Doris Kenyon

Doris Kenyon


Birth Place
Syracuse, New York, USA
September 05, 1897
September 01, 1979

Family & Companions

Milton Sills
Actor. First husband, married 1926.




Cast (Feature Film)

The Man in the Iron Mask (1939)
Queen Anne
Girls' School (1938)
Mrs. [Eleanor] Simpson
Along Came Love (1936)
Mrs. Gould
Whom the Gods Destroy (1934)
Margaret Forrester
The Human Side (1934)
Vera Sheldon
Counsellor at Law (1933)
Cora Simon
No Marriage Ties (1933)
Adrienne Deane
Voltaire (1933)
Mme Pompadour
Young America (1932)
Edith Doray
The Man Called Back (1932)
Diana St. Claire
The Bargain (1931)
Nancy White
The Road to Singapore (1931)
Philippa March
Alexander Hamilton (1931)
Betsy Hamilton
The Ruling Voice (1931)
Mary Stanton
Beau Bandit (1930)
Helen Wardell
Interference (1929)
Faith Marlay
The Hawk's Nest (1928)
Madelon Arden
Burning Daylight (1928)
"The Virgin"
The Home Towners (1928)
Beth Calhoun
The Valley of the Giants (1927)
Shirley Pennington
Mismates (1926)
Judy Winslow
Men of Steel (1926)
Mary Berwick
Ladies at Play (1926)
Ann Harper
The Blonde Saint (1926)
Ghirlaine Bellamy
A Thief in Paradise (1925)
Helen Saville
I Want My Man (1925)
The Half-Way Girl (1925)
Poppy La Rue
If I Marry Again (1925)
Jocelyn Margot
The Unguarded Hour (1925)
Virginia Gilbert
Born Rich (1924)
Frances Melrose
Monsieur Beaucaire (1924)
Lady Mary
The Love Bandit (1924)
Amy Van Clayton
The New School Teacher (1924)
Diana Pope?
Lend Me Your Husband (1924)
Aline Stockton
Restless Wives (1924)
Polly Benson
Idle Tongues (1924)
Katherine Minot
The Last Moment (1923)
Alice Winthrop
Bright Lights of Broadway (1923)
Irene Marley
You Are Guilty (1923)
Alice Farrell
The Ruling Passion (1922)
Angie Alden
Sure Fire Flint (1922)
June De Lanni
Shadows of the Sea (1922)
Dorothy Jordan
Get-Rich-Quick Wallingford (1921)
Fannie Jasper
The Conquest of Canaan (1921)
Ariel Taber
The Harvest Moon (1920)
Dora Fullerton
The Bandbox (1919)
Eleanor Searle
Twilight (1919)
The Street of Seven Stars (1918)
Harmony Wells
The Inn of the Blue Moon (1918)
Justine Druce/Dorothy Druce
Wild Honey (1918)
"Wild Honey"/Mrs. Holbrook
The Great White Trail (1917)
Prudence Carrington Ware, also known as Prudence Martling
The Man Who Forgot (1917)
Edith Mallon
The Empress (1917)
A Girl's Folly (1917)
Mary Baker
The Hidden Hand (1917)
The Traveling Salesman (1916)
Beth Elliot
The Man Who Stood Still (1916)
Marie Krauss
The Pawn of Fate (1916)
Marcine Dufrene
The Feast of Life (1916)
The Rack (1916)
Effie McKenzie

Writer (Feature Film)

Bright Lights of Broadway (1923)

Cast (Short)

The Ocean Waif (1916)
Millie Jessop

Life Events


Movie Clip

Ocean Waif, The (1916) -- (Movie Clip) We're Going Ashore Formal framing, without mention of the director, Alice Guy-Blachè, in a feature she made for William Randolph Hearst’s studio, then we meet novelist Roberts (Carlyle Blackwell), the title character (Doris Kenyon) and her abusive foster-father (William Morris) in The Ocean Waif, 1916.
Road To Singapore, The (1931) -- (Movie Clip) Drunken Savages Dr. March (Louis Calhern), finding his betrothed has not been fetched from the boat, with his sister (Marian Marsh) goes seeking Philippa (Doris Kenyon), who has been taken in by ladies' man Dawltry (William Powell), at a fictional colonial outpost, in Road To Singapore, 1931.
Road To Singapore, The (1931) -- (Movie Clip) Lonely Game Much talked about in opening scenes, William Powell (as notorious colonial womanizer "Hugh Dawltrey") is introduced, at sea with respectable and engaged socialite Philippa (Doris Kenyon), in Road To Singapore, 1931, from a Denise Robins novel.
Man in the Iron Mask, The (1939) -- (Movie Clip) Royal Blood Colbert (Walter Kingsford) trumps King Louis (Louis Hayward) as he plans to hang Phillipe (also Hayward), producing a convincing witness, Queen Anne (Doris Kenyon) in James Whale's The Man in the Iron Mask, 1939.
Ocean Waif, The (1916) -- (Movie Clip) Hunger Forces Millie To Action Fleeing domestic abuse, the title character Millie (Doris Kenyon) is hiding out in the supposedly haunted old house claimed by novelist Roberts (Carlyle Blackwell) and his man Hawkins (Edgar Norton), in director Alice Guy-Blachè’s The Ocean Waif, 1916.
Counsellor At Law (1933) -- (Movie Clip) Temporary Embarrassment Lawyer Simon (John Barrymore) in the morning rush of his Manhattan office receives Darwin (Melvyn Douglas) whom he doesn’t know well, but who proceeds to ask for a loan, then flirt with Mrs. Simon (Doris Kenyon) in the lobby, in William Wyler’s Counsellor At Law, 1933.


Milton Sills
Actor. First husband, married 1926.