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I'd Rather Be Rich

I'd Rather Be Rich(1964)

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    • Brenda
    • 4/11/19

    I love watching old romantic movies like this one. I have wanted a copy of this movie for a long time and finally found a movie made on demand. It is not the best copy but at least it is something that I can watch. I wish TCM would bring it out of the vault so I can get a better picture quality movie. I also wish they would bring out the Pleasure Seekers movie with Ann Margret, Suzanne Pleshette, and Carole Lynley. This is another great movie that I would love to have and I am sure other people would too.

  • I'd Rather Be Rich

    • Kathy
    • 9/16/18

    This movie is so charming and love love the characters! Love Robert Goulet and Andy Williams. Sure hope this comes to DVD sometime soon. Have been searching for this movie for years!

  • I'd Rather Be Rich

    • Mrs. Hayes
    • 6/17/18

    I absolutely love this movie. I tried some years back to find a DVD of this movie - got a really bad copy for my money - but it's impossible to find, so at least I have that. I wish y'all would show it, as well as sell a DVD for it. The music is GREAT. The story is charming. Please do something about it!

  • I'd Rather Be Rich

    • Helen
    • 6/12/18

    I would love to this this movie...have not seen it in 30 years. Wish you would play this one day soon.

  • April 23rd...My Birthday and Sandra Dee's Birthday

    • Joe C
    • 4/23/18 is not only my Birthday...but the Birthday of Sandra Dee.I'd Rather Be Rich would be a wonder Birthday Tribute.Delete one of the other movies that you show periodically show from today's play list and play this movie instead which is never shown.It would be a great Birthday present to me, Sandra Dee, and to all Sandra Dee Fans!!!!Joe CBaltimore

  • A fun 60's Movie`

    • Joe C
    • 4/23/18

    TCM,This is a fun 1960's movie that you never show.It has a great cast....please show it soon!It would be a great Birthday Tribute to Sandra Dee, Robert Goulet, and Andy Williams.There is a wonder scene in the moive where Andy Williams is driving and singing "Almost There" to Sandra Dee. PLEASE TCM....SHOW THIS MOVIE!!!!!!

  • Love this Movie

    • MH
    • 3/8/18

    Please schedule an airing of this movie on TCM. It has not been on in a long time and I would love to see it.

  • I'd Rather be Rich

    • Annette
    • 1/29/18

    Please, TCM, show this film! It is not available for purchase anywhere, and it is a fun early 1960's romantic comedy starring Sandra Dee, Andy Williams, and Robert Goulet. I NEED this movie! :o)

  • Love this movie!

    • Sandy
    • 12/11/17

    I have been watching for years to see it on TCM & I've never seen it. I've also been trying to find it on DVD. I even checked the TCM Shop & they didn't have it. For anyone out there who's looking for the DVD, I found it on the site for $14.95. I plan on getting it soon. The movie is fun & entertaining, just the kind of thing they made back in 1964. Hope this helps some of you.

  • I agree!

    • richard marcano
    • 12/8/17

    This is one of those great feel good movies. A very enjoyable romantic comedy-the kind that is no longer made in Hollywood. Please play it!

  • DVD Please! Or at Least Show on TCM

    • Diane
    • 9/19/17

    My Mom has been looking for this movie for years - one of her all time favorites and it's nowhere to be found. Such a shame younger generations won't be able to watch it and our older generations don't have access to a beloved movie!

  • I'd Rather be Rich

    • Sarina
    • 8/26/17

    Can you please play this movie I haven't seen this movie in years and would like to see it.

  • I love this movie!!!

    • Ann
    • 5/24/17

    I haven't seen it in years. Isn't there a film copy that could be used to make a DVD or be able to download. I've checking for this movie for the last 20-years.

  • I'd Rather Be Rich

    • W Lewis
    • 4/5/17

    I love this movie with Sandra Dee and Robert Goulet. It is cute and sweet and funny. Just like most of Sandra Dee's movies. Please release it on DVD. I have it on VHS recorded off the movie channel years ago and the quality is so poor.

  • Enchanting movie with the handsome Chevalier!

    • M Willaims
    • 1/5/17

    I watched this movie years ago and just found it funny and sweet. Robert Goulet is wonderful as a tempting admirer.

