Out Massachusetts, 1941, medical corps private McConnell (Alan Ladd), pursued by MP's for taking unauthorized flying lessons, has been rescued by Bob (Robert Ellis), whose mom (Sarah Selby) is clueless but whose sister (June Allyson) gets wise, early in the bio-pic The McConnell Story, 1955.
McConnell Story, The (1955) -- (Movie Clip) With My Officer's Pay Texas, 1942, Army med student "Mac" (Alan Ladd), who dreams of flying, is inattentive in class (taught by Edward Platt), then returns home with big news for wife "Butch" (June Allyson), who has news of her own, in The McConnell Story, 1955, based on the life of Korean War flying ace Joseph C. McConnell.
Naked Spur, The -- (Movie Clip) You're Losin' Time Bounty hunter Kemp (James Stewart) and sidekick Tate (Millard Mitchell) warn of Indians as they get prisoners Ben and Lina (Robert Ryan, Janet Leigh) ready to travel, fugitive soldier Roy (Ralph Meeker) objecting, in Anthony Mann's The Naked Spur, 1953.
Naked Spur, The -- (Movie Clip) You Might Get Bee Stung Edgy from the start, bounty hunter Kemp (James Stewart) sneaks up on cranky old prospector Tate (Millard Mitchell), the opening of Anthony Mann's celebrated Western The Naked Spur, 1953.