James Gleason

James Gleason


Also Known As
Jimmy Gleason
Birth Place
New York City, New York, USA
May 23, 1882
April 12, 1959


Former Broadway performer and playwright who began regular screen appearances, usually in hard-boiled comic character parts, in the late 1920s. The invaluable Gleason, often in acid comedy roles with more than a touch of Damon Runyonesque New Yorkness about them, justly received an Oscar nomination for his delightful Max Corkle in "Here Comes Mr. Jordan" (1941), and graced dozens of film...

Family & Companions

Lucille Gleason
Actor. Died in 1947.


Another actor named James Gleason has credits in TV and films beginning in the mid-1970s; there is also a sound recordist of the late 1950s and early 1960s generally credited as James A. Gleason.


Former Broadway performer and playwright who began regular screen appearances, usually in hard-boiled comic character parts, in the late 1920s. The invaluable Gleason, often in acid comedy roles with more than a touch of Damon Runyonesque New Yorkness about them, justly received an Oscar nomination for his delightful Max Corkle in "Here Comes Mr. Jordan" (1941), and graced dozens of films before his death in 1959. He often worked with his wife Lucille Gleason; with their son, actor Russell Gleason they made a series of Higgins family comedies for Republic in the late 30s and early 40s.



Director (Feature Film)

Hot Tip (1935)
Oh, Yeah (1929)
Dialogue Director

Cast (Feature Film)

