George Barclay


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Village Of The Damned (1960) - Credits, Can't Get Through Second sequence, with credits, in Village Of The Damned, 1960, in which military official Alan (Michael Gwynn) seeks permission to visit fictional Midwich, where something's gone wrong.
Village Of The Damned (1960) - Opening, Midwich George Sanders (As "Gordon Zellaby") passes out during a phone call to his brother-in-law (Michael Gwynn) in the opening sequence from director Wolf Rilla's Village Of The Damned, 1960.
Village of the Damned (1960) - No Way Of Acounting Virginal Evelyn (Sarah Long) can't explain her condition to the doctor (Laurence Naismith) who later, with Gordon (George Sanders) discusses the situation with the vicar (Bernard Archard) in Village of the Damned, 1960.
Village Of The Damned (1960) - It's All My Fault! Anthea (Barbara Shelley) is the innocent mom walking odd young David (Martin Stephens) when he meets up with some of his fellow maybe-demonic-alien playmates, who get even with a clumsy motorist in Village Of The Damned, 1960.
Deathdream (a.k.a. Dead Of Night, 1972) - I Have Some Sad News After a murky Vietnam combat prologue, we join John Marley, Lynn Carlin and Anya Ormsby as father, mother and sister of serviceman Andy, until Army officer Arthur Bradley intrudes, in Deathdream, (a.k.a. Dead Of Night),1972, from writer Alan Ormsby and director Bob Clark.
Deathdream (a.k.a. Dead Of Night, 1972) - Pretty Rough Over There Awakened by noises downstairs, Charlie, Christine and daughter Cathy (John Marley, Lynn Carlin, Anya Ormsby) discover brother Andy (Richard Backus), back from Vietnam the very night they got a telegram confirming his death, in Deathdream, (a.k.a. Dead Of Night), 1972.
Deathdream (a.k.a. Dead Of Night, 1972) -- (Original Trailer) Produced for the alternate title, the original trailer for the first horror collaboration by director Bob Clark and writer Alan Ormsby, with Richard Backus, John Marley and Lynn Carlin, Deathdream, (a.k.a. Dead Of Night), 1972.
Eight Men Out - -- Before The First Game First Buck Weaver (John Cusack) with young fans, then Cicotte (David Strathairn) dismissing teammate Chick (Michael Rooker) before his meet with owner Comiskey (Clifton James) in writer-director John Sayles' Eight Men Out, 1988.