Kay Johnson

Kay Johnson


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Thirteen Women (1932) - Those Fool Horoscopes We learn here that somehow super-psychic powered Ursula (Myrna Loy) has been forging letters from her evidently credible lover the Swami, instigating the deaths of boarding school roommates, adding Hazel (Peg Entwistle) to her tally, whereupon we meet Laura (Irene Dunne) who reaches out to Helen (Kay Johnson), in RKO’s Thirteen Women, 1932.
Madam Satan (1930) - Heaven Forgive Thee Kindly We’ve just met Kay Johnson as super-rich Angela, whose staff has been helping her ignore her husband having failed to come home, when he (Reginald Denny) and buddy Roland Young appear, and she provides them a graceful entrance, in the second feature in C.B. DeMille’s three-picture MGM deal, Madam Satan, 1930.
Madam Satan (1930) - Low Down Much talked about, the “other woman” to the husband of the wealthy couple Bob and Angela, Lillian Roth as performer and party-girl Trixie, Jack King, with Eddie Prinz on banjo and dancing, her accompanists, in a song by King and Elsie Janis, in Cecil B. DeMille’s unusual MGM musical-spectacle Madam Satan, 1930.
Madam Satan (1930) - The Cat Walk This is where the C.B. DeMille grandeur and MGM budget come forth, at the society ball on board a blimp where the neglected heroine is about to appear in exotic costume, with few identifiable actors, though the director’s daughter Katherine is one of the dancing cats, song by Herbert Stothart and Clifford Grey, in Madam Satan, 1930
Billy The Kid (1930) - Throw Away That Tin Star The arrival of Claire (Kay Johnson), fiancée of benevolent rancher Tunston (Wyndham Standing), gets the attention of gunslinger Grant (Frank Hagney), the title character (John Mack Brown) intervening and Wallace Beery making his first appearance as lawman Pat Garrett, in Billy The Kid, 1930.
Jalna (1935) - He's Married Her The Canadian Whiteoaks clan, (C. Aubrey Smith, Jessie Ralph, Halliwell Hobbes, David Manners, Peggy Wood) greeting the expected bride (Kay Johnson) when Piers (Theodore Newton) arrives with the unexpected (Molly Lamont), brother Renny (Ian Hunter) cracking down, in Jalna, 1935.
Jalna (1935) - I've Dreaded Your Arrival Novice Canadian poet Eden (David Manners) on his trip to New York to meet his publisher, especially taken with the assistant Alayne (Kay Johnson, her first scene), early in director John Cromwell's family drama Jalna, 1935.


John Cromwell
Director. Married 1928-1948.