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Horizontal Lieutenant, The (1962) - I Thought You Were A Girl Before the credits Jim Hutton as Lt. Wye narrated his situation, stationed in quiet Hawaii in the later years of WWII, then a bench-warmer beaned by a foul ball on the squad baseball team, awakens to find himself attended by a gal from college (Paula Prentiss), who seems far sexier now, in The Horizontal Lieutenant, 1962, the fourth and final Hutton-Prentiss picture from MGM.
Arabesque (1966) - Nothing Like A Little Kidnapping Having turned down a proposition from an Arab magnate we know is inclined toward murder, American Oxford-visiting professor Pollock (Gregory Peck) gets grabbed by the Prime Minister (Carl Deuring) and ambassador (Harold Kasket) of the country in question, in Stanley Donen’s Arabesque, 1966.
Arabesque (1966) - Messy Business In perhaps direct reference to Hitchcock’s Sabotage, 1936, shooting at the Regent’s Park Zoo aquarium in London, American scholar Pollock (Gregory Peck) and mysterious Yasmin (Sophia Loren) flee a goon (Larry Taylor) working for her power-mad sponsor, in Stanley Donen’s Arabesque, 1966.
Arabesque (1966) - You Look As Though I Want To Drill Your Teeth Director Stanley Donen’s opening scene, John Merivale as Sloane greets George Coulouris as patient Ragheeb, with notable Hitchcockian qualities, in the follow-up to the director’s acknowledged Hitchcock homage Charade, 1963, from Arabesque, 1966, starring Gregory Peck and Sophia Loren.
Arabesque (1966) - These English Crosswords Are Devilish Secretly working on behalf of a virtuous Arab government, American Egyptologist Pollock (Gregory Peck) meets Yasmin (Sophia Loren), mistress of sinister Beshraavi (Alan Badel), who’s hired him to decipher a hieroglyph he obtained through nefarious means, in Stanley Donen’s Arabesque, 1966.