Gareth Hughes


Birth Place
Llanelly, Wales
August 23, 1894
October 01, 1965




Cast (Feature Film)

Scareheads (1931)
Broken Hearted (1929)
Silent Sentinel (1929)
Bob Benton
Mister Antonio (1929)
The Sky Rider (1928)
Old Age Handicap (1928)
Comrades (1928)
Bob Dixon
Top Sergeant Mulligan (1928)
Lieut. Fritz von Lang
The Whirlwind of Youth (1927)
In the First Degree (1927)
Jerry Pendleton
Heroes in Blue (1927)
Better Days (1927)
The Auctioneer (1927)
Richard Eagan
Broadway After Midnight (1927)
Billy Morgan
Eyes of the Totem (1927)
Bruce Huston
Men of the Night (1926)
Dick Foster
The Midnight Girl (1925)
Don Harmon
Shadows of Paris (1924)
Émile Boule
The Sunset Trail (1924)
Collie King
Penrod and Sam (1923)
Robert Williams, Margaret's sweetheart
The Spanish Dancer (1923)
Lazarillo, a prisoner
The Christian (1923)
Brother Paul
Kick In (1923)
The Enemies of Women (1923)
I Can Explain (1922)
Jimmy Berry
Don't Write Letters (1922)
Robert W. Jenks
Little Eva Ascends (1922)
Roy St. George [Little Eva]
Forget-Me-Not (1922)
Jimmy, The Boy
Sentimental Tommy (1921)
Tommy Sandys, an author
Life's Darn Funny (1921)
Clay Warwick
Garments of Truth (1921)
Lester Crope
The Hunch (1921)
J. Preston [Jimmy] Humphrey
The Lure of Youth (1921)
Roger Dent
Indiscretion (1921)
Stephen Rhodes
The Woman in His House (1920)
The Chorus Girl's Romance (1920)
Horace Tarbox
The Eternal Mother (1920)
The Isle of Conquest (1919)
Jack Frazier
Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch (1919)
Billy Wiggs
The Red Viper (1919)
David Belkov
Eyes of Youth (1919)
Her brother
The Woman Under Oath (1919)
Jim O'Neil
Woman, Woman! (1919)
Gwenne Stevens
Every Mother's Son (1918)
Third son
And the Children Pay (1918)
Billy Clark

Music (Feature Film)

In America (2003)

Life Events