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It's A Dog's Life (1955) - Dog Eat Dog On The Waterfront Humans quite irrelevant in the opening, apart from the narration by Vic Morrow, the inner-monologue of the the Bull Terrier who will be named Wildfire (MGM used two visually identical dogs for the shoot), in It’s A Dog’s Life, 1955, from a story by the trendsetting journalist and Theodore Roosevelt supporter Richard Harding Davis.
It's A Dog's Life (1955) - The Original Dog Lottery First business with people involved, Vic Morrow narrates as the so-far nameless bull terrier on the Bowery ca. 1900, entering the bar where Corbin (J.M. Kerrigan) presides and Patch McGill (Jeff Richards) is a gung-ho customer, in MGM’s It’s A Dog’s Life, 1955.
It's A Dog's Life (1955) - Well Deserving Of Your Support Owner Patch (Jeff Richards) brings “Wildfire” to his first fight in turn-of-the-century New York, Vic Morrow continuing his narration in the dog’s voice, as we discover MGM’s approach to shooting the action, and meet philosophical Jeremiah (Edmund Gwenn), in It’s A Dog’s Life, 1955.
Great American Pastime, The (1957) - Where Did I Come From? Opening with Tom Ewell reflecting, then with his family (Anne Francis, and Rudy Lee as young Bruce) picnicking, from the MGM baseball comedy, officially sanctioned by Little League Baseball, in The Great American Pastime, 1957.
Great American Pastime, The (1957) - Better Next Time Following a loss, to the team on which his son Dennis (Rudy Lee) plays, coach Bruce (Tom Ewell) consoles his players, then gets some support from sexy single mom Mrs. Patterson (Ann Miller) and his somewhat irked wife (Anne Francis), in The Great American Pastime, 1957.