Ivor Barnard



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Sea Devils (1953) - You Lose Your Nerve Easily In an English tavern ca. 1800, fisherman turned smuggler Gilliat (Rock Hudson) chills with pal Willie (Bryan Forbes), as rival Rantaine (Maxwell Reed) is engaged by lady spy Yvonne de Carlo, for transit to France, Ivor Barnard her anxious agent, in Sea Devils, 1953, from a Victor Hugo novel.
Beat The Devil (1954) - We're Drinking To Women After an odd pitch from O'Hara (Peter Lorre), his wife (Gina Lollobrigida) listening, Billy (Humphrey Bogart) signals to Gwen (Jennifer Jones, back to camera) as her husband Harry (Edward Underdown) drags him away for drinks with nutty Ross (Ivor Barnard), in John Huston's Beat The Devil, 1954.
Beat the Devil - Knife-Happy Little Junkie Billy (Humphrey Bogart) has a pow-wow with his partners (Robert Morley, Peter Lorre, Ivor Barnard, Marco Tulli) when the boat is delayed in John Huston's Beat the Devil, 1954.
Esther Waters (1948) - Sharp Ear For The Bells Maid Kathleen Ryan (title character) is already put out with her beau William (Dirk Bogarde), footman and aspiring horse trainer, who's just lost in a big race, when she discovers he's been dallying with the mistress, in Esther Waters, 1948, directed by Ian Dalrymple and production designer Peter Proud.
Esther Waters (1948) - Derby Day Near the end of a story often about racing, a staging of Derby Day at Epsom, Surrey, England, Kathleen Ryan the title character, who has that day married long-time beau and bookie William (Dirk Bogarde), meeting a former fellow domestic servant (Margaret Diamond), in Esther Waters, 1948.