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Night And The City (1950) - The City Is London Opening scenes, Harry (Richard Widmark) in flight then joining girlfriend Mary (Gene Tierney), neither of them making any pretense of being English, in Jules Dassin's celebrated original Night And The City, 1950.
Night And The City (1950) - Real Greco-Roman Shady up and coming London wrestling promoter Harry (Richard Widmark) receives angry big-time rival Kristo (Herbert Lom) and his lawyer (Aubrey Dexter), then springs his new partner and secret weapon (Stanislaus Zybyszko), in Jules Dassin's Night And The City, 1950.
Night And The City (1950) - I Do Have A Need Gene Tierney (as "Mary") lip-synching a tune by Noel Gay, as twisted club owners Phil and Helen (Francis L. Sullivan, Googie Withers) chat, when her hustler boyfriend Harry (Richard Widmark) arrives elated at his latest scheme, in Jules Dassin's Night And The City, 1950.
Trent's Last Case - Never Cultivate A Luxury An hour into the film, in a flashback, the first appearance of Orson Welles as the deceased Sigsbee Manderson, questioning his secretary Marlowe (John McCallum) and wife (Margaret Lockwood), in Trent's Last Case, 1953, from the E.C. Bentley novel.
Trent's Last Case - Did He Appear Normal? First appearance for the widow (Margaret Lockwood) of the suicide-or-murder victim, escorted by Marlowe (John McCallum), questioned by coroner (Henry Edwards), observed by reporter and sleuth Trent (Michael Wilding), in Trent's Last Case, 1953.
Trent's Last Case - Unfit To Live Reporter and amateur sleuth Trent (Michael Wilding) tracks down old friend Cupples (Miles Malleson), also the uncle of the widow of the deceased, on the golf course, in Trent's Last Case, 1953, from the E.C. Bentley novel.
Odette (1950) - She Is Indispensable British spies Churchill (Trevor Howard) and Arnauld (Peter Ustinov) fretting as their new agent (Anna Neagle, title role) attempts to deliver the crucial map of the Marseilles harbor, in Odette, 1950.
Odette (1950) - A Gigantic Lie British star Anna Neagle playing a French emigree (title role), being recruited by "Jack" (Bernard Lee) and Maurice Buckmaster (playing himself) for Special Forces in France, early in Odette, 1950.
So Evil My Love (1948) - Not A Suitable Companion Nervous widow Olivia (Ann Todd), still unaware of her boyfriend's crimes, seeks support from old school friend Susan (Geraldine Fitzgerald), warned off by her mother-in-law (Martita Hunt) in So Evil My Love, 1948.
So Evil My Love (1948) - Come Into The Light Artist Mark (Ray Milland), his criminal past still a secret, makes strides toward seducing his new landlady Olivia (Ann Todd), the widow of a missionary, in director Lewis Allen's So Evil My Love, 1948.
So Evil My Love (1948) - What Do You Know Of God? Opening scene, Olivia (Ann Todd), widow of a missionary, is persuaded to help malaria patients, especially Mark (Ray Milland), on a ship from Jamaica home to Liverpool, in Paramount's So Evil My Love, 1948.
Man In A Cocked Hat - No Lavatories The newly arrived young king (Ian Bannen) baffles the Brits (Terry-Thomas, Thorley Walters) then his own Prime Minister Amphibulos (Peter Sellers) in the Boulting brothers' Man In A Cocked Hat (a.k.a. Carlton-Browne Of The F.O.), 1959.