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Persuasion (1995) - We Must Be In A Good Situation Romping Jane Austen comedy in director Roger Michell’s adaptation of her last novel, heroine Anne (Amanda Root), with the family into-which her sister Mary (Sophie Thompson) married, Simon Russell Beale, Roger Hammond, Judy Cornwall, Victoria Hamilton and Emma Roberts contributing, in Persuasion, 1995.
Persuasion (1995) - Not Very Gallant On the evening their son was badly injured, sister Anne (Amanda Root) was baby-sitter for his socially ambitious parents (Sophie Thompson, Simon Russell Beale), unwilling to miss dinner with Captain Wentworth (Ciaran Hinds), and unaware of her own history with him, when he appears the next day, in Persuasion, 1995.
Persuasion (1995) - Stick Always To Your Purpose Complex family tensions crossing Jane Austen’s English countryside, the Elliot sisters, Louisa, Henrietta, married Mary and stoical Anne (Emma Roberts, Victoria Hamilton, Sophie Thompson, Amanda Root) with eligible Wentworth (Ciaran Hinds) and harried Charles (Simon Russel Beale), in Persuasion, 1995.
Persuasion (1995) - I Care Little For These Romantics Unmarried Anne (Amanda Root) preparing her impoverished family’s estate for rental, with friend Lady Russell (Susan Fleetwood), who persuaded her years before not to marry a young officer related to the family that’s moving-in, in Persuasion, 1995, from the Jane Austen novel.
Persuasion (1995) - You Must Retrench Director Roger Michell cuts between events opening his adaptation of Jane Austen’s last novel, the end of the Napoleonic wars for Admiral Croft (John Woodvine), and Sir Walter (Corin Redgrave) being advised (finally by Susan Fleetwood as Lady Russell) to rent out his estate, in Persuasion, 1995.