Money, Women and Guns (1959)
Henry Devers
Rock-a-Bye Baby (1958)
Dr. Simkins
The Last Hurrah (1958)
Cuke Gillen
The Female Animal (1958)
Tom Maloney
Once Upon a Horse... (1958)
Man or Gun (1958)
Sheriff Jim Jackson
Loving You (1957)
Carl Meade
Man in the Shadow (1957)
Hank James
Spring Reunion (1957)
Mr. Collyer
Star in the Dust (1956)
Orval Jones
The Night of the Hunter (1955)
Uncle Birdie Steptoe
The Girl Rush (1955)
Ether Ferguson
Forever Female (1954)
Eddie Woods
Suddenly (1954)
Pop Benson
Hollywood Thrillmakers (1954)
Risky Russell
The Story of Will Rogers (1952)
Bert Lynn
I'll See You In My Dreams (1952)
Fred Townsend
We're Not Married! (1952)
What Price Glory (1952)
Gen. Cokely
Come Fill the Cup (1951)
Charley Dolan
Joe Palooka in Triple Cross (1951)
Knobby Walsh
Two Gals and a Guy (1951)
Bill Howard
Riding High (1950)
Racing secretary
Key to the City (1950)
Sgt. Hogan
Joe Palooka in the Squared Circle (1950)
Knobby Walsh
The Jackpot (1950)
Harry Summers
The Yellow Cab Man (1950)
Mickey Corkins
The Life of Riley (1949)
Bad Boy (1949)
Miss Grant Takes Richmond (1949)
J. Hobart Gleason
Take One False Step (1949)
[Capt.] Gledhill
When My Baby Smiles at Me (1948)
Lefty Moore
The Dude Goes West (1948)
Sam Briggs
The Return of October (1948)
Uncle Willie
Smart Woman (1948)
Sam Corkle
The Bishop's Wife (1948)
The Homestretch (1947)
Doc Kilborne
Down to Earth (1947)
Max Corkle
Tycoon (1947)
Pop [Mathews]
Home Sweet Homicide (1946)
Sergeant Dan O'Hare
Lady Luck (1946)
Sacramento Sam
The Well Groomed Bride (1946)
Captain Hornby
The Hoodlum Saint (1946)
The Keys of the Kingdom (1945)
Dr. Wilbur Fiske
This Man's Navy (1945)
[Chief Machinist's Mate] Jimmy Shannon
The Clock (1945)
Al Henry
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (1945)
Arsenic and Old Lace (1944)
Lt. Rooney
A Guy Named Joe (1944)
"Nails" Kilpatrick
Once Upon a Time (1944)
The Moke
Crash Dive (1943)
Babes on Broadway (1942)
Thornton Reed
The Falcon Takes Over (1942)
Inspector Michael O'Hara
A Date with the Falcon (1942)
Mike O'Hara
Hay Foot (1942)
[Col. J. A.] Barkley
Manila Calling (1942)
Tim O'Rourke
Footlight Serenade (1942)
Bruce McKay
My Gal Sal (1942)
Pat Howley
Tales of Manhattan (1942)
"Father" Joe
Affectionately Yours (1941)
Chester Phillips
Here Comes Mr. Jordan (1941)
Max Corkle
Meet John Doe (1941)
[Henry] Connell
Tanks a Million (1941)
Col. "Spitfire" Barkley
Nine Lives Are Not Enough (1941)
Sergeant Daniels
Grandpa Goes to Town (1940)
Joe Higgins
Earl of Puddlestone (1940)
Joe Higgins
On Your Toes (1939)
Phil Dolan Sr.
Should Husbands Work? (1939)
Joe Higgins
The Covered Trailer (1939)
Joe Higgins
Money to Burn (1939)
Joe Higgins
My Wife's Relatives (1939)
Joe Higgins
The Higgins Family (1938)
Joe Higgins
Army Girl (1938)
Three Star Hennessy
Manhattan Merry-Go-Round (1937)
Danny the Duck
Forty Naughty Girls (1937)
Inspector Oscar Piper
The Big Game (1936)
George Scott
Don't Turn 'Em Loose (1936)
Yours for the Asking (1936)
Murder on a Bridle Path (1936)
Inspector Oscar Piper
The Plot Thickens (1936)
Oscar Piper
The Ex-Mrs. Bradford (1936)
Inspector Corrigan
West Point of the Air (1935)
[Joe] "Bags"
Murder on a Honeymoon (1935)
Inspector Oscar Piper
Hot Tip (1935)
Jimmy McGill
We're Only Human (1935)
Danny Walsh
Orders Is Orders (1934)
Search for Beauty (1934)
Dan Healy
The Meanest Gal in Town (1934)
Duke [Slater]
Helldorado (1934)
Sam Barnes
Change of Heart (1934)
Hot dog vendor
The Billion Dollar Scandal (1933)
"Ratsy" Harris
Hoop-la (1933)
Clear All Wires (1933)
Lefty [Williams]
Blondie of the Follies (1932)
Pa [Lou] McClune
Penguin Pool Murder (1932)
Inspector Oscar Piper
Fast Companions (1932)
Silk [Henley]
The Crooked Circle (1932)
The Devil Is Driving (1932)
Beef Evans
The All American (1932)
Chick Knipe
Lady and Gent (1932)
Pin [James] Streaver
A Free Soul (1931)
Beyond Victory (1931)
Private Jim Mobley
The Big Gamble (1931)
Squint [Dugan]
It's a Wise Child (1931)
Cool Kelly
Sweepstakes (1931)
Sleepy Jones
Suicide Fleet (1931)
Skeets [O'Reilly]
Her Man (1930)
The Swellhead (1930)
Johnny Trump
Big Money (1930)
The Matrimonial Bed (1930)
Gustave Corton
Puttin' on the Ritz (1930)
James Tierney
Dumbbells in Ermine (1930)
Oh, Yeah (1929)
The Shannons of Broadway (1929)
Mickey Shannon
The Count of Ten (1928)
Billy Williams
Polly of the Follies (1922)
Paul Gordon

Writer (Feature Film)

