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Trivia - Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
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Seven Brides for Seven Brothers,Seven Brides for Seven Brothers


Two different versions of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers were shot: one in the CinemaScope aspect ratio, and one in the smaller flat screen aspect ratio in order to accommodate theaters that did not have the capacity to project CinemaScope films at the time. While the CinemaScope version of Seven Brides has become the definitive version of the film, the 2004 Special Edition DVD includes both versions.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers had its world premiere in Houston, Texas on July 15, 1954.

The cast of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is listed in different order in the opening credits and in the closing credits.

In 1996 Turner Entertainment released a newly restored print of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers to the public.

At one point, MGM tried to convince director Stanley Donen to include a dream ballet in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, which was a popular musical device at the time. However, Donen talked the studio out of it.

Stanley Donen's one regret about making Seven Brides for Seven Brothers was that he did not get to shoot it on location in Oregon. "I wanted to make this picture entirely on location," said Donen in a 2004 interview. "I wanted so much to shoot the whole picture in the hills and the mountains of Oregon and it would have cost more money I grant you, but it would have been a good way to spend the money rather than spending it on a non-CinemaScope version. So all the phony look of the paintings and the backgrounds is all due to the fact that they (MGM) wanted to have another version."

One of the seven brides, Dorcas, is played by an actress credited as "Julie Newmeyer." Later the beautiful actress changed her name to Julie Newmar and became famous for playing the original Catwoman on the popular 1960s television show Batman.

In some print ads at the time of the original release of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers there was a quote from President Eisenhower saying, "If you haven't seen it, you should see it."

Jeff Richards, who plays Benjamin Pontipee in the film, is the only brother never shown dancing.

MGM had all the actors playing Pontipee brothers dye their hair red so that the audience would more easily be able to distinguish them from the male suitors from town in their scenes together.

The girls' dresses in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers were supposed to be made out of quilts, so costume designer Walter Plunkett went to the Salvation Army, bought up several old authentic quilts and made them into dresses.

Because dancer Jacques d'Amboise, who plays Ephraim Pontipee, was so shy and didn't talk much, star Jane Powell assumed because of his name he was French and didn't speak English. "It wasn't until I moved back to New York and we met again," Powell says in her 1988 autobiography The Girl Next Door and How She Grew, "that I learned he didn't speak French at all-he's American through and through and has a distinctive New York accent."

Star Howard Keel reveals in his 2005 autobiography Only Make Believe: My Life in Show Business that he quit smoking during the making of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, which made him gain weight.

According to Howard Keel, the night before the song "When You're in Love" was to be recorded for the film, Saul Chaplin heard another song on the radio while driving home that began with the exact same four musical notes. Chaplin, concerned that it would be a problem that could result in an accusation of plagiarism, consulted with Jack Cummings, Johnny Mercer, and Gene de Paul and they decided to change the opening notes of their song.


"Don't you like girls?"
"We ain't never hardly ever seen one."
– Jane Powell (as Milly) and Russ Tamblyn (as Gideon Pontipee)

"Well, it wouldn't hurt you to learn some manners, too."
"What do I need manners for? I already got me a wife."
– Jane Powell (as Milly) and Howard Keel (as Adam Pontipee)

"There wasn't an F name in the Bible, so they named him Frankincense, because he smelled so sweet." – Matt Mattox (as Caleb Pontipee), explaining the origins of brother Frank's name.

"Doesn't it do anything but snow up here? We've had a blizzard every day for the past two months. I'm going crazy, shut up in this house!" – Virginia Gibson (as Liza)

"Love is like the measles. You only get it once, and the older you are, the harder you take it." –Howard Keel (as Adam Pontipee)

"Somehow it just don't seem fitting for a man to spend his wedding night in a tree." – Jane Powell (as Milly), referring to husband Adam (Howard Keel)

"You're beating your head against a stone wall Milly, you'll never make Jack-a-dandies out of them." – Howard Keel (as Adam) to Jane Powell's Milly, referring to his brothers.

Compiled by Andrea Passafiume