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America in the '70s
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America in the '70s - Thursdays in July

The 1970s were a period of great vitality and innovation in U.S. cinema, with the changing culture and freedom from the studio system allowing filmmakers to explore new ideas in such matters as civil rights, music and sexuality. This month TCM looks at America in the decade through the films that have come to define the era and the directors who bucked the system and forever changed the way films were made.

Each night is broken up thematically, examining issues and ideological changes beginning with Politics and Media as reflected in two films from 1976: All the President's Men, which looks at the journalistic uncovering of the Watergate scandal; and Network, which satirizes the television industry. Surveillance and Paranoia are illustrated by The Conversation (1974), about a soundman who is hired to track a young couple; and Klute (1971), about a call girl who is threatened by a killer.

Among films addressing the subject of Feminism is Looking for Mr. Goodbar (1977), in which a woman flirts with the dark side of promiscuity in the Manhattan bar scene. On-the-Road adventures feature two films from 1973: Scarecrow, in which an ex-con and a former sailor join up to pursue their dreams; and The Last Detail, in which two Navy "lifers" escort a young sailor to a military prison. Contemporary reflections of New York in the '70s include The French Connection (1971) and Dog Day Afternoon (1975).

Also addressed are such themes as The College Experience and Perspectives on the South.

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