  • please release

    • Sandy C
    • 12/26/16

    Please release this movie to dvd...I love Sandra Dee movies and this is one of my favorites.

  • I'd Rather Be Rich

    • Vicki Lawrence
    • 12/25/16

    I have loved this movie since it was first released. My family enjoys it, too. We would buy it the moment it became available on DVD, but the years pass and we have begun to give up hope. So many really terrible movies seem to come out as soon as they leave the theaters, but good ones like this go without being produced for the general public. Please, what will it take????

  • i'd rather be rich

    • darla j baum
    • 12/3/16

    love sandra deein this movie , i hope they release this in dvd. i collect almost her movies .

  • Anyone out there listening????

    • Joan Williams
    • 9/10/16

    HOW many reviews do you need to get the message: MORE CLASSICS LIKE THIS ONE ON DVD PLEASE!!!!

  • Great movie

    • Sparky
    • 8/30/16

    Please, please release this movie on DVD, I've been waiting years for this one.. Fun to watch and enjoy

  • i'd rather be rich

    • darla baum
    • 7/15/16


  • I'd Rather Be Rich

    • Linda Conley
    • 6/29/16

    I absolutely loved this movie and have been waiting for several years to be able to purchase it. First on video and now DVD. Please have this movie for sale soon. It is such a fun movie!

  • I would buy this movie if on DVD

    • Pam
    • 4/23/16

    Charming, funny movie I have not seen in years. Hope to see it out soon on dvd.

  • Best movie out there!

    • Robyn Wyall
    • 3/24/16

    I love this movie! It's one of our family favorites! Out of my 7 siblings and my mom, we've all been waiting for this movie to come out on DVDs! I've been an avid classic films watcher for my entire life. And this has been my favorite! It's funny and witty. I want my children to enjoy it as much as I have. But the vhs we recorded off the movie channel years ago has had it! I'm only 36, and I hope it will happen in my lifetime. I'm tired of seeing junk put out on DVDs. I'm ready for some great stuff!

  • I'd Rather Be Rich

    • Vickie
    • 1/10/16

    Please release this movie on DVD! I don't understand why we have to wait for quality entertainment that stands the test of time to be released. In this day and age it's so hard to find classic movies that you can watch with the entire family. I'm 60 years old and I hope I get the opportunity to add this to my collection of great movies from a great time period. Please take note!

  • This movie makes me laugh

    • Becks
    • 11/25/15

    I've enjoyed this film since I was a child. Wish this film would come out on DvD. !!!!

  • I'd rather be rich - Sandra Dee

    • Tiffany
    • 3/6/15

    I would love to buy this movie in DVD. One of my favorites. Please release it in DVD. Pretty Please!

  • Great movie!

    • Chris Vinson
    • 2/28/15

    This is one of the first movies I saw showing that you can really have fun in life through personality. I hope they release it soon.

  • I love this film

    • Luciana
    • 11/29/14

    This is one of my favorite films. I watched in my childhood and would love to review it on DVD.

  • I'd Rather Be Rich

    • Koreen
    • 7/20/14

    I would really like to buy this movie on DVD! I used to watch it on youtube but now it is gone. :-(Such a fun loving movie!

  • when is this movie going to be release?

    • shelia
    • 5/29/14

    I love this movie and hope it is releases soon on DVD.

  • Incorrect names of characters

    • Anne Biel
    • 1/7/14

    The list of cast members on this movie's home page states that Robert Goulet played "Paul Benson," but his character's name is really "Paul Benton," and it also lists Andy Williams' character as being, "Warren Parker," but it's really "Warren Palmer." (and I loved it when I lived in an apartment building that had both a "Benton" and a "Palmer" as building residents!)

  • "I'd Rather Be Rich"

    • Anne Biel
    • 1/7/14

    This is one of my very, very favorite movies of all time. It's my, go-to, escapist movie that I watch at least once a week to take my mind off the crap that exists in the world. It is very well-crafted, with beautiful, believable chemistry between the two sets of main characters (patient-doctor-nurse, and Cynthia-"Warren"-"Paul"). The tongue-in-cheekiness is everywhere, and the music is great, particularly in the scene transitions. It truly is fun to watch, and it lifts my spirits every time I watch it. I truly love it.

