Percy Challenger




Cast (Feature Film)

The Sky Hawk (1930)
The Wheel of Destiny (1927)
Cyclone Bob (1926)
Malcomb Mallory
High Speed (1924)
Rev. Percy Humphries
The Sword of Valor (1924)
Single Handed (1923)
Professor Weighoff
Tracked to Earth (1922)
Zed White
Kissed (1922)
Editor Needham
The Galloping Kid (1922)
Zek Hawkins
Wild Honey (1922)
Ebenezer Leamish
Smiling Jim (1922)
Judd Briggs
Taking Chances (1922)
James Arlington
The Sting of the Lash (1921)
Her Mad Bargain (1921)
False Kisses (1921)
John Peters
Nobody's Fool (1921)
Joshua Alger
Wolves of the North (1921)
Professor Norris
The Magnificent Brute (1921)
In the Heart of a Fool (1920)
Daniel Sands
Trumpet Island (1920)
The Cheater (1920)
Mr. Prall
Uncharted Channels (1920)
Roger Webb
The Heart of Twenty (1920)
Henry Higginbotham
One Week of Life (1919)
Blind Husbands (1919)
Three men from "home"
What Every Woman Wants (1919)
Timothy Dunn
Little Red Decides (1918)
Little Doc
The Law's Outlaw (1918)
Clarence Bartley
Captain of His Soul (1918)
Annette's husband
The Pretender (1918)
Rev. Harold Upright
Nancy Comes Home (1918)
Jerry Ballou
The Flames of Chance (1918)
Character man
The Fly God (1918)
"Shorty" Stokes
Old Hartwell's Cub (1918)
Tom Hartwell
The Lonely Woman (1918)
Percival Peevy
The Sudden Gentleman (1917)
Old Miles
The Flame of Youth (1917)
Fred Haimer
Wild Sumac (1917)
Deacon Bricketts
The Spirit of Romance (1917)
Richard Cobb
The Medicine Man (1917)
Seth Hopkins
Ashes of Hope (1917)
"Flat Foot"

Life Events