Shima Iwashita



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Autumn Afternoon, An (1962) -- (Movie Clip) Imagine That Poor Child Growing Up Like You Relatively quick pace from director Yasujiro Ozu in his final film, bringing businessman and widower Hirayama (Chishu Ryu) home where we meet daughter Michiko (Shima Ishiwata), and younger son Koichi (Keiji Sada), then first son Kazuo (Shin-ichiro Mikami) and sparky wife (Mariko Okada), in An Autumn Afternoon, 1962.
Autumn Afternoon, An (1962) -- (Movie Clip) She Looked Just Like Your Mother From director Yasujiro Ozu, another evening at home with the Hirayamas, with news from the sentimental widowed father (Chishu Ryu) for daughter Michiko (Shima Ishiwata), younger Koichi (Keiji Sada) and elder son Kazuo (Shin-ichiro Mikami), who needs an assist due to consumer demands from his wife, in An Autumn Afternoon, 1962.
Autumn Afternoon, An (1962) -- (Movie Clip) I Can Pay Later At home with angered Akiko (Mariko Okada) and husband Kazuo (Shin-ichiro Mikami) whom we learn, with unexpected duplicity, has hit up his father for more money than they needed for a refrigerator, to buy nice golf clubs, though he has a terrific swing, chatting with a pal (Teruo Yoshida), in Yasujiro Ozu’s An Autumn Afternoon, 1962.
Autumn Afternoon, An (1962) -- (Movie Clip) He's Rather Tipsy Tokyo businessmen and old school pals HIrayama and Kawai (Chishu Ryu, Noburo Nakamura) bring their impoverished intoxicated old teacher “the Gourd” (Eijiro Tono) home from a tribute they’ve just held for him, meeting his embarrassed daughter (Michiyo Tamaki), in Yasujiro Ozu’s last feature, An Autumn Afternoon, 1962.


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