  • I'd rather be rich

    • Norm
    • 12/18/13

    great movie , can't seem to find a way to see it again..

  • A wonderful movie

    • Sarah
    • 10/20/13

    This is a wonderful movie I wish Turner would by the rights and release it or universal would re-release it.

  • "I'd Rather Be Rich" Long Sought After

    • TRF
    • 9/5/13

    This is such a funny, romantic movie! one of my favorites I could watch over and over again. Please show on TCM and release for sale! I have long sought after this movie, but, could not remember the title. both my daughter and I have searched for it. She finally discovered the title and I am very happy for it.

  • I'd Rather Be Rich

    • Mary
    • 8/18/13

    I love this movie and haven't been able to see it in years! The characters are wonderful!

  • I'd Rather be Rich

    • Pat
    • 7/10/13

    This is such a funny, romantic movie......who doesn't like Sandra Dee!! Please show on TCM and release for sale!!!!!

  • Please release on DVD or show on TCM!

    • Becky
    • 7/9/13

    I love this movie and check occasionally to see if TCM is going to show it! My mom loves Andy Williams and it would be a nice tribute to him if it could be shown somewhere again!

  • RE: I'd Rather Be Rich

    • Nancy
    • 7/4/13

    This is a fun old movie and I wish you would release this for sale.Nancy

  • I'd buy the day it was released

    • Mike
    • 6/16/13

    What's Warner Brothers problem it's a better movie then what they release these days.

  • Need to release!!!

    • Mary
    • 6/9/13

    Why can't this movie be put on DVD??? What will take to get TCM to at least play it? It's such a great movie!!!!

  • I'd Rather Be Rich

    • Jennifer
    • 3/22/13

    Please release this movie on DVD and please show it on TCM.

  • sandra dee movies

    • dremia cash
    • 1/11/13

    i would love to see this movie it would be nice to see it come turner classic

  • "I'd Rather Be Rich"

    • Sandy Chong
    • 9/26/12

    This is a classic and I bought the DVD, which although was not of the best quality, the magic was still there! Even though Andy Williams was the "spoiler" and would lose the girl to Robert Goulet, I loved them both - Andy & Robert were so young & handsome & Sandra was such a beautiful actress, but I truly believed I fell in love with Andy when he sang "Almost There" - the orchestration was superb and added to the romantic lilt in the song - so glad I can watch it over & over again!!!

  • I'd Rather Be Rich

    • Debra Wagamon
    • 6/27/12

    This is a classic! I have had it on VHS for years and watch it several times a year. The cast does a wonderful job of playing off each other to achieve a comedy classic. Add to this the musical score and you have a hit. Please, release this classic on DVD so we can continue to enjoy it for many years to come! Also, a good choice for a Saturday or Sunday afternoon movie for TCM this summer!

  • I'd Rather Be Rich

    • Cathy Vasselin
    • 6/2/12

    I love this movie and have be waiting for the release on dvd and for TCM to show the movie on cable stations.Please, Please, Please.This movie is such an all time great.

  • I'd Rather Be Rich

    • P. LaRoche
    • 4/12/12

    Loved this movie. Wish it was out on DVD. Why hasn't TCM shown this movie?

  • I'd Rather Be Rich

    • Carole Hill
    • 1/20/12

    Best movie ever, my favorite of Sandra Dee movies, would love to have the soundtrack on a CD. I have a DVD of the movie and have played it over & over definitely 5 stars

  • I'd rather be rich

    • Jim Lambert
    • 11/6/11

    I really loved this movie one of my favorites of all time. I wish TCM would get this movie!!!!!!!!

  • I'd Rather Be Rich

    • Jeanette
    • 10/29/11

    Great movie! I wish it would released on DVD. Such fun to watch!

  • I'd Rather Be Rich

    • Debra
    • 10/16/11

    TCM you Must Show this Awesome Romantic Comedy very soon !!! It has a Fabulous Cast and is just a Truly....Make you Feel Good Movie....Please Please show it Very Soon...and if you were able to have it put on DVD you would make all the fans of this Wonderful move Very Very Happy !!! Thanks TCM...Your The Best !!

