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Sporting Blood

Sporting Blood(1931)

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Sporting Blood A horse passes through a... MORE > $14.95
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Horse breeder Jim Rellence is proud of his horses and takes pleasure in extolling their virtues to prospective buyers. One day, during a rainstorm, Jim's favorite mare, Southern Queen, slips on a muddy trail and is injured beyond hope of recovery. Uncle Ben, a ranch hand on Jim's ranch, shoots the ailing horse and agrees to adopt the mare's orphaned foal, Tommy Boy. Years later, Tommy Boy is ridden for the first time by Uncle Ben's son Sam, but the boy falls off. Jim raises horses to sell them, but finds that he is unable to put Tommy Boy up for sale because he has become sentimentally attached to the horse. Although Uncle Ben warns Jim no good will come out of his hesitance to sell the horse, Jim hides Tommy Boy when B. H. Hartwick, a buyer, asks to see the colt. When Hartwick finally manages to get a look at the horse, he is so impressed that he offers Jim $6,000 for him. Jim is hesitant to sell, but eventually takes Hartwick's offer and sadly parts with the colt. Later, at the Latonia racetrack, Tommy Boy wins an easy victory for Hartwick. Hartwick is soon offered money for the horse by the wealthy Mr. Ludeking, whose impulsive wife Angela has decided that she must buy Tommy Boy because she likes his colors. Tommy Boy is sold for $40,000, but Angela becomes hysterical when the horse loses its next race. Later, when Ludeking, a gambler, fails to win back his losses at the card table, he is forced to sell the horse to Tip Scanlon, the unscrupulous owner of the gambling house. Casino card dealer Rid Riddell is in love with Ruby, who is also employed by Scanlon in his casino, but their romance is forbidden by their boss. When Tommy Boy loses an important moneymaking race, it is discovered that Scanlon has been abusing and drugging Tommy Boy to improve his performance. Fearing retribution from mobsters who were counting on Tommy Boy's big win, Scanlon gives the horse to Ruby as he attempts to flee to Philadelphia, but he is murdered before he can escape. Ruby turns down Rid's offer to help Tommy Boy get back in top form and race him honestly, she decides to give herself, as well as the horse, a much needed country vacation. Ruby tells Rid that there are too many "maybes and probablies" about him, and that she will not allow him to accompany her on the trip. She then finds the horse's original owner and takes him to Jim in the hope that he can rehabilitate Tommy Boy. Not only does Jim welcome the horse back, but he offers Ruby a room in his large house, which she gladly accepts. Sometime later, Rid visits Ruby and remarks on how well both she and Tommy Boy have been restored to their old selves. Ruby, however, is disappointed that Rid has not changed since Scanlon's death. When Ruby enters Tommy Boy in the Kentucky Derby, the horse is instantly favored to win. As soon as Rid learns that Jim has bet on his horse, he tells Scanlons's thugs about it, which results in a plan to sabotage Tommy Boy's run. Prior to the race, Uncle Ben is tipped off to the scheme and manages, in the last minute, to insure the horse's unfettered run. After Tommy Boy wins the race, Ruby blames Rid for the sabotage attempt, but forgives him when she discovers that Rid was the one who tipped off Uncle Ben about the attempt to fix the race. With her faith in his integrity restored, Ruby kisses Rid.