Wilbur Higby




Cast (Feature Film)

The Mighty Barnum (1934)
Mr. Astor
Hat, Coat, and Glove (1934)
Mr. Gardner
Morals for Women (1931)
God's Great Wilderness (1927)
Wardrobe Maxwell
The Border Whirlwind (1926)
Tom Blake, Sr.
Confessions of a Queen (1925)
Revolutionary officer
Lights of Old Broadway (1925)
The Flaming Forties (1924)
The sheriff
Richard, the Lion-Hearted (1923)
Sir Thomas Devaux
The Love Trap (1923)
Graves, the detective
Do and Dare (1922)
Col. "Handy" Lee
My Dad (1922)
Barry O'Day
The Ladder Jinx (1922)
James Wilbur, bank president
Girls Don't Gamble (1921)
Live Wires (1921)
Austin, known as Melody
Play Square (1921)
Judge Kerrigan
Desert Blossoms (1921)
James Thornton
Miracles of the Jungle (1921)
The Price of Redemption (1920)
Col. Dering
The Terror (1920)
John D. Sutherland
Let's Be Fashionable (1920)
George Barrymore
The Jailbird (1920)
Joel Harvey
Girls Don't Gamble (1920)
Mr. Fisher
The Lone Hand (1920)
Sheriff Hampton
Nugget Nell (1919)
Nell's uncle
The Mayor of Filbert (1919)
Roger Taft
Brass Buttons (1919)
Mayor Dave McCullough
Madame Sphinx (1918)
The Vortex (1918)
Henry Meredith
By Proxy (1918)
Cattle buyer
The Tar Heel Warrior (1917)
John Mason
An Old Fashioned Young Man (1917)
Senator Briggs
The Midnight Man (1917)
John Hardin
The Girl of the Timber Claims (1917)
Senator Hoyle
Might and the Man (1917)
Hiram Sloan
Until They Get Me (1917)
Wild Sumac (1917)
Armand du Fere
Flirting with Fate (1916)
The Old Folks at Home (1916)
Diane of the Follies (1916)
Theatrical manager
Reggie Mixes in (1916)
Mixed Blood (1916)
Joe Nagle
The Matrimaniac (1916)
Col. T. H. Lewis
The Sign of the Poppy (1916)
Jerry Marston
Hoodoo Ann (1916)
Samuel Knapp
Strathmore (1915)
Lord Vavasour

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