  • I'd Rather Be Rich

    • Patti
    • 9/26/11

    I don't understand why this is never on TV and has not been put on DVD. So many gems like this movie are sitting on a shelf someplace gathering dust. What a crying shame!

  • I'd Rather be Rich

    • Kathy Viens
    • 8/15/11

    Super movie, one of my all time favorites. The cast is great, the story is romantic and fun. I too have contacted Universal Pictures and their reply was that they have no plans to release this picture any time soon. This makes me very sad!Wish there was something that could be done to get the movie out!


    • Jennie
    • 7/21/11

    This was a TERRIFIC romantic comedy! Have tried to find it for YEARS! It's never shown on TCM anymore and it's not available for purchase! Sandra Dee fans should have access to this movie! It was terrific!! Robert Goulet/Sandra Dee are as good a combination as Bobby Darin/Sandra Dee (well, almost!)!!! Please TCM, right this wrong! Start showing this one and help to get it on dvd!!!!

  • DVD NOW!

    • ann yfantis
    • 7/16/11

    Someone please tell Universal to put this out on DVD.Thank You.

  • I'd Rather Be Rich

    • R. Negangard
    • 1/28/11

    I recall seeing this on tv as a young girl and just loving the movie. It's one of those make you feel good kind of movies. A great chick flick. I'd love to see it again and even purchase it on DVD; however it's not available on home video. Would love to see you show this on tv and hoping to see it on DVD so I can purchase it. A great cast and you can't help but to fall in love with the characters. Truly a classic!

  • Distribution Company

    • Michael
    • 12/8/10

    I contacted Universal Pictures as the listed distribution company they stated they still have the distribution rights to the movie. They stated unless others contact them about the movie they have no plans to rerelease it.

  • I'd Rather Be Rich

    • Renee
    • 10/2/10

    Sandra Dee was the Julia Roberts of her time. Yet there are not that many of her movies on dvd.I'm one of those people who would watch I'd Rather Be Rich each time it came on TV. I would love to see this film uncut.And would be the first in line to buy it.

  • I'd Rather Be Rich

    • susan
    • 7/24/10

    I watched this as a teen and have been looking for this since. It's fun and family friendly. Please please please a DVD. Please please air.

  • Truly Delightful Movie!!

    • Charles Killian
    • 7/22/10

    I am a big fan of '60s romantic comedies, and this is one of, if not THE best movie of that genre. I think this one stands out due to the music talents of Goulet and Williams, in addition to their hilarious portrayals of romantic rivals for the affections of Sandra Dee. And Maurice Chavalier, is at his hilarious best as a wealthy, worldly, meddling grandfather trying to influence his granddaughter's choice of a husband. If commerically available, I would purchase a number of copies for both myself and my kids, who grew up watching my collection of comedies. I have been periodically scanning my cable guide for a showing of this movie for at least 5 years, and so far have been unsuccessful. Please restore this movie to the realm of cable TV so it can periodically be enjoyed along with other great movies of that era which are available from time to time. It is truly one of the finest films of its genre.

  • I'd Rather Be Rich

    • Cathy
    • 7/8/10

    Please put this movie on your schedule, I would love to see it again. I can still hear Andy Williams singing as he's driving down the road to the cabin. Then seeing the turkey flying out of the oven. Pleas...Please...Please

  • I'd Rather Be Rich

    • Cynthia Turner
    • 2/21/10

    I can still hear Andy Williams singing the title song....what a fun movie this was...would love to see it again!

  • It Is a Fun Movie

    • Jan
    • 8/1/09

    I, too, have looked and looked for this movie! Wish I could see it again - it has been over 40 yrs. since I saw it and I still remember it. I always liked Andy Williams and was so hoping that he would get the girl!! Please release it on DVD. Would love to see it! I still remember the scene of the car going up the highway with the "Almost There" song! Very romantic!!!

  • Wonderful 60s Romantic Comedy

    • Deba D.
    • 4/28/09

    This is my all time favorite film. Fox Family used to show it on occasion, but I have not seen it in years. Sandra Dee, Andy Williams, Robert Goulet, Maurice Chevalier all sparkle in this delightful movie. It is not available on DVD or VHS. Maurice Chevalier is especially delightful in this confection and Andy Williams surprises as an able comedic actor. Please, please give this movie the attention it deserves!!