Song and Dance Man (1936)
Contract Writer
Murder in the Fleet (1935)
Additional Dialogue
Servants' Entrance (1934)
Contr to dial
Change of Heart (1934)
Orders Is Orders (1934)
Additional Dialogue
The World Moves On (1934)
Contract Writer
The Bowery (1933)
Beyond Victory (1931)
What a Widow (1930)
Dumbbells in Ermine (1930)
The Swellhead (1930)
What a Widow (1930)
High Voltage (1929)
The Shannons of Broadway (1929)
His First Command (1929)
The Flying Fool (1929)
High Voltage (1929)
The Broadway Melody (1929)
His First Command (1929)
His First Command (1929)
The Shannons of Broadway (1929)

Producer (Feature Film)

The Higgins Family (1938)
Associate Producer

Sound (Feature Film)

Asylum (1972)
Sound Mixer
The Fugitive Kind (1960)
Sound Recording
Happy Anniversary (1959)
Sound Recording
That Kind of Woman (1959)
Sound Recording

Life Events


Film actor


Film director "Hot Tip"

Photo Collections

Here Comes Mr. Jordan - Movie Poster
Here is an original release movie poster from Columbia Pictures' Here Comes Mr. Jordan (1941), starring Robert Montgomery. This is an Insert poster, measuring 14 x 36 inches.


Movie Clip

Meet John Doe - Opening, Streamlined Opening titles followed by a searing exercise in newsroom house-cleaning, featuring Ann (Barbara Stanwyck) pleading with Connell (James Gleason) in Frank Capra's Meet John Doe, 1941.
Penguin Pool Murder (1932) - I Could Get A Substitute Dropping by her pad to collect her exemplary notes on his interviews, cop Piper (James Gleason) is surprised by the royal spread provided by Miss Withers (Edna May Oliver, in her first appearance as the character from the Stuart Palmer novels), with much sparking as he realizes her hat-pin may have been the weapon, in Penguin Pool Murder, 1932.
My Gal Sal (1942) - What's Your Answer? Joining the number midway, headliner Sally (Rita Hayworth) performing a song in fact written by Paul Dresser, the brother of the novelist Theodore Dreiser, played here by Victor Mature, who's come to New York seeking redress, James Gleason his agent, in My Gal Sal, 1942.
Suddenly (1954) - Nothing Wrong Yet At this point, as far as we know Baron (Frank Sinatra) and posse (Paul Frees, Christopher Dark) might be legitimate, as they visit Ellen (Nancy Gates), son Pidge (Kim Carney) and Pops (James Gleason) before a still-secret presidential visit to a California town called Suddenly, 1954.
Falcon Takes Over, The (1942) - My Name Is Dittenfriss Series regular cop O’Hara (James Gleason) and star George Sanders as Gay Lawrence, the suave amateur detective title character, enter the night club shot up that night by a thug named Moose Malloy, Allen Jenkins as “Goldie,” who accidentally got involved, in The Falcon Takes Over, 1942, based on a Raymond Chandler novel.
Bishop's Wife, The (1948) - Ice Skating Dudley (Cary Grant), whom we know to be an angel sent to help her husband, shares an unexpected gift for ice-skating with Julia (Loretta Young, title character) and Sylvester (James Gleason) in a famous scene from Samuel Goldwyn's The Bishop's Wife, 1948.
Meet John Doe (1941) - It's Worth Living For! Significant SPOILER here, as “John Doe” (Gary Cooper) contemplates jumping after all, power broker Norton (Edward Arnold) and his men offering cynical advice, and Ann (Barbara Stanwyck) breaks down in a desperate last attempt, nearing the climax of Frank Capra’s Meet John Doe, 1941.
Meet John Doe (1941) - The Greed, The Lust, The Hate, The Fear Staff-slashing editor Connell (James Gleason) doesn’t know that Ann (Barbara Stanwyck), whom he fired the day before, invented “John Doe,” whose suicidal letter she featured in her final column, and she offers a blinding pitch to launch the stunt and win back her job, in Frank Capra’s Meet John Doe, 1941.
Meet John Doe (1941) - Tear Down All The Fences! "John Doe" (Gary Cooper) delivers his first radio address, written by Ann (Barbara Stanwyck), who invented his persona, to an audience including his pal "the colonel" (Walter Brennan), editor Connell (James Gleason) and evil magnate Norton (Edward Arnold) in Frank Capra's Meet John Doe, 1941.
Suddenly (1954) - You're A Careful Man In the town for which the movie is named, Sheriff Shaw (Sterling Hayden), who’s just heard of the imminent presidential visit, greets Carney (Willis Bouchey), who finds out his old partner Pops (James Gleason), lives up on the hill with his family (Nancy Gates, Kim Charney) in Suddenly, 1954.
Here Comes Mr. Jordan (1941) - I Dont See Me Around Sax-playing fighter Joe (Robert Montgomery) and bumbling Messenger 7013 (Edward Everett Horton), who snatched him from a plane crash in which he would not have died, rush to the home of his manager Max (James Gleason), intending to install his person back into his body, in Here Comes Mr. Jordan, 1941.
Here Comes Mr. Jordan (1941) - I'll Play Your Favorite Tune Fighter Joe (Robert Montgomery), after an error by agents of the afterlife, still looks like himself to us, but he’s assumed the body of millionaire Farnsworth, and can’t convince his manager Max (James Gleason), without help from Claude Rains (title character), in Here Comes Mr. Jordan, 1941.


