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Female on the Beach - Behind-the-Scenes Photos
Female on the Beach - Behind-the-Scenes Photos


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Adventure In Baltimore (1949) - My Anatomy Is Terrible Opening with 20-year-old Shirley Temple, now a young married mom, loaned out with her husband John Agar by David Selznick to RKO, with a narrated gag and encounters with Regina Wallace her teacher and Robert Young her minister father, in Adventure In Baltimore, 1949.
Adventure In Baltimore (1949) - The Little People Home early in 1905, expelled from boarding school for her liberal views about art, Shirley Temple as aspiring painter Dinah with her brother (Johnny Sands), the family maid (Tillie Born) and her mother (Josephine Hutchinson), in Adventure In Baltimore, 1949, from a story Lesser Samuels and Christopher Isherwood, also starring Temple’s husband John Agar.
Adventure In Baltimore (1949) - Making Flutter Eyes In the church where her father is pastor and her mother (Josephine Hutchinson) directs the choir, aspiring artist Dinah (Shirley Temple), expelled from boarding school for her progressive views, observes her childhood sweetheart Tom (John Agar, Temple’s husband) with his new gal (Carol Brannan), in Adventure In Baltimore, 1949.
Rage In Heaven (1941) - Nobody Is Afraid Of Me First architect Ward (George Sanders) swoons over European war refugee Stella (Ingrid Bergman) on the English estate belonging to his friend and her employer, son Philip (Robert Montgomery) and mother (Lucile Watson), who confer about them, though he’s a bit weird, early in MGM’s Rage In Heaven 1941.
Rage In Heaven (1941) - The Moon Made Me Sentimental Idle rich Englishman Philip (Robert Montgomery), who can’t be bothered to run the family steel-works, exhibits more odd yet romantic behavior toward Stella (Ingrid Bergman), his mother’s war refugee assistant, obsessing about his friend Ward, and confirming he’s sometimes impersonated him, in Rage In Heaven 1941.
Rage In Heaven (1941) - She's A Refugee Director W.S. Van Dyke II, from a script by Christopher Isherwood and Robert Thoeren, introduces his three top-billed stars, after an opening in which a patient named Andrews, whom we never saw, escaped from an asylum in wartime England, we meet Robert Montgomery, George Sanders, then Ingrid Bergman, in Rage In Heaven 1941.
Diane (1956) - You Have Sometimes Grieved In16th century France after a prologue establishing the historical and romantic stature of the title character, she (Lana Turner) is introduced with her husband the count (Torin Thatcher), David Miller directing for MGM, from a screenplay by Christopher Isherwood, based on historian John Erskine’s story, in Diane, 1956.
Diane (1956) - I See Manliness In His Face Now visiting King Francis I (Pedro Armendariz), presumably at Fontainbleau, petitioning for the release of her husband, the title character (Lana Turner) has been asked, due to her decorative qualities, to stick around, whereupon she meets the ruffian prince Henri (Roger Moore) and the more polite brother dauphin (Ronald Green), in Diane, 1956.
Diane (1956) - We'll Have A Fine Nest Of Italian Plotters Some MGM grandeur as the party has traveled to Marseilles, where the title character (Lana Turner) has trained the prince Henri (Roger Moore) in manners, their own passions bridled, before his wedding to Catherine de Medici (Marisa Pavan), royal staffers Tania Elg and John Lupton handling play-by-play, with several new charaters introduced, in Diane, 1956.
Loved One, The (1965) - What's My Disease? English Francis (John Gielgud) working with Dusty (Robert Easton) on his accent, studio under-boss D.J. Jr. (Roddy McDowall) then taking a call, bad news for producer Harry (Jonathan Winters), in The Loved One, 1965.
Loved One, The (1965) - I'll Do The Baby First scene for chief embalmer Mr. Joyboy (Rod Steiger), at work on deceased Francis (John Gielgud) and determined to impress colleague Aimee (Anjanette Comer), in Tony Richardson's The Loved One, 1965.
Loved One, The (1965) - Perpetual Eternal Or Standard Eternal Liberace (as "Mr. Starker) revels in his role as the casket specialist, for new customer Dennis (Robert Morse) and staffer Aimee (Anjanette Comer), in director Tony Richardson's The Loved One, 1965, from the Evelyn Waugh novel.