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The Jacques Cousteau Odyssey: The Nile - Part One
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The Jacques Cousteau Odyssey: The Nile - Part One

Flowing 4,000 miles from Central Africa to the Mediterranean, the Nile River has long exerted a mystical influence on man's imagination - and the dreams of explorers such as Jacques and Philippe Cousteau.

In this breathtaking journey, the Cousteaus embark on a daring 10-month expedition along the entire course of the world's largest river, capturing on film the Nile's astonishing natural beauties, menacing dangers, primitive cultures and animal sanctuaries.

Director: Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Philippe Cousteau (1 episode each, 1978)
Screenplay: Theodore Strauss (2 episodes, 1978)
Cinematography: Henri-Jean Alliet (unknown episodes), Colin Mounier (unknown episodes)
Music: John Scott (5 episodes, 1977-1978), Manos Hatzidakis (unknown episodes)
Film Editing: Henri Colpi (unknown episodes), John Soh (unknown episodes).