Julian Jenkins


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Eyes Of Laura Mars (1978) -- (Movie Clip) Lace Day In Columbus Circle Faye Dunaway the title character most convincing, Brad Dourif a tech, Rene Auberjonois her agent, Michael Tucker an editor, Darlanne Fluegel and Lisa Taylor her models, Irvin Kershner directing on location, Columbus Circle in Manhattan, when the visions come back, in Eyes Of Laura Mars, 1978.
Eyes Of Laura Mars (1978) -- (Movie Clip) I've Seen All Kinds Of Murder Her entourage led by Rene Auberjonois and Michael Tucker at the police station, Faye Dunaway (the photographer title character who somehow saw the murder through the killer’s eyes) finds out Tommy Lee Jones, whom she met earlier, is a detective, and has evidence from the previous killing, while another cop (Frank Adonis) interviews her handyman (Brad Dourif), in Eyes Of Laura Mars, 1978.
Radio Days -- (Movie Clip) Ruined Already! Young Joey (Seth Green) is introducing his family in the voice of director Woody Allen, including Aunt Bea (Dianne Wiest), mom Tess (Julie Kavner) and dad (Michael Tucker) in Radio Days, 1987.
Radio Days -- (Movie Clip) Masked Avenger Woody Allen is the narrator and Seth Green is his younger self, recalling his quest for "Masked Avenger" paraphernalia, and his Rabbi (Kenneth Mars), mother (Julie Kavner) and father (Michael Tucker) in Radio Days, 1987.
Radio Days -- (Movie Clip) High Holidays Larry David briefly appears as "the neighbor" in this vignette featuring Josh Mostel ("Abe"), Renee Lippin ("Ceil"), Julie Kavner (Mom) and Michael Tucker (Dad) from Woody Allen's Radio Days, 1987.