Jack Drumier




Cast (Feature Film)

The Pinch Hitter (1925)
Obadiah Parker
Enemies of Youth (1925)
Emblems of Love (1924)
The Broken Silence (1922)
Indian Joe
The Splendid Lie (1922)
David Delafield
Shadows of the Sea (1922)
Shivering Sam
You Find It Everywhere (1921)
Harvey Hill
The Girl From Porcupine (1921)
Bill Higgins
Dad's Girl (1920)
Courage for Two (1919)
Three Green Eyes (1919)
Thomas Wiggan
The Quickening Flame (1919)
Judge Mason
The Praise Agent (1919)
Senator Eubanks
The Black Circle (1919)
Daniel Baird
Forest Rivals (1919)
Henri Lamont
An Amateur Widow (1919)
James Potter
Home Wanted (1919)
Phil for Short (1919)
Donald MacWrath
Hit or Miss (1919)
Professor Angus MacDowell
The Beautiful Mrs. Reynolds (1918)
John Adams
A Soul Without Windows (1918)
Mr. Palmer
The Appearance of Evil (1918)
Ross Darnton
The Power and the Glory (1918)
The Way Out (1918)
La Roche
The Golden Wall (1918)
Mr. Lathrop
The Man Hunt (1918)
Parson Brown
The Beloved Blackmailer (1918)
Spike Brogan
Vengeance (1918)
Old Lord Cuddlestone
Heredity (1918)
Ralph Edgars
Stolen Hours (1918)
Lord Harron
The Love Net (1918)
Captain Amos Barnes
By Hook or Crook (1918)
Frederic Pritchard, Sr.
Just Sylvia (1918)
Zebulon Hicks
The Road to France (1918)
John Bemis
Whims of Society (1918)
John Travers
The Witch Woman (1918)
Journey's End (1918)
Pop Moore
The Burglar (1917)
John Hamilton
The Dancer's Peril (1917)
The Adventures of Carol (1917)
Mr. Fairfax
Darkest Russia (1917)
Count Paul Nazimoff
The Volunteer (1917)
Timothy Mendenhall
Easy Money (1917)
Peter K. Chanslor
The Marriage Market (1917)
John Grant
The Beloved Adventuress (1917)
Robert Nicholson
The False Friend (1917)
Robert Farrell
The Little Duchess (1917)
Earl of Carinmore
The Madness of Helen (1916)
John Carlton
The Woman in Black (1914)

Cast (Short)

The $5,000,000 Counterfeiting Plot (1914)
Chief of the Secret Service

Life Events