Bishop's Wife, The - (Original Trailer) Cary Grant, Loretta Young and David Niven, stars of the romantic fantasy The Bishop's Wife (1947), introduce the...we'll let them explain.
West Point Of The Air - (Original Trailer) An army sergeant (Wallace Beery) inspires his son to become an ace flyer and join the West Point of the Air (1935).
Arsenic and Old Lace - (Original Trailer) A young man (Cary Grant) about to be married discovers his two aunts are poisoning lonely old men in Arsenic and Old Lace, (1944).
Affectionately Yours - (Original Trailer) A foreign correspondent hurries home to stop his wife from getting a divorce in the romantic comedy, Affectionately Yours (1941) starring Merle Oberon, Dennis Morgan and Rita Hayworth.
Babes On Broadway - (Original Trailer) Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney "put on a show" in Busby Berkeley's Babes On Broadway (1941).
What Price Glory (1952) - (Black-and-white Trailer) A marine captain (James Cagney) and his top sergeant are assigned to take their company from a small village to the brutal reality of war in the trenches in John Ford's What Price Glory (1952).
This Man's Navy - (Original Trailer) The director of Wings (1927), William Wellman, turns his attention to dirigibles in This Man's Navy (1945) starring Wallace Beery.
Ex-Mrs. Bradford, The - (Original Trailer) A detective (William Powell) teams with his ex-wife (Jean Arthur) to solve a murder in The Ex-Mrs. Bradford (1936).
Penguin Pool Murder, The - (Original Trailer) A feisty school teacher (Edna May Oliver) sets out to solve a murder in an aquarium in The Penguin Pool Murder (1932).
Yellow Cab Man, The - (Original Trailer) Red Skelton is a cab-driving inventor whose unbreakable glass attracts the attention of businessmen and gangsters in The Yellow Cab Man (1950).
Meanest Gal in Town, The - (Original Trailer) A stranded carnival girl comes between a lady show owner and the town barder in The Meanest Gal in Town (1934) starring Zazu Pitts.
Guy Named Joe, A -- (Re-issue Trailer) A downed World War II pilot (Spencer Tracy) becomes the guardian angel for his successor (Van Johnson) in love and war in A Guy Named Joe (1943).


Russell Gleason
Actor. Born 1908, died in 1945; committed suicide.


Lucille Gleason
Actor. Died in 1947.



Another actor named James Gleason has credits in TV and films beginning in the mid-1970s; there is also a sound recordist of the late 1950s and early 1960s generally credited as James A. Gleason.