Bruce Gordon




Director (Feature Film)

The First Men in the Moon (1919)

Cast (Feature Film)

Machismo--40 Graves for 40 Guns (1970)
Hello Down There (1969)
Slow Run (1968)
Tower of London (1962)
Earl of Buckingham
The Scarface Mob (1962)
Frank Nitti
Rider on a Dead Horse (1962)
Barney Senn
Key Witness (1960)
Arthur Robbins
Curse of the Undead (1959)
The Buccaneer (1959)
Love Happy (1950)
Hannibal Zoto
Elephant Boy (1937)
Rham Lahl
The Clean-Up (1929)
Hard Boiled Foley
Partners in Crime (1928)
Under the Tonto Rim (1928)
Killer Higgins
Mystery Rider (1928)
Anybody Here Seen Kelly? (1928)
Mr. Hickson
The Poor Nut (1927)
Coach Jackson
The Sonora Kid (1927)
James Poindexter
The Outlaw Dog (1927)
Hands Off (1927)
Simeon Coe
Desert Dust (1927)
"Butch" Rorke
Blazing Days (1927)
"Dude" Dutton
The Unknown Cavalier (1926)
Bob Webb
Man of the Forest (1926)
Jim Wilson
Pals in Paradise (1926)
Gentleman Phil
Born to the West (1926)
Bate Fillmore
The Dude Cowboy (1926)
Carl Kroth
Transcontinental Limited (1926)
Joe Slavin
The Dangerous Dude (1926)
Harold Simpson
Ahead of the Law (1926)
Lawless Trails (1926)
Bud Clews
Bucking the Truth (1926)
Matt Holden
The Speed Limit (1926)
Claude Roswell
Stick to Your Story (1926)
The Escape (1926)
Howard Breen
Moran of the Mounted (1926)
Beyond the Rockies (1926)
Monte Lorin
The Vanishing American (1926)
Smooth as Satin (1925)
Jimmy Hartigan
Sky's the Limit (1925)
Detective Robert Bronson
Stampedin' Trouble (1925)
Brand of Cowardice (1925)
Don X (1925)
Frank Blair/Don X
The Danger Zone (1925)
Paul Taylor
Midnight Molly (1925)
John Warren
Gold and the Girl (1925)
Bart Colton
Three Wise Crooks (1925)
Dan Pelton
No Man's Law (1925)
Monte Mallory
Webs of Steel (1925)
John Andrews
Judgment of the Storm (1924)
Dave Heath
Western Luck (1924)
Leonard Pearson
The Fatal Mistake (1924)
The Courageous Coward (1924)
Dave Morgan
The 40th Door (1924)
Jack Ryder
Tainted Money (1924)
Robes of Sin (1924)
Cyler Bryson
Let's Go (1923)
Milo Sprowl
Kentucky Days (1923)
Gordon Carter
Ruth of the Range (1923)
The Love Gambler (1922)
Joe McClelland
Bring Him In (1921)
A Private Scandal (1921)
Jerry Hayes
Forbidden Valley (1920)
Jack Winslow
The House of the Tolling Bell (1920)
Richard Steele

Cinematography (Feature Film)

Fluctuations (1970)
Director of Photography
Four on the Floor (1970)
Photo & lighting

Life Events