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Bert I. Gordon
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Bert I. Gordon

American director and cult-film favorite Bert I. Gordon is affectionately dubbed "Mister B.I.G.," not only because of his initials but because he became famous for creating supersized monsters in his low-budget sci-fi and horror films. Born in Wisconsin in 1922, Gordon began directing films in the mid-1950s and routinely used rear-projection images in portraying his enormous creatures.

Gordon's movies usually involved a lower-rung star facing a threatening presence. In The Cyclops (1957) it is Lon Chaney Jr. and a one-eyed monster; in Attack of the Puppet People (1958), John Agar and miniaturized humans; in The Boy and the Pirates (1960), child actor Charles Herbert and the pirate Blackbeard; in Tormented (1960), Richard Carlson and the vengeful spirit of a former girlfriend; in The Magic Sword (1962), Gary Lockwood and the dragon of St. George fame; in Village of the Giants (1965), young Ron Howard and oversized teenagers; and in Picture Mommy Dead (1966), Susan Gordon (Bert's daughter) and a conniving stepmother played by Zsa Zsa Gabor.


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