Comment Yukong Deplaca les Montagnes

12h 1976


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Also Known As
How Yukong Moved the Mountains
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Miscellaneous Notes

Released in United States 1976

English language version available.

Episodic film comprised of five feature-length films plus a short film.

Part Five: "The Oilfields" (87 mins). Short film: "Impressions of a City-Shanghai" (6 mins)

Part Four: "The Generator Factory" (129 mins). Short film: "Professor Tsien" (13 mins)

Part One: "A Woman, A Family" (105 mins). Short film: "Rehearsal at the Peking Opera" (32 mins)

Part Three: "The Drug Store" (81 mins). Short film: "An Army Camp" (57 mins) and "Traditional Handicrafts" (15 mins)

Part Two: "The Fishing Village" (102 mins). Short film: "The Football Incident High School 31" (20 mins) and "Behind the Scenes of the Peking Circus" (16 mins)

Released in United States 1976