Monica Johnson


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Real Life (1979) - Etinauer 226-XL Director and star Albert Brooks (as "himself," a comedian turned documentary film-maker) talks about the special gear chosen for his scientific observation of the Yeager family in Real Life, 1979.
Real Life (1979) - It's Not Degrading! Director and star Albert Brooks assures doctors Cleary and Hill (J.A. Preston and Matthew Tobin) about his documentary as they arrive to meet the Yeagers (Charles Grodin, Frances Lee McCain et al) in Real Life, 1979.
Modern Romance (1981) - I Don't Feel Real Good Writer, director and star Albert Brooks, as film editor Bob Cole, with Kathryn Harrold as girlfriend Mary, in the unadorned and tone-setting opening of Modern Romance, 1981.
Modern Romance (1981) - If You Were A Bird Back in his apartment on the night he's broken up with his girlfriend, movie editor Bob (writer and director Albert Brooks) calls back friend and assistant Jay (Bruno Kirby), who's given him two Quaaludes, and flounders, in Modern Romance, 1981.
Watership Down (1978) - The Man Thing Killed It Episodes with the band of rabbits who have fled the warren because of the premonitions of Fiver (voice by Richard Briers), John Hurt as leader Hazel, Michael Graham Cox as Bigwig, Simon Cadell as bigwig, from the animated adaptation of the celebrated novel, Watership Down, 1978.
Watership Down (1978) - Something Oppressive Introduction of the two rabbit brothers, John Hurt the voice of Hazel, and Richard Briers the more anxious Fiver, who senses something bad coming, in director Martin Rosen’s animated feature, based on the Richard Adams novel, Watership Down, 1978.
Watership Down (1978) - The Great Frith Made The World Not from the novel, the entire origin myth, which is derived from the original writings of author Richard Adams, Michael Hordern narrating, opening writer, director and producer Martin Rosen’s animated 1978 adaptation of Watership Down.
Modern Romance (1981) - You Want Happiness? The morning after breaking up with his girlfriend, Bob (writer and director Albert Brooks) plans his new life, seeking vitamins, then sporting goods, sold by Brooks' older brother Bob Einstein (later famous as "Super Dave Osborne"), in Modern Romance, 1981.
Real Life (1979) - Something's Gotta Give Comic turned documentarian Albert Brooks (as "himself") warms up a crowd of citizens in Phoenix with his modified version of Johnny Mercer's "Something's Gotta Give," in an early scene from Real Life, 1979.
Real Life (1979) - Phoenix Albert Brooks (narrating as comedian turned documentarian "Albert Brooks") extols an improbable set of details as he fills in the audience about Phoenix, Arizona in Real Life, 1979.
Real Life (1979) - Nobel Prize Albert Brooks, the director and star playing a version of "himself," explains his methods and motivations as a documentarian in this early scene from Real Life, 1979.