    • Gayla
    • 4/15/09

    I have searched for this movie for years!I have even told my kids & grandkids to keep an eye out for it.It is such an unforgetable movie! I know I would buy if it. Probably 2 copies!

  • Love it!

    • Candice
    • 4/2/09

    This movie needs to be out on DVD. I saw it when i was a little girl. My dad got me into all the old movies. I recorded it off TV years ago. But it would be nice to watch one of my favorite movie with out having to fast forward through old commercials. :)

  • love this movie

    • barb
    • 10/25/08

    I watched this movie as a teen and loved it. I taped if off of TCM and my daughter now a teen loves it too. We have watched it together a dozen times and we still laugh. Movies like this never get "old". I wish it were available on DVD. It's a movie that in our family will be watched for another generation (if i can perserve my tape- even the old commercials are a hoot!)but I would really like a DVD.

  • I'd be Rich (PLEASE PUT ON DVD)

    • Renee Townsend
    • 10/17/08

    I saw this movie years ago and loved it had it on tape and give it to someone to watch it and the person brother so the tape never looked at it and taped over the movie. Well the movie never came on again and I'm still not talking to my friend's brother. That is how much I loved this movie it was just great fun. (Good Times)

  • When can we expect to see this movie again?

    • Debbi
    • 9/8/08

    It's been years since I've seen this movie and it's my absolute favorite. It's not available to buy or rent! (that I've found)I would love to own a copy of it. They just don't make movies like this anymore.

  • Favorite Sandra Dee movie

    • Jane Wilson
    • 8/5/08

    I was hoping to buy this movie to show my grandchildren when they come to visit. I am sorry to see it in not for home video--it should be!! Thank you

  • Love...Sandra Dee, Andy Williams and Robert Goulet

    • Joanne
    • 8/3/08

    Please show this movie again and again. Also i collecting all Sandra Dee movies and would love to have this one. I love it when she kisses Robert Goulet's character and her she pops out of her shoes like her grandfather told her he did when he was really in love. I am a real romantic at heart and i love love romantic comedy's.

  • LOVE this movie!!!!

    • Carleen
    • 7/15/08

    Please play it, and get it released on DVD. It's as good as, or better, than the current Sandra Dee movies available for purchase. Perfect romantic comedy!

  • Please Play this movie

    • Tamara Friese
    • 7/5/08

    Great movie and very funny. I watched this as a child with my family. I would love to add this to my collection but can't find a copy. If you play it we will all be able to enjoy a quality movie. Todays movie don't have the same light hearted appeal and an escape would be nice for us all.

  • Please get it released on DVD!

    • Jan
    • 4/27/08

    This is a great classic. Each character's lines are so funny and the actors are great...including Maurice Chevalier, Sandra Dee, Robert Goulet, and Andy Williams. It would be great to do an updated remake though I don't know who could compete with the original characters.

  • So funny!

    • JB
    • 3/12/08

    I absolutely love the part where Cynthia Dulane wants her fiance' to kiss her to see if he will knock her shoes off as Warren has. I used to dream that my real love would knock my shoes off too. And he does but not physically like hers.


    • DIANE
    • 12/28/07


  • Love this Movie!!!

    • kk
    • 12/3/07

    I love this movie. I can remember laughing wildly at this movie as a child. Would love to see it again.


    • Inez Carey
    • 11/28/07

    You are right I love this movie I search my cable weekly to see if this movie is playing, Please Please show this movie soon and memory of Robert Goulet


    • Lilly
    • 11/1/07

    I have not seen this movie for a very long time, it is one of my favorites. This is one of my favorite Sandra Dee movie. Loved Robert Goulet and Andy Williams, you don't see them in many movies they were both very good.Hope you will show this movie soon, now that we have lost another cast member, Robert Goulet. He was a great entertainer and will be missed.Also hope they put this movie on DVD soon. so I can add to my Sandra Dee collection.

  • Play it in honor of Robert Goulet

    • Carey
    • 11/1/07

    This would be a great time to play this movie - just read that Robert Goulet died - what a wonderful way to remember him by showing this great movie!

