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The Busher

The Busher (1919, Famous Players-Lasky), a five-reel comedy-drama, stars Charles Ray, who then was at the zenith of his popularity playing country rubes who, during the course of the story, rise above their gullibility while winning the respect of their peers and the love of the heroine. Ray offers an appealing performance as Ben Harding, the "baseball pride of Brownsville," a star hurler who, when he pitches, has "got more curves than a stovepipe." The scenario follows his plight after he is called to the major leagues and is (temporarily) transformed by big city life from rube to dandy.

Two other silent screen legends play key roles in The Busher. Colleen Moore, destined to become one of the top late-silent-era box office draws, plays Mazie Palmer, Harding's small-town girl. John Gilbert, another mid-to-late 1920s screen hero famed for his co-starring roles (and off-camera love affair) with Greta Garbo, plays Jim Blair, a spoiled rich kid who attempts to buy Mazie's affection.

Producer: Thomas H. Ince
Director: Jerome Storm
Screenplay: R. Cecil Smith, based on a story by Earle Snell
Cinematography: Chester A. Lyons
Cast: Charles Ray (Ben Harding), Colleen Moore (Mazie Palmer), John Gilbert (Jim Blair), Jay Morley (Billy Palmer), Otto Hoffman (Deacon Nasby).

by Rob Edelman, author of Great Baseball Films and Baseball on the Web