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      • Maureen O'Hara - Tuesdays in July

        26 Movies

        TCM pays tribute to the red-haired beauty from Dublin, Ireland in a 26-film retrospective... more

      • Starring Lee Grant - 7/30

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      • Starring Lee Grant - 7/30

        4 Movies

        The outstanding character actress appears with Robert Osborne to co-host an evening... more

      • Starring Mel Brooks - 7/31

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      • Starring Mel Brooks - 7/31

        4 Movies, 1 Interview

        Join us for an evening of Mel Brooks madness, including two TCM Premieres: Silent Movie... more

      • Jane Fonda - 8/1

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      • Jane Fonda - 8/1

        11 Movies, AFI Life Achievement Award

        Don't miss our tribute to one of cinema's most iconoclastic stars which includes the TCM... more

      • TCM Essentials Jr. - Summer 2014

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      • TCM Essentials Jr. - Summer 2014

        Hosted by Bill Hader

        Our favorite TCM summer franchise gives parents the perfect opportunity to introduce their... more

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      • Rio Grande (1950) -- (Movie Clip) Kathleen

        Col. Yorke (John Wayne) is surprised to receive his long-estranged wife Kathleen (Maureen O'Hara), come to seek her son's release from his own cavalry command, in the first scene in which they ever appeared together, in John Ford's Rio Grande, 1950. watch now in the media room
      • Detective Story (1951) -- (Movie Clip) Just Supply The...

        Bert Freed as workaday detective Dakis and Lee Grant the shoplifter, in her Academy Award-nominated performance in the role she also played on Broadway, opening William Wyler's film from the Sidney Kingsley play, Detective Story, 1951, starring Kirk Douglas and Eleanor Parker. watch now in the media room
      • High Anxiety (1977) -- (Movie Clip) Dedicated To The...

        Writer, director and star Mel Brooks establishes from the start that his film is meant as a tribute to Alfred Hitchcock, then gets busy on the airplane, then accosted after landing at LAX by a guy in a trenchcoat (Bob Ridgely), in High Anxiety, 1977. watch now in the media room
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