  • Play It

    • robert Ervin
    • 10/15/07

    I love this movie and have not seen it in 25 years. Great entertainment for all

  • Please show on TCM

    • Mary
    • 9/13/07

    Great move!! Please put on DVD!!!

  • Please show

    • Mary
    • 9/13/07

    This is a great movie!!!!Please put it on DVD.

  • Why isn't this on DVD?

    • Rose
    • 8/25/07

    This is such a good movie I don't understand why it isn't on DVD yet. I look forward to the day it is finally released on DVD.

  • Please show

    • Courtney
    • 8/23/07

    I'm a huge Sandra Dee fan I love all her movies but I haven't been able to see this one yet. I've been waiting for TCM to show it.

  • Ikeep waiting!

    • debbie
    • 8/12/07

    Please show this movie. I remember seeing it for the first time while babysitting as a teenager. I still can hear Andy Williams singing on the way to the cabin. And I was in love with handsome Robert Goulet. I continue to look for the movie to be released on DVD. Please help all of us Sandra Dee fans. I think this was her best movie ever.

  • Release on Dvd and show on TMC.

    • Sandra Watson
    • 7/12/07

    Sandra Dee is one of my all favorite actors. I grew up watching all of her movies on the t.v. and going to see her on the movie screen. This is one of her best roles. She is so good in comedy & romance. This movie has'nt been shown in decades. Please find it and include it for Sandra Dee's month of movies. Also, I can identify with her: My daughter calls me Sandra Dee.


    • Heather
    • 6/12/07

    I'd rather be rich is not one of my favorite movies, it is without a doubt my very most favorite movie of all time. I remember seeing it with my mother when it first came to the theater. I consider Sandra Dee to be a very beautiful woman and a great actress and enjoyed her, and Andy Williams, and Robert Goulet. My mother loved Maurice Chevalier and Hermione Gingold. Please put this movie on DVD so that I can see it again before I die. I'm getting up there in age and I'd love to see this again.

  • Please show or release to DVD

    • Emma Rodriguez
    • 5/2/07

    Sandra Dee is one of my all time favorites. I have not seen this movie in decades. It has such charm, chemistry and comedy - similar to the Doris Day/Rock Hudson movies--it was good then-it would be wonderful now!

  • love always wins out just check your feet

    • Penny Loken-Evans
    • 2/19/07

    Andy Williams, Robert Goulet, and Sandra Dee are positively comical in this movie. Dee and Williams are kindly sent to the mountain cabin by Goulet and all the pranks staged by Goulet's college roomate are perfectly pulled of with great humor to make Williams really suffer for love but in the end Dee realizes that it's Goulet that has her heart..or rather her feet.

  • Please show or release to DVD

    • Pam Clabough
    • 2/9/07

    I have Sandra Dee and this movie as my wish list on my DVR. I've been waiting to see this movie for over a year now. I tried looking for it to buy; I found out that it's not release to DVD. TCM I love the old movies and I'm so glad you love them too. Please satisfy my craving and show I'd rather be rich.

  • Who Doesn't Love Sandra Dee?

    • Paulette Morris
    • 10/3/06

    I totally agree with Dianna King. It is on of my favorite movies. Every week when the TV Guide comes, the first thing I do is look for this movie. If TCM does not want to air the movie, at least release it on DVD....I'll be the first in line to purchase it. Sandra Dee is the girl next door.

  • put this movie on the schedule

    • araminty
    • 5/23/06

    this is a perfect movie for sunday afternoon watching. the story is silly, the sets are sumptuous, the clothes are spectacular and it is just plain fun to watch. sandra dee movies are my guilty pleasure, and this is one of the most guilt provoking. i watch it with the shades pulled down. if you like kitcsh, you will love this

  • Why isn't this movie ever aired or out on DVD?

    • Dianna King
    • 3/21/06

    This is one of my very favorite movies ever!! My husband and I had the song that Andy Williams sang to Sandra Dee on their way to the cabin sung at our wedding, 34 years ago. It is a wonderful old movie. It needs to be shared with a new generation.

  • you need to show this movie

    • annie terzich
    • 3/19/06

    i never see this movie on your station. why? it's one of the best ever made. i so want my teenage daughter to see it but it's never on. if it ever came out for all of us to buy, i would be the first to buy it !! thanks... annie terzich

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