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Jeff Richards


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Don't Go Near The Water (1957) - It Is Not Customary Nearly 90 minutes in, P-R Lt. Siegel has drawn the short straw, required to escort a lady correspondent, presumed to be elderly or worse, when Eva Gabor appears as Miss Aldridge, disorienting all including Russ Tamblyn as Tyson, Jeff Richards as Lt. Pendleton, and Howard Smith as the admiral, in MGM’s Don’t Go Near The Water,1957.
It's A Dog's Life (1955) - Dog Eat Dog On The Waterfront Humans quite irrelevant in the opening, apart from the narration by Vic Morrow, the inner-monologue of the the Bull Terrier who will be named Wildfire (MGM used two visually identical dogs for the shoot), in It’s A Dog’s Life, 1955, from a story by the trendsetting journalist and Theodore Roosevelt supporter Richard Harding Davis.
It's A Dog's Life (1955) - The Original Dog Lottery First business with people involved, Vic Morrow narrates as the so-far nameless bull terrier on the Bowery ca. 1900, entering the bar where Corbin (J.M. Kerrigan) presides and Patch McGill (Jeff Richards) is a gung-ho customer, in MGM’s It’s A Dog’s Life, 1955.
It's A Dog's Life (1955) - Well Deserving Of Your Support Owner Patch (Jeff Richards) brings “Wildfire” to his first fight in turn-of-the-century New York, Vic Morrow continuing his narration in the dog’s voice, as we discover MGM’s approach to shooting the action, and meet philosophical Jeremiah (Edmund Gwenn), in It’s A Dog’s Life, 1955.
Born Reckless (1958) - Title Tune, Boy Scout The never famous San Antonio rocker Johnny Olenn, on a rare Fender tenor electric guitar, leads with the title song, then leading man Jeff Richards turns down a rodeo tootsie (Asa Maynor) and visits sidekick "Cool Man" (Arthur Hunnicutt), opening the Mamie Van Doren vehicle Born Reckless, 1958.
Born Reckless (1958) - He Believes In The Siesta Jackie (Mamie Van Doren) reprises the title song for rodeo rider and maybe-boyfriend Kelly (Jeff Richards, with sidekick Arthur Hunnicutt), en route to visit his Latin virtual family led by "Papa" (Nacho Galindo, Allegra Varron as "Mama," Ray Beltran "Grandfather,"), in Born Reckless, 1958.
Born Reckless (1958) - Home Type Of Girl Introduced by rocker Johnny Olenn, Mamie Van Doren as trick rider and, it turns out, also singer, "Jackie," with an original novelty number by Buddy Bregman and Sammy Styne, then hassled by a boozy rodeo reporter (Tom Dugan), early in Born Reckless, 1958.
Crest Of The Wave (1954) - Not Sailed By Englishmen Yanks Shorty and Butch (Fred Wayne, Jeff Richards) getting kitted out for new duties at a remote British navy station when Lofty (Bernard Lee) realizes the latter is the man a colleague believes stole his fianceè years earlier, David Orr and Ray Jackson joining the fray, in Crest Of The Wave, 1954.
Crest Of The Wave (1954) - Have A Look At This Midget American Navy scientist Bradville (Gene Kelly) setting terms with Brit Lt. Wharton (John Justin), whose previous supervisor was killed working with the new explosive compound they’re testing, joined by his tech crew (Jeff Richards, Fred Wayne), in the Boulting brothers’ Crest Of The Wave, 1954.
Seven Brides For Seven Brothers (1954) - Sobbin' Women Adam (Howard Keel) counsels his brothers with an improbable historical reference via Gene De Paul and Johnny Mercer's "Sobbin' Women," which in turn was based on the satirical Stephen Vincent Benèt story from which the musical was written, in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, 1954.
Seven Brides For Seven Brothers (1954) - Come On Everybody! The Pontipee brothers, led more by tumbling Gideon (Russ Tamblyn) than eldest Adam (Howard Keel) dazzle the crowd in choreographer Michael Kidd's famous barn-raising dance from Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, 1954.
Seven Brides For Seven Brothers (1954) - Stop The Fight! Having trounced the locals in an impromptu dance challenge, the Pontipee brothers wind up in a slugfest, also choreographed by Michael Kidd, in Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, 1954.