Happy Days

1h 30m 1930

Brief Synopsis

Margie, singer on a showboat, decides to try her luck in New York inspite of being in love with the owners grandson. She is successful, but suddenly she hears that the showboat is in deep financial trouble, and she calls all the boats former stars to join in a big show to rescue it.

Film Details

Also Known As
New Orleans Frolic
Release Date

Technical Specs

1h 30m


Margie is a soubrette on Col. Billy Batchers's Mississippi riverboat, and though she is in love with Dick, the colonel's grandson, she longs to seek her fortune in New York City. When the showboat is in danger of going broke, Margie goes to the city to call on the star troupers who formerly served their apprenticeship under the colonel and asks their aid. All the stars agree to stage a benefit in Memphis, and when they gather for the event Margie is reunited with her sweetheart.


Charles E. Evans

Col. Billy Batcher

Marjorie White


Richard Keene


Stuart Erwin


Martha Lee Sparks

Nancy Lee

Clifford Dempsey

Sheriff Benton

Janet Gaynor

Charles Farrell

Victor Mclaglen

El Brendel

William Collier Sr.

Tom Patricola

George Jessel

Dixie Lee

Nick Stuart

Rex Bell

Frank Albertson

Sharon Lynn

"whispering" Jack Smith

Lew Brice

Farrell Macdonald

Will Rogers

Edmund Lowe

Walter Catlett

Frank Richardson

Ann Pennington

David Rollings

Warner Baxter

J. Harold Murray

Paul Page

The Slate Brothers

Flo Bert

James J. Corbett


George Macfarlane


George Olsen And His Orchestra

Jack Frost

John Westerfelt

Douglas Steade

Peter Custulovich

John Lockhart

Randall Reynolds

Carter Sexton

Loe Hanly

George Scheller

Kenneth Nordyke

Marius Langan

Ralph Demaree

Glen Alden

Frank Mckee

Bob Mckee

Joe Holland

Ed Rockwell

Clarence Brown Jr.

Roy Rockwood

Enrico Cuccinelli

Harry Olauder

Ted Waters

Thomas Vartian

J. Harold Reeves

Phil Kolar

Frank Heller

William Hargraves

Ted Smith

Helen Mann

Mary Lansing

Beverly Royed

Joan Navarro

Catherine Navarro

Joan Christensen

Dorothy Mcnames

Vee Maule

Hazel Sperling

Bo Peep Karlin

Georgia Pembleton

Marbeth Wright

Miriam Hellman

Margaret La Marr

Consuelo De Los Angeles

Lee Auburn

Betty Halsey

Joy De Lorme

Myra Mason

Eileen Bannon

Theresa Allen

Pear La Velle

Barbara La Velle

Gertrude Friedly

Dorothy Kritser

Doris Baker

Melissa Ten Eyck

Kay Gordon

Betty Gordon

Jean De Parva

Joan Gaylord

Charlotte Hamill

Alice Goodsell

Gwen Keate

Virginia Joyce

Laverne Leonard

Betty Grable

Marjorie Levoe

Pat Hanne

Estella Essex

Film Details

Also Known As
New Orleans Frolic
Release Date

Technical Specs

1h 30m




The working title of this film was New Orleans Frolic.

Miscellaneous Notes

Released in United States Winter February 1930

First dramatic feature shot in Fox Grandeur, an early 70mm process.

Fox Grandeur

Released in United States Winter February 1930