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      • Edmond O'Brien - 8/27

        14 Movies

        Although he was perfectly fine in comedies and even could sing and dance on occasion, he... more

      • Arlene Dahl - 8/28

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      • Arlene Dahl - 8/28

        13 Movies

        With her lush red hair and signature beauty mark, Arlene Dahl joined the court of MGM... more

      • Joseph Cotten - 8/29

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      • Joseph Cotten - 8/29

        13 Movies

        Often overlooked or underrated, this star player from John Houseman and Orson Welles's... more

      • Betty Grable - 8/30

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      • Betty Grable - 8/30

        14 Movies

        The beloved World War II pinup and one of 20th Century Fox's most popular stars is... more

      • The Projected Image: The Jewish Experience on...

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      • The Projected Image: The Jewish Experience on Film

        Coming in September!

        Click Here for a preview of The Projected Image: The Jewish Experience on Film, featuring... more

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      • D.O.A. (1950) -- (Movie Clip) You've Been Murdered

        A San Francisco Doctor (Frank Gerstle) confirms the diagnosis for Frank Bigelow (Edmond O'Brien), who hurtles down Market St. all the way to the Embarcadero, Rudolph Mate' directing cinematographer Ernest Laszlo, in D.O.A., 1950. watch now in the media room
      • Kisses For My President (1964) -- (Movie Clip) As...

        Chasing his wife the president (Polly Bergen) and presaging the famous "walk and talk" shots from The West Wing, Mr. McCloud (Fred MacMurray) lights instead on luscious visiting old friend Doris (Arlene Dahl), in Kisses For My President, 1964. watch now in the media room
      • Richard Attenborough -- (TCM Remembers) 1923-2014

        TCM Remembers actor, director and producer Lord Richard Attenborough, 1923-2014. watch now in the media room
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