Polan Banks




Writer (Feature Film)

No Other Woman (1928)
Stage Madness (1927)

Producer (Feature Film)

My Forbidden Past (1951)

Production Companies (Feature Film)

My Forbidden Past (1951)

Life Events


Movie Clip

Great Lie, The (1941) - He's A Gay Lad, Really Recovering from the week-long party after their impulsive wedding at her Park Avenue spread, flier Pete (George Brent) gets past agent Mason (Grant Mitchell) and friend James (Thurston Hall) to tell pianist Sandra (Mary Astor) that they're not legally married, early in The Great Lie, 1941.
Great Lie, The (1941) - News About Your Friends Aviator Pete (George Brent) swoops into the Maryland home of long-time girlfriend Maggie (Bette Davis), intercepted by maid Violet (Hattie McDaniel), he alone knowing that his much-publicized hasty marriage to a famous pianist is not legal after all, early in The Great Lie, 1941.
Great Lie, The (1941) - I'm Going To Get Him Back Chance encounter at a New York restaurant, Maggie (Bette Davis), now married to flier Pete (George Brent), meets pianist Sandra (Mary Astor), to whom he was almost married, and who has big news, even as he calls with his own update, in The Great Lie, 1941.
Great Lie, The (1941) - I Can Be Tough Too! At her Maryland estate, after much travail, him sober and the two of them finally married, Maggie (Bette Davis) and Pete (George Brent) discover that the government flying assignment she got for him has come through sooner than expected, in The Great Lie, 1941, co-starring Mary Astor.
Great Lie, The (1941) - I'd Feel Like Slapping Your Face Marylander Maggie (Bette Davis) is acting magnanimously on behalf of Pete, her long time sweetheart, stopping by to tell concert pianist Sandra (Mary Astor), whom he just married, about an aviation job, not knowing that the marriage isn't yet legal, in The Great Lie, 1941.
Other Love, The (1947) - Whither Thou Goest Allowed liberty from her Swiss sanatorium, famous pianist and terminal tubercular Karen (Barbara Stanwyck) has a chance encounter with playboy motorist Clermont (Richard Conte, in an early movie role), in The Other Love, 1947, from an Erich Maria Remarque story.
My Forbidden Past (1951) - Cut It Sharp With A Knife Without preamble, Ava Gardner appears as New Orleans belle Barbara, with Robert Mitchum as unmarried academic lover Mark, plotting a dramatic departure, opening director Robert Stevenson's My Forbidden Past, 1951, also starring Melvyn Douglas.
My Forbidden Past (1951) - Only The Great Beauties Barbara (Ava Gardner) has contrived to meet a boat, unable to shake conniving cousin Paul (Melvyn Douglas), ostensibly meeting another cousin (Jack Briggs) but really after ex-lover professor Mark (Robert Mitchum), who has a new wife (Janis Carter) and who believes she jilted him, in My Forbidden